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    • Trustworthy website

      To me, Insurance Dekho is the most trustworthy website. I was thinking of taking Future Generali car insurance policy and needed all the information about it. I went through the website of Insurance Dekho and got all the genuine information.

      Neha Acharya
      On: February 28, 2020
    • Trustworthy website

      To me, Insurance Dekho is the most trustworthy website. I was thinking of taking Future Generali car insurance policy and needed all the information about it. I went through the website of Insurance Dekho and got all the genuine information.

      Neha Acharya
      On: February 28, 2020
    • Wide range of options

      I am quite surprised to see the number of plans that I could check on the website of Insurance Dekho. I got an idea of the features and price range of car insurance policies.

      Jeevan Sen
      On: February 27, 2020
    • Organized website

      I was totally unaware of how policies work when I decided to take a policy for my car. That time I searched the internet to get a concept and found the page of InsuranceDekho. Everything about policies was described there in a very organized way. The whole concept of insurance became clear to me.

      Kamal Yadav
      On: February 26, 2020
    • Easy renewal

      The renewal procedure becomes very easy and the credit goes to Insurance Dekho. Just go through the steps they suggest and get your policy renewed. I renewed the policy of my car with the help of Insurance Dekho and it was really quick and helpful.

      Ibrahim Sandal
      On: February 25, 2020
    • Efficient support team

      After going through various insurance policies on Insurance Dekho, I called up the customer care executive. He listened to all my doubts and then gave me suggestions accordingly. I was finally able to make a decision.

      Nirav Sharma
      On: February 24, 2020
    • Insurance on the go

      After buying my first car I was trying to get it insured as soon as I could. One of my friend suggested Insurance Dekho. When I visited their website I was amazed to see how swift the whole process was. Within an hour I got my car insured and even got the insurance papers in my inbox.

      Naina Malhotra
      On: February 20, 2020
    • Transparent and easy procedure

      I recently got insurance for my Ford Ecosport. Thanks to Insurance Dekho helping me throughout the process. The process of making the comparison to find the right insurance was easy and also transparent.

      Reshma Agarwal
      On: February 19, 2020
    • Productive support team

      When I called the customer care number Insurance Dekho. The executive greeted me warmly and listened to my doubts. He made genuine efforts to clear them all. He even suggested some policies. It was of great help.

      Sameera Beharry
      On: February 18, 2020
    • Supportive customer care team

      I got my car insurance from Future Generali. At first, I did not have much idea about car insurance. I called the customer care number of Insurance Dekho for guidance. The executive described each and every important point elaborately. It helped me a lot at the time of making the decision.

      Smriti Panchal
      On: February 17, 2020
    • Great support

      Great support. Keep up the good work.

      On: February 17, 2020
    • Best overview of the policies

      Insurance Dekho provides with the best and genuine overviews on insurances. It has detailed information on all the insurance providers and the policies they offer. I finally found what I was looking for and was really happy with my decision.

      Roma Mitra
      On: February 14, 2020
    • Payment made easy

      After choosing appropriate insurance for my car, I proceeded to do the payment. I only had to fill up my card details and the payment was done in seconds. The Payment Gateway was smooth and error-free.

      Kaushik Mitra
      On: February 13, 2020
    • Quick comparison of the policies

      After wasting my time searching and comparing the policies at various places, I found Insurance Dekho. I had to give just some information and they listed out the matches for my new Mahindra Xylo. They even compared and opted out the most suitable match for my car. I got the insurance from Future Generali with their help.

      Urmila Nath
      On: February 12, 2020
    • Got knowledge about premium calculation

      My brother was always insisting on me to opt for a site that will have a premium calculator. And just because he owns a car I heeded his advice and began searching for one with a premium calculator. After coming to your portal I was happy to find the feature while exploring car insurance related stuff. I was able to calculate on my own regarding which policy suits me the best.

      Saurav Ghosh
      On: February 11, 2020
    • Get your quote quickly

      I just had to give a few details to get the quote. I received quotes instantly from various companies. I didn’t even have to compare the policies. The website did it all and it made the procedure much easier. Thanks to Insurance Dekho, I got my insurance very quickly.

      Lalit Mehra
      On: February 10, 2020
    • Get the best policy

      I bought the comprehensive car insurance policy from Future Generali and I want to thank Insurance Dekho for all the help. The website guided me throughout the whole process. The online payment option made it more convenient. Keep up the good work.

      Naina Bardhan
      On: February 7, 2020
    • Premium Calculator

      I was very much looking forward to a calculator to give me an estimate of the best policy for my car within my budget. After searching for a few times I came across your portal and got to calculate the best policy for my car. You also told me that it allows flexibility to choose the best one as per my budget range.

      Binay Llama
      On: February 6, 2020
    • Get a quote in an instant

      You can get your quote instantly on Insurance Dekho. All you have to do is provide the registration number of your car. I got my quote on this website and chose a plan in no time. I will suggest this website to all my friends.

      Priyanka Debroy
      On: February 5, 2020
    • Quick overview of the policies

      As I was planning to purchase Future Generali car insurance policy, I searched it on Insurance Dekho. This site provided me with a detailed study of the policy terms and conditions, coverage, exclusions, etc.

      Vineeta Ganguly
      On: February 4, 2020
    • Effortless procedure of comparison

      As suggested by a friend, I availed the service of Insurance Dekho to compare the car insurance policies of top insurance companies. The procedure was prompted by the site and I followed it accordingly. I never imagined I could compare policies effortlessly.

      Avishek Krishnan
      On: February 3, 2020
    • Tedious comparison made easy

      I opened the official website of Insurance Dekho to compare car insurance policies before purchasing one. The beautifully organized presentation of the site made the tedious process of comparison simple and quick.

      Hina Kaushik
      On: January 31, 2020
    • A transparent procedure of comparison

      I had used Insurance Dekho several times. It is praiseworthy that this site does not hide any fact, parameter, terms and conditions of the insurance policies. All the facts are well-defined and clearly stated.

      Radhe Boral
      On: January 30, 2020
    • They respect your privacy

      You don’t have to worry about their privacy with Insurance Dekho as they assure you of safeguarding your confidential details. You can provide your card details, phone number, car number, etc., without having any fear of data breach.

      Sabyasachi Tavade
      On: January 29, 2020
    • NCB Cover

      I frankly didn’t know that I was entitled to a discount as I didn’t make any claims during the policy tenure. But after ringing up your support team I got to know about everything regarding this NCB cover add-on feature. Thanks!

      Tanmoy Chowdhury
      On: January 28, 2020
    • Quick guidance by customer care support

      As I had no idea about car insurance policies, I called up the customer support number of Insurance Dekho to get help for choosing the suitable car insurance policy. The executive understood my requirements and suggested me to purchase a good car insurance policy.

      Prabhat Dubey
      On: January 27, 2020
    • The best thing - quote comparison!

      Belonging to a middle-class background I was always looking for the best policy cover for my car at a affordable rate. After being pushed by my neighbour to see your site, I did so and was amazed by the repeated comparison of quotes that you guys make to finally arrive at the best one based on the budget.

      Nandini Chakraborty
      On: January 24, 2020
    • 24*7 customer assistance

      My car met with an accident and I was stuck in the middle of no-where. I had no idea what to do, so I rang up on their customer care number. I appreciate my decision of taking my car insurance policy from insurance dekho. They are always available for help.

      Kamal Chauhan
      On: January 22, 2020
    • Cashless payment options

      The online payment option makes the process of buying car insurance simpler and saves time as well. So, when I saw the option for online payment on your website, I was very happy. I didn’t waste any time and started filling the details of my car and finally got my insurance.

      Mamta Jaiswal
      On: January 21, 2020
    • Budget-friendly policy

      Insurance Dekho helps the customers to find a car insurance policy that fits perfectly in their budget. It helps the customers to provide a policy that will provide optimum coverage to them without any financial disability. It is an ideal platform for every insurance seeker.

      Kunal Khanna
      On: January 20, 2020
    • Services provided were very good

      I have faced an unfortunate incident and my car got injured badly. The services provided by Insurance Dekho were good before and after I purchased the policy. I would love to recommend this platform to people planning to buy car insurance policies.

      Himanshu Arora
      On: January 17, 2020
    • Great place to compare insurance policies

      I visited insurancedekho.com to compare several insurance policies for my car from various insurance companies. It gave me a comprehensive idea about the different benefits and add-ons that I can have to insure my car.

      Aditi Thakur
      On: January 16, 2020
    • Happy online payment service

      In the present time, carrying a big amount of cash is really not convenient. I was trying to find an insurance policy which I can buy via online payment and InsuranceDekho made it easy. This website is perfect for those who like to find a suitable policy that would offer hassle-free online payment methods.

      Anusha Chander
      On: January 15, 2020
    • Helpful customer service

      I contacted Insurance Dekho to know about a certain car policy, and the executive greeted me and cleared up all the doubts with patience. She even helped me pick a car insurance policy which fits my budget and also provides decent coverage.

      Shivam Roy
      On: January 14, 2020
    • Good plan

      I purchased my car insurance plan with guidance from Insurance Dekho a month ago as the premium amount was less as compared to others. It was a third party cover policy and all the documentation was completed within one day.

      Sachin Deb
      On: January 13, 2020
    • Very quick service

      It is not a very common thing for websites to offer instant service, especially those associated with rendering car insurance services. But my notions got changed the moment I visited the official website of Insurance Dekho. The team has helped me to find the most preferable policy for my car within just a few minutes, and that too quite effortlessly.

      Amit Bansal
      On: January 10, 2020
    • IDV Cover

      I hadn’t even heard of the term Insured Declared Value previously but the excellent customer support team of yours explained every detail of add-on where I was entitled to get a pre-agreed value of my car if there was a case of total theft. They also helped me set the best IDV for my car.

      R. Gopinathan
      On: January 9, 2020
    • Excellent support

      I have received amazing support from the customer care of InsuranceDekho. They were very polite and cleared all my doubts without any hesitation. All my queries regarding car insurance policies were answered efficiently.

      Ridhima Singh
      On: January 8, 2020
    • No problems encountered

      I did not encounter any issue even after using this service for a couple of time. I have offered insurance policies to all my family members who own a vehicle at a very aggressive price, all thanks to Insurance Dekho.

      Ashlesha Sharma
      On: January 7, 2020
    • Prompt service

      As I was facing a problem understanding the best policy for my two-wheeler so I asked for help on Insurance Dekho and I received a prompt reply from the executives. They are very dedicated to their work.

      Vimal Tiwari
      On: January 6, 2020
    • Definitely go for it!

      If you are doubtful about whether you should opt for this service, then I would suggest you give it a try as I found it very useful in choosing the best insurance policy for my car. It is effortless to use and offers precise solutions.

      Gaurav Kumar
      On: January 6, 2020
    • No Claim Bonus is the best!

      I was so glad that they provided me with adequate info on the NCB facility. I used to think that if I'm paying my car insurance premium but I’m not ultimately making any claim if nothing happens to my vehicle, then the premiums I paid would be a complete loss for me. But the support team of Insurance dekho explained to me in detail that the bonus is for getting a heavy discount on my premium amount at the time of renewing my policy.

      Anupam Mahato
      On: January 3, 2020
    • Documentation-free process

      I have visited many portals but couldn’t escape the hassles of documentation. But coming to your portal all my problems were put to rest as there was zero documentation in the policy issuance process.

      On: January 2, 2020
    • Great website!

      Your online portal is really great as it helped me to make a detailed analysis of all the top insurance companies and their insurance policies. You also provided me with a suitable quote within seconds which made the comparison all the easier and faster. Now I am able to make a decision more quickly.

      On: December 31, 2019
    • Satisfactory Experience

      At the time of purchasing the car, I got an insurance policy with the help of InsuranceDekho and have been enjoying the service for 3 months now. I had a claim in which the process was hassle-free and I got the reimbursement when my car received certain damages.

      On: December 30, 2019
    • Transparent Process

      The process of getting a car insurance scheme for my Ford Fiesta with the assistance of Insurance Dekho was quite easy. Also, there was no hidden terms and conditions with them about which I was really worried. Coming to this website solved all my problems. It is fast, transparent and moreover a documentation free procedure.

      Sayan Mondal
      On: December 24, 2019
    • The experience had been quite good

      Didn't face any challenges getting insurance online.

      Ajit Kumar gupta
      On: November 12, 2019
    • Best Car Insurance Portal

      InsuranceDekho really helped me to choose the right insurance for me by providing quotes from multiple insurance agency. The price of their policy is quite competitive and also they have provide great support over the call as well.

      On: August 5, 2019
    • Very good support from team

      I have get my car insured without any Hassel. I have a good experience.

      On: July 24, 2019
    • Great support From Aditya n Team

      Your executive was super helpful in explaining the policy and the payment process. Thanks

      Anah Fatema Kazmi
      On: July 19, 2019
    • Great support teams

      Thanku all teams thanku sooo much. Lovely and thankful experience.

      On: July 18, 2019
    • Great support and easy to do

      On line process and policy rate is good and all the policy comparison is good.

      On: July 17, 2019
    • Good Followups

      Good, waiting for better service in future generally

      On: July 12, 2019
    • Good service

      Very good customer support

      On: January 1, 1970
    • Cashless way to issue a policy

      I got my Future Generali car insurance through Insurance Dekho. It had online payment mode for making the final payment of the car policy. I used my debit card to pay for the policy and I received the policy within a few minutes.

      Yamini Shah
      On: January 1, 1970

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