Consumables Cover in Car Insurance

What Is Consumable Cover In Car Insurance?

Consumables allude to those materials of the car that fill a particular need like a nut, a bolt, or even oil that once utilized, are burned-through totally. Consumables are things that consequently must be supplanted or topped off much of the time due to ceaseless mileage or use. These simply refer to the items that require constant expenditure like brake oil, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, engine oil, gearbox oil etc, and so on. These are all examples of consumables.

What is a Car Insurance Consumable Add-on?

A standard car insurance plan, by default, does not provide coverage for any harms brought about on the consumable parts and extras. Thus, at the time of a claim settlement, the cost related to consumables is borne by the policyholder. However, when a policyholder opts for a consumable cover with his/her standalone own-damage or a comprehensive car insurance policy, the insurance company becomes liable to provide compensation for consumable expenses.

What All is Covered Under Consumables Cover?

A consumables cover provide insurance coverage for the following:

1. All types of lubricants and oils including power steering oil, brake oil, engine oil, radiator coolants, and AC gas.

2. Important items like nuts, screws, bolts, grease, washers, etc.

3. Gear Box

4. Grease

5. Washers

What Are The Benefits Of Opting For Consumables Cover?

A consumable cover offers the following benefits:

1. Helps Saves Money: It helps policyholders to save their hard-earned money.

2. Peace of Mind: A consumable cover also offers peace of mind to the policyholders by offering a wider coverage than a standard car insurance plan.

Exclusions Under Consumables Add-On Cover

The common exclusions under consumables add-on cover are as follows:

  1. The policyholder cannot file for claim under the following conditions:
  2. Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown
  3. Delay in informing the insurance company
  4. Wear and Tear of Car’s Component
  5. Driving without any active or valid driving license
  6. Driving the car after consuming drugs, alcohol or any other similar substance

What all Documents do I Need to Make a Claim for Consumable Expenses?

At the time of registering a claim, you are required to submit all the receipts, bills of the repair and other relevant documents asked by the insurance company. The insurance company would have information related to your active insurance plan and details of the vehicle. You should go for car repairs at one of the network garages listed by your respective insurer. Going for repair for your car damage at any local garage or without getting it into the notice of the insurance provider beforehand, could lead to your insurance claim being invalid.

Who Should Opt for Consumable Add-On Cover?

You should choose consumable Add-on cover in the following conditions:

  • In case, you wish to stay worry-less about the minor replacements and repairs.
  • In case, you don’t even wish to pay for any small amounts such as expense of engine oil replacement in the bill for repair.

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Consumables Cover in Car Insurance FAQ

  • My car is older than 5 years. Can I get this add-on cover with my comprehensive car insurance policy?

    Generally, such add-ons are not covered if the car age is less than 5 years. For more details, please check your insurance company.

  • Does this add-on insurance policy cover all consumables?

    Yes, Consumables Add-on covers all consumables barring fuel. The list of consumables includes nuts, fasteners, screws, washers, brake oil, motor oil, gearbox oil, power guiding oil, radiator and AC gas, oil channels, wheel adjusting loads, etc.

  • What documents do I need for making a claim for consumable expenses?

    Policy holders are required to submit the bill relating to the expense of the consumables to their insurance company to claim such expenses.

  • What is not covered under this policy?

    You cannot file a claim under a consumable cover if you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving without a valid license, in case of electrical or mechanical breakdown and if a delay is made in informing the insurer.

  • Are seat cover damages covered under car insurance consumable add-on?

    No, since seat cover is not a consumable item it is not covered under car insurance consumable add-on.

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