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Car Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance in car insurance offers on-ground assistance for your vehicle if it gets broken down in the middle of the road. Be it a small accident, this add-on cover gives services such as jump-start, tyre puncture, and so on. This cover can be added to a standalone own damage policy or comprehensive car insurance policy. Since it is an add-on cover, it can be availed at the cost of an additional premium payment.

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What is 24x7 Roadside Assistance (RSA) Cover in Car Insurance?

Roadside Assistance is an add-on that can be opted for with a comprehensive as well as a standalone own-damage car insurance plan. This add-on helps policyholders when they face any difficulty due to their car and need roadside assistance. The coverage and benefits offered by the Roadside Assistance cover is worth the premium. Whether it’s a small mishap or a flat tyre, a roadside assistance cover provides coverage in times of all such troubles.

What Is Covered Under Roadside Assistance Add-on?

The coverage and features offered under a roadside assistance car insurance add-on facility may differ from one insurance company to another insurance company. However, some of the common coverages found in all the plans under a roadside assistance add-on cover is as follows:

  • Dead Battery: Almost all cars face the problem of battery breakdown. At one point of time your car may seem to be working perfectly fine and suddenly the next moment it may suffer a battery breakdown. This problem can occur because of several reasons such as lack of maintenance, loss of loss, extreme climatic conditions, etc. The facility of road protection under the car insurance includes help during battery breakdown and whenever the jumpstart is needed.
  • Punctured/Flat Tyre: All the car owners have gone through the problem of the flat or punctured tyres at some point or other. In case you drive your vehicle off-road or on a scattered debris place, suffering from a punctured or flat tyre is a common problem. Irrespective of the number of spare tyres you carry with yourself, you would still require assistance at some point or other. This add on cover includes this feature under your car insurance plan.
  • Empty Fuel Tank: With the help of Roadside assistance add-on cover even if you face the problem of an empty fuel tank in the middle of the road there is no need to worry as complete assistance will be offered to you. The car insurance company would offer you with fuel supply and you are not required to worry regarding locating a gas station in unknown territory.
  • Towing: The breakdown of your car can happen anytime and anywhere, moreover, it can occur at the most unforeseen time. Taking your car to the garage manually in the middle of the night in an isolated area is nothing short of a nightmare. Therefore, with the help of a roadside assistance add-on cover, you can easily tackle such situations as the insurer aids you in carrying your vehicle to the nearest available garage.
  • Spare Keys: Though it may sound a bit silly, forgetting the car keys at the time of getting out of the car is a common mistake. The insurance provider offers you to handover the spare keys in case you mistakenly lock your keys inside the car.
  • Minor Repairs: The roadside assistance add-on cover not only helps you in dealing with the issue of major car breakdowns but it also helps you in dealing with minor breakdown issues as well.
  • Arranging for an Alternate Transport: In the event, if your car breaks down in the middle of the road and it would take a considerable amount of time to repair the car, then, in such a case, you will receive help from the insurance provider to assist you in reaching your destination.

Buying roadside assistance car insurance can surely help you in solving the hassles during the time of unexpected car breakdown. Next, in line, are all the benefits that you can avail by purchasing a roadside assistance add-on cover.

Exclusions of Roadside Assistance Cover

Like any other service, there are certain aspects that are not covered under a typical roadside assistance, RSA cover. Let’s delve into the exclusions that usually come with a roadside assistance cover.

Accidents and Collision

While it’s natural to assume that any mishap on the road is accounted for under roadside assistance, that's not always the case. Most roadside assistance covers will not include accidents or collision-related incidents. The primary focus of such services is mechanical or electrical failures and minor roadside repairs.

Vehicle Type and Weight Limitations

Roadside assistance often has stipulations regarding the types and sizes of vehicles they service. There might be exclusions related to commercial vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, or certain types of motorcycles. Ensure your vehicle type is covered before opting for a roadside assistance package.

Location Limitations

The location where your car breaks down can also affect your eligibility for assistance. Some services might not cover off-road rescues or vehicles located in remote or inaccessible areas. Assistance might be confined to well-travelled roads and highways, or within a certain distance from service stations.

Frequency of Usage

Most roadside assistance, RSA services have a cap on the number of times you can avail of the service within a specified period. It prevents misuse of the services, ensuring that it is used only during genuine emergencies.

Pre-existing Conditions

If your vehicle already had an existing problem before you enrolled in the roadside assistance programme, any breakdowns resulting from that pre-existing issue might not be covered.

Service Delays Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

Certain circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, political unrest, or natural disasters might limit the service provider's ability to deliver prompt assistance. Such conditions are usually listed as exclusions in the service agreement.

Non-Mechanical Assistance

Roadside assistance primarily deals with mechanical or electrical failures. Non-mechanical services like fuel delivery, flat tyres, and battery jump-starts are usually covered, but always check your policy for specifics.

Understanding these exclusions is essential to setting the right expectations and making informed decisions regarding the purchase and usage of RSA services. Before subscribing to any service, it’s advised to thoroughly read the terms and conditions, paying close attention to the listed exclusions and limitations. This way, you'll know precisely what you are signing up for, avoiding unexpected disappointments during a road emergency.

Benefits of A Roadside Assistance Cover

A roadside assistance cover offers the following benefits:

1. Availability of Emergency Help

Situations like flat tyre, battery breakdown are totally unexpected in that case having a roadside insurance cover comes out to be a great help.

2. Peace of Mind

After taking roadside assistance as an add-on, customers can travel with peace of mind as they are sure if they face any issues they can count on their service provider.

3. Towing Service

In case, because of any electrical or mechanical fault or because of any accident, your car becomes inactive and it also could not be repaired at that particular spot, then all the necessary arrangements to tow the car is done by the insurance company in order to take the vehicle to a nearby garage.

4. Lockout Service

In case, by accident, you have left your car keys inside the vehicle or it got lost or stolen from you, then with the help of Roadside Assistance Cover, the insurance company sends a qualified service provider to you in order to assist you with a new pair of keys. However, you are responsible for bearing the expense of new keys.

5. Flat Tire Service

Any individual at any particular time can get to experience an unfortunate flat tyre condition with their car. In case, you are not aware about how to replace a flat tyre, or you do not have any spare tyre in your car handy, then with the help of Roadside Assistance, RSA Cover, you can inform your respective insurance company regarding the same in order to avail the services. A well-qualified mechanic will come to the spot and would help you in replacing the flat tyre with a new one.

6. Fuel Delivery

In case you run out of fuel mid-road or somewhere else, then do not worry as RSA cover would help you out from this situation. The fuel will get delivered to you on that particular spot, however, you are required to make payment for the same.

Who Should Take Roadside Assistance Cover?

Ideally, all car owners should opt for a roadside assistance cover with their standard car insurance plans, however, it is a must for the following:

  • If the individual is someone who travels often, opting for 24x7 roadside assistance is a great idea. It is totally unknown when they may just need some help along with one of the travels.
  • If an individual is someone who can’t seem to imagine getting even minor repairs done to their car amidst a breakdown or the like, then getting a Roadside Assistance add-on in the policy will be beneficial.

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    Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance FAQ

    • Does Roadside Assistance help unlock cars?

      Yes, in the event of loss of keys of your car the roadside assistance cover would help you in arranging spare keys.

    • Is the Roadside Assistance cover worth spending money?

      Roadside Assistance covers are inexpensive. The features, benefits, and inclusions of the add-on make the premium worth it.

    • I want to buy a Roadside Assistance cover with my third-party car insurance plan. I don’t have a Comprehensive plan. Is it possible?

      No, it is not possible to buy a Roadside Assistance cover with a third-party/liability only plan. It can be opted for with either a standalone own-damage or a comprehensive car insurance plan.

    • What happens if my car breaks down and it is nearing midnight? Will the insurance company help me out considering I have an RSA cover?

      Almost all of the insurance companies offer a Roadside Assistance cover that reaches to the customers 24×7. Please verify if your insurance company offers 24×7 RSA or not before purchasing the add-on.

    • Will claiming for Roadside Assistance affect my No Claim Bonus?

      No, a roadside assistance claim does not affect the No Claim Bonus (NCB) of your car insurance plan.

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