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About HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

With a claim settlement ratio of 100%, HDFC Ergo tops the list of the best car insurance companies in India. The company is a joint venture between HDFC Bank and ERGO International. HDFC Ergo car insurance provides a safety net that covers the owner of the car from any damages incurred as a result of theft, fire, accident, or other third-party liabilities that may arise in the event of an accident. The three main types of car insurance plans offered by HDFC Ergo are namely Comprehensive, Standalone Own Damage, and Third Party Car Insurance Plans.

Key Features of HDFC Ergo Car Insurance



HDFC Ergo Claim Settlement Ratio


Founding Year


No. of Network Garages


No Claim Bonus

Yes, up to 50%

Starting Price of Car Insurance Premium

Rs. 2094

No. of Ad-on Covers


Benefits of HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

Listed below are some of the compelling reasons why you should choose to buy car insurance plans with HDFC Ergo:

  • Affordable Premiums: HDFC Ergo has car insurance plans starting at Rs. 2094. At affordable premiums, HDFC Ergo offers maximum benefits and coverage. You can use a premium calculator to determine the car insurance premium.
  • Hassle-free Process: With HDFC Ergo, you can buy car insurance plans in a breeze. Just get in touch with the HDFC Ergo team and proceed with simple steps to buy car insurance.
  • Network Garages: With the availability of over 6,800 cashless garages, policyholders can get their insured car repaired in a cashless manner. The extensive number of HDFC Ergo network garages makes it easier for policyholders to locate a nearby garage for cashless repairs.
  • Dedicated Support Team: The customer support team of HDFC Ergo can be reached at all times if you have any queries about your car insurance plan, claim, or anything else.
  • Over 1.5 Crore Satisfied Customers: HDFC Ergo has over 1.5 Crore happy customers. So, join these happy customers and get car insurance coverage with HDFC Ergo.

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Plans

Comprehensive, Standalone, and Third-party are the three major types of car insurance plans offered by HDFC Ergo. Scroll through the section below to know more about these plans:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance plans provides complete protection. It offers financial compensation for both third-party liabilities and standalone damages.
  • Third-party Car Insurance: Third-party car insurance is mandatory for all car owners as specified under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. With third-party car insurance, policyholders will get financial assistance if the insured vehicle causes any damage or loss to a third party.
  • Standalone Car Insurance: Standalone car insurance plans on the other hand if the insured car gets damaged during any accident, natural disaster or is even lost. The car insurance premium of standalone car insurance is lower than comprehensive car insurance plans.

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Add-ons

HDFC Ergo offers a number of add-ons or riders to increase the scope of coverage of your car insurance. Listed below are the popular add-ons which you can buy with your HDFC Ergo car insurance plan:

  • Return to Invoice Cover: With the Return to Invoice add-on, you can recover the invoice value if your car is lost or damaged.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover: The value of every car depreciates over the years, and this depreciated value is not covered in car insurance plans. However, with Zero Depreciation Cover, you will get the entire amount without including depreciation charges.
  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover: The No Claim Bonus benefit will remain intact with the No Claim Bonus Protection Cover.
  • Cost of Consumables Cover: The cost of consumables like brake oil, lubricants, and others are covered under Consumables Cover.
  • Emergency Assistance Cover: In case of any mechanical breakdown, you can get round-the-clock assistance with the HDFC Ergo Emergency Assistance add-on.

In addition to those listed above, there are several other add-ons that HDFC Ergo offers.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Premium

There are a number of factors that affects car insurance premium such as the following:

  • Fuel Type: The car insurance premium of CNF fuel type is higher in comparison to diesel and petrol cars.
  • Model of Car: Another factor that directly affects the car insurance premium is the model car. Luxury cars like sedans will have a higher car insurance premium.
  • Geographical Location: If you live in an area that is at a higher risk of theft and risks, then the car insurance premium will be higher.
  • IDV: The higher the value of IDV or Insured Declare Value directly affects the car insurance premium.
  • Installation of Safety Devices: With the installation of devices like anti-theft devices, the car insurance premium becomes higher.

How to Calculate HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Premium?

Before you buy any car insurance plan, you first need to calculate the HDFC Ergo car insurance premium. Here is how you can do the same:

  • Visit the car insurance page on the HDFC Ergo website. Enter details like car registration number and other details.
  • Once you enter all the details, you will be able to see car insurance quotes.
  • Choose from the different types of car insurance plans available and enter details like no claim bonus, no expiry date, and other details.
  • Use the car insurance premium calculator to check the premium once all the details have been entered.

What is IDV and How is it Calculated?

IDV refers to the Insured's Declared Value as the maximum amount you will receive if your vehicle is damaged or lost. Some of the factors that affect IDV are as follows:

  • Depreciation: As the value of car depreciates over the years, so the IDV also varies from one car to another.
  • Accessories: The IDV is also based on the value of different accessories you have installed in your car.
  • Location: The ex-showroom price of the car varies from one Indian city to another. This is the reason why the IDV also accordingly varies.

Tips to Buy Car Insurance Online

To buy the best car insurance plan, you need to keep certain tips in mind such as the following:

  • Type of Car Insurance: There are different types of car insurance plans comprehensive, standalone, and third-party car insurance. So, before buying any plan, analyse your requirements and accordingly buy a desired type of car insurance.
  • Add-ons: With HDFC Ergo, there are a number of add-on options that you can choose from. However, on including add-ons to your car insurance plan, the premium of car insurance gets higher.
  • Network Garages: While buying car insurance plans, you must keep a check on the number of network garages. The greater the number of network garages, the more beneficial will it be for you.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: The claim settlement ratio refers to the insurer’s efficiency in settling car insurance claims. You must buy car insurance plans with a company that has a higher claim settlement ratio.
  • Car Insurance Premium: It is very important that you check the car insurance premium before buying it. You must buy a car insurance plan which has an affordable premium and best fits your pocket.

How to Buy Car Insurance with HDFC Ergo?

Thinking to buy car insurance with HDFC Ergo? Here is how you can buy car insurance with HDFC Ergo:

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Ergo
  • Enter details like car registration number, and mobile number, and proceed further with viewing quotes.
  • Include all the necessary add-ons and proceed with the payment.
  • Once the payment is complete, you will receive a notification about the same.

How to Renew Car Insurance With HDFC Ergo?

To renew your car insurance plan with HDFC Ergo, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click on the renew option of HDFC Ergo car insurance
  • Enter details like car insurance number, add-on covers, and others.
  • Pay the renewal fees of HDFC Ergo car insurance.
  • You will receive details of your policy on your registered email id.

Benefits of Buying and Renewing Car Insurance Online

Listed below are the benefits of buying and renewing car insurance online:

  • Quick Policy Issuance: When buying car insurance online, you can get your policy issued in a few simple steps. You just need to enter a few details and make a payment to quickly issue car insurance with HDFC Ergo.
  • Transparent Process: The process of buying HDFC Ergo car insurance is quite transparent. In a few simple steps, you can buy car insurance with HDFC Ergo.
  • No Paperwork Required: On buying and renewing car insurance online, there is almost zero paperwork required. You can complete all the required steps from the comfort of your home when you buy car insurance online.
  • Dedicated Team: With HDFC Ergo, you can get dedicated team support when you are buying a car insurance plan online.

Claim Process for HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

Here are the steps to raise an HDFC Ergo car insurance claim:

  • First, raise a claim request either by calling the HDFC Ergo team or on their website
  • Once you raise the claim request, you will get claim registration number
  • Next, take the insured car to a network garage or any garage of your choice
  • Then, submit all the relevant documents. A surveyor will also be assigned to assess the total damage.
  • The surveyor then sends the damage report to the company. Once the company, here HDFC Ergo approves the claim, the car insurance claim will be settled.

HDFC Ergo Pay As You Drive

You can now get away with paying a hefty premium if you drive your car occasionally. HDFC Ergo now offers Pay As You Drive add-on cover which lets you pay car insurance premiums as you drive. On buying the Pay As You Drive add-on with HDFC Ergo, policyholders can thus enjoy the benefits of car insurance at lower premiums. Moreover, when they renew the PAYD cover with HDFC Ergo, they can enjoy even more benefits.

Benefits of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

  • A wide network of 6,800 garages
  • 24/7 emergency assistance is available
  • Paperless insurance procedures are offered
  • Offers the option of making unlimited claim requests
  • Provides the facility of policy renewal without inspection.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Add-Ons

  • Zero Depreciation

    Value of cars depreciate with time. Wear and tears are obvious when a car is in use. Opting for a zero-depreciation cover allows you to enjoy maximum claim fund without factoring depreciation.

  • Emergency Assistance Cover

    Emergency assistance is one of the key add-ons introduced by HDFC ERGO. This cover helps you with services such as on site repair in case of minor damages, battery jump start, lost/duplicate keys, urgent fuel requirement, towing etc

  • No Claim Bonus Protection

    For each claim free policy tenure a customer gets discounts in premium. No claim bonus protector helps protect your No claim bonus in case you have taken a claim. Please check the detailed terms & conditions before purchasing the same

  • Engine and Gear Box Protector

    A comprehensive car insurance does not cover damages in a vehicle’s engine or gear box. Opting for this protector saves you from the expenses of engine breakdown or gear-box repair services. Issues in a car engine could be due to water-logging, oil leakages and consequences of accidents. Paying for it could cost you riches. Therefore, choosing an engine and gear box cover comes in pretty handy.

  • Down Time Rider

    This can also be described as a smart add-on. If your vehicle is in a garage for quite a long time or your car has been subjected to theft and you are waiting for a long period, the down time rider pays for all expenses related to traveling and commutation

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Claims Process

It's 8 step simple process,Hassle FREE
  • 1

    Intimate Your Insurance Company

    Call HDFC ERGO’s helpline number 1800-2700-700 and register the claim. Or, visit the workshop and intimate the insurer.
  • 2

    Visit the Workshop

    You can either get your vehicle towed to the nearest workshop or garage or drive the same.
  • 3

    The Survey Process Starts

    A surveyor is appointed within 24-48 working hours, after the claim is intimated to the insurance company.
  • 4

    Documentation Process Starts

    Documents like RC, DL, Policy Copy, PAN Card, Claim Intimation Form, Aadhar Card and a Repair Estimate must be provided to the insurer.
  • 5

    Survey is Completed

    Detailed survey of the vehicle is completed within 24-48 working hours by the surveyor.
  • 6

    Verdict By The Surveyor

    Post survey, the surveyor approves or rejects the claim. Repair works commence on approval.
  • 7

    Deliver Order is Issued

    On successful completion of repair works, final survey is done and the delivery order is released.
  • 8

    Non-Cashless - Is There A Difference?

    You will pay repair costs to the garage. The claim amount is then reimbursed.

545 Hdfc Ergo Cashless Garages in India

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HDFC ERGO Car Insurance FAQs

  • What is car insurance? Why trust HDFC ERGO?

    car insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company. It safeguards you from a financial loss in case of an accident or physical damage due to collision. In addition to this, having a motor insurance offer financial security against theft or damage of vehicles. HDFC ERGO is a brand you can bank upon. No wonder, the company has a whopping count of 10 million and more customers.


    car insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company. It safeguards you from a financial loss in case of an accident or physical damage due to collision. In addition to this, having a motor insurance offer financial security against theft or damage of vehicles. HDFC ERGO is a brand you can bank upon. No wonder, the company has a whopping count of 10 million and more customers.

  • Do you need car insurance?

    In India, it is mandatory to have a car insurance if you wish to drive your vehicle on roads. Having a third-party liability insurance is a must.

  • HDFC ERGO – what are the different types of car the company covers?

    As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle plying on Indian roads must be secured with at-least a third-party liability insurance. HDFC ERGO offer scalable and well-thought insurance protection plans for both new and used cars.

  • What are the various types of car insurance policies available in HDFC ERGO?

    comprehensive insurance policy


    Typically, there are two types of car insurances policies to choose from – a third party liability policy and a comprehensive insurance policy

  • What are the exclusions in a HDFC ERGO car insurance policy?

    Not every little damage repaired is borne by the company. Things like electrical breakdown, depreciation of parts, general wear and tear, damage caused due to collisions under the influence of alcohol or inflicted man-made calamities are not covered by HDFC ERGO.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Benefits of zero depreciation coverage.
  • Access to roadside assistance.
  • Provide emergency assistance.
  • Protection cover for gear box and engine.
  • A trusted brand covering car insurance needs at its best.
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