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About HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited is an alliance between HDFC Ltd. and ERGO International AG. ERGO is a part of Munich Re Group, a Germany based company with a massive 49% holdings in the partnership. HDFC (The Housing Development Finance Corporation) on the other hand enjoys a majority of 51% of the holdings. The joint venture was formed in the year 2002. The firm is often reckoned as a public company. However, it is categorized as an Indian Non-Government company.

HDFC ERGO offer a wide range of products in the market. Retail products like motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, personal accident and home insurance are provided. The list does not end here. From rural products like crop insurance and Gramin Suraksha Bima to commercial products like liability insurance, engineering insurance and property insurance, HDFC ERGO introduces a varied range of products.

The company certainly ranks as one of the big names in the country’s private sector of general insurers. HDFC ERGO envisions to be one of the finest and most valued insurers in business. Prompt response to customer needs is one of the key features of the company’s services. The firm is headquartered in Mumbai with its presence in 101 Indian cities. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited operates in 127 branches.

Claims Process at HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

  • 1

    Intimate Your Insurance Company

    Call HDFC ERGO’s helpline number 1800-2700-700 and register the claim. Or, visit the workshop and intimate the insurer.
  • 2

    Visit the Workshop

    You can either get your vehicle towed to the nearest workshop or garage or drive the same.
  • 3

    The Survey Process Starts

    A surveyor is appointed within 24-48 working hours, after the claim is intimated to the insurance company.
  • 4

    Documentation Process Starts

    Documents like RC, DL, Policy Copy, PAN Card, Claim Intimation Form, Aadhar Card and a Repair Estimate must be provided to the insurer.
  • 5

    Survey is Completed

    Detailed survey of the vehicle is completed within 24-48 working hours by the surveyor.
  • 6

    Verdict By The Surveyor

    Post survey, the surveyor approves or rejects the claim. Repair works commence on approval.
  • 7

    Deliver Order is Issued

    On successful completion of repair works, final survey is done and the delivery order is released.
  • 8

    Non-Cashless - Is There A Difference?

    You will pay repair costs to the garage. The claim amount is then reimbursed.

  • What is car insurance? Why trust HDFC ERGO?

    Car insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company. It safeguards you from a financial loss in case of an accident or physical damage due to collision. In addition to this, having a motor insurance offer financial security against theft or damage of vehicles.

    HDFC ERGO is a brand you can bank upon. No wonder, the company has a whopping count of 10 million and more customers.

    Do you need car insurance?

    In India, it is mandatory to have a car insurance if you wish to drive your vehicle on roads. Having a third-party liability insurance is a must.

    HDFC ERGO – what are the different types car the company covers?

    As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle plying on Indian roads must be secured with at-least a third-party liability insurance. HDFC ERGO offer scalable and well-thought insurance protection plans for both new and used cars.

    What are the various types of car insurance policies available in HDFC ERGO?

    Typically, there are two types of car insurances policies to choose from – a third party liability policy and a comprehensive insurance policy.

    However, HDFC ERGO provide you with a long list of add-ons to choose from.

    What are the exclusions in a HDFC ERGO car insurance policy?

    Not every little damage repaired is borne by the company. Things like electrical breakdown, depreciation of parts, general wear and tear, damage caused due to collisions under the influence of alcohol or inflicted man-made calamities are not covered by HDFC ERGO.

    Third party insurance or comprehensive car policy – what should I buy from HDFC ERGO?

    Having a third-party liability cover is enough to drive your vehicle on-road. However, damages caused due to collision, fire, theft, earthquake or any other factor could incur hefty financial loss. Third party insurance offer zero financial aid in such circumstances. What comes in handy is a comprehensive car insurance cover. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a comprehensive insurance plan from HDFC ERGO.

    What is a No Claim Bonus? Does HDFC ERGO reward you with the same?

    Describing ‘No Claim Bonus’ as an incentive for achieving a claim-free year is appropriate. It is a discount given in Own Damage premium payable while renewing your car insurance policy after a year. Let’s quickly take a sneak-peak at the % discount you can win in the form of a No Claim Bonus.

    What is IDV?

    IDV or Insured Declared Value is best described as the sum insured of the vehicle that is fixed upon at the beginning of a policy period for an insured vehicle.

    Emergency Assistance – How does it work for HDFC ERGO?

    Emergency assistance is an add-on that must be coupled with an insurance cover at an additional premium. It offers prompt assistance in case of breakdown, towing, tyre replacement, fuel replacement and others.

    The perks of buying car insurance online! Can you purchase a HDFC ERGO policy online?

    If you are not a big fan of waiting in queues and getting done with a ton of paper-works, buying car insurance online is your best way out. Gain access to the best car insurance policy in minutes without any paperwork or physical documentation by applying for vehicle insurance online.

Benefits of Car Insurance

  • Car insurance protects you against major financial loss in case of an accident or a physical damage.
  • Having an insurance comes of great use to survivors in case of death or severe injury.
  • Motor insurance cover for all expenses of repairs and damages caused due to accidents and collisions.
  • Expenses of lawsuits and legal fees in case of accidents are also covered by insurance.
  • Enjoy stress-free driving and freedom from being pulled up with a car insurance in hand.
  • Benefits of zero depreciation coverage.
  • Access to roadside assistance.
  • Provide emergency assistance.
  • Protection cover for gear box and engine.
  • A trusted brand covering car insurance needs at its bestd.

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  • HDFC ERGO Add-Ons:

  • Zero Depreciation

    Value of cars depreciate with time. Wear and tears are obvious when a car is in use. Opting for a zero-depreciation cover allows you to enjoy maximum claim fund without factoring depreciation.

    Emergency Assistance Wider Cover

    This is sometime known as the ‘Key Replacement Cover’. Keys can get misplaced anytime. Choosing this add-on along-with your car insurance plan ensure that an alternative set of keys is provided to the customer. However, it is mandatory to file a police report post the loss.

    No Claim Bonus Protection

    NCB is an abbreviation for No Claim Bonus. The protector fills in for the hidden specs of NCB. Choosing this add-on guarantees that the NCB bonus you’ve gathered over the period doesn’t go missing at the time of claim.

    Engine and Gear Box Protector

    A comprehensive car insurance does not cover damages in a vehicle’s engine or gear box. Opting for this protector saves you from the expenses of engine breakdown or gear-box repair services. Issues in a car engine could be due to water-logging, oil leakages and consequences of accidents. Paying for it could cost you riches. Therefore, choosing an engine and gear box cover comes in pretty handy.

    Down Time Rider

    This can also be described as a smart add-on. If your vehicle is in a garage for quite a long time or your car has been subjected to theft and you are waiting for a long period, the down time rider pays for all expenses related to traveling and commutation.

    Consumables Cover

    Selecting this add-on is of great worth if you have consumable items in your car most of the times. Damage or loss of consumables due to accident are entirely paid for on choosing this cover.

    **Conditions are subjected to change depending upon the insurance company.**


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