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  • 99.61% ACKO scores a massive claim settlement ratio
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  • Enjoy access to any workshop anywhere in the country. It’s all cashless
  • 24*7 emergency assistance
  • Towing services are provided at no additional cost for upto 50kms from city limits
  • Claims for minor damages (under Rs.20000) are paid out in less than 2 hours

About ACKO Car Insurance

Have you been talking about cutting-edge technology and the perks of things turning digitalized? Well, ACKO General Insurance is a brand you must know about. Just over two years in the industry, ACKO already sounds to be a familiar name with a growing customer base. So, let’s dig a little deep and gather more information about the company.

Acko General Insurance is a private sector general insurance company in the country. First established in November, 2016, Acko entered the rat-race with the very innovative concept of an online-based model. The company achieved its license from IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) in September, 2017.

Varun Dua, the “MAN” behind the company’s incredible growth, also the CEO of Acko ensures that all operations are seamlessly executed via an advanced digital platform. In a short span of two years, the company has managed to raise more than $42 million from big shot investors like Catamaran Ventures, Accel Partners, Amazon and SAIF Partners. The company offer a bunch of retail products like mobile insurance, in-trip domestic insurance and motor insurance.

Learning about its tie-ups is totally worth it. ACKO General Insurance has partnered with Amazon India to offer mobile insurance plans. However, Acko has left no stones unturned in the field of motor insurance too. Here’s something new you want to hear about – the company makes an alliance with Ola Cabs in more than 110 cities in India, offering in-trip insurance.

The company completely focuses on a digital business model. Insurance policies are offered online and claims are settled in a similar manner.

Benefits of ACKO Car Insurance

  • Pricing is a crucial factor in insurance. One is hardly aware but every car insurance product is topped with a 20%-30% commission. This certainly explains a steep hike in the price of insurance plans and premiums. Acko guarantees a considerable cut-back in premiums.
  • So, not a huge fan of paperworks? Neither is Acko. Buy insurance, renew your plan or make claim, do anything and everything online without the hassles of paperworks.
  • Completing a claim process could sound like a tedious affair. Well, definitely not with Acko as your car insurance partner. Just start with a call and your job is done. From picking up your vehicle, getting it fixed to dropping the same at your doorstep, the company does it all. You can sit back and relax meanwhile.
  • Getting minor damages and dents fixed could cost a fortune in the long run. Acko get its done and pays out cash as an instant claim settlement for minor damages.

ACKO Car Insurance Add-Ons

  • Loss of Accessories Cover

    Adding this cover to your car insurance policy is of great benefit. Afterall, a basic car insurance covers damages to your vehicle in case of accidents. It certainly does not pay for damages to the accessories fitted in the car. So, if you have installed high-end accessories like reverse camera, modified tail-lights, stereo system and others, having this cover will aid you financially by large.

    If these accessories are lost by theft, it will be covered at an additional premium of 4% on the value of accessories. This is not all. It needs to be specifically declared in the proposal form.

  • Consumables Cover

    A basic comprehensive car insurance policy does not compensate for consumables in a vehicle. Opting for a consumables cover comes of great use in the event of accident. The add-on by Acko covers for consumables like:

    • Engine Oil
    • Oil Filters
    • Lubricants
    • Grease
    • Radiator Coolant
    • Nuts and bolts
    • Washers
    • AC gas oil
    • Gearbox oil
    • Power steering oil
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance

    Simply bundle this add-on cover in your comprehensive car insurance policy. RSA ensures on-spot rescue in hours of need. So, what does it cover?

    • Towing service. Please note: Free towing facilities are provided upto 50kms.
    • Repair of flat tyres.
    • Emergency fuel delivery. If you are stranded because there’s no fuel in your vehicle, Acko helps you out with 5 litres of fuel. However, this is chargeable.
    • Immediate repair works by professional technicians are guaranteed in case of mechanical and electrical breakdown.
    • If an accident has left you impaired from driving, Acko send in professionals to drive you to your desired location. Please remember, such services are not chargeable for upto 50kms.
    • Immediate key service. If you’ve lost your car keys or have locked yourself out, Acko arranges for a technician to repair and unlock your car. If there are spare keys left at home, the insurer sends it over. Please Note: such services are only applicable if the services are in the same city.
    • Accommodation is provided if the repair works take longer than usual. In such circumstances, the insurer arranges for a nearby hotel. However, it is not payable by the insurance company.
    • Cab services are ensured if your vehicle is irreparable on the spot. It is provided as an alternative mode of transport.
    • Spare parts to your vehicle are delivered in events of accident. It will be shipped to your location. However, this service is chargeable.
  • Return to Invoice Protection Cover

    If you have recently bought a vehicle or you are an owner of a luxury car, having a return to invoice protection cover clubbed with your comprehensive insurance plan is of great worth. It is similar if you are living in theft-prone areas. The add-on guarantees that the invoice value of your car remains intact. This amount also include registration charges of your car and the total road tax paid.

    Please Note: Such a cover is not applicable if the vehicle is older than 3 years.

  • Engine Protection Cover

    Bearing the expenses of engine repair could be overwhelming. Having this add-on clubbed to your comprehensive policy can save you big money. It compensates for repair and replacement of engine parts like connecting rods, pistons and others. Damages can be caused due to water-logging, leakage of lubricating oil, impairment of the gearbox or conditions of hydrostatic lock.

  • NCB Protect

    NCB stands No Claim Bonus. If you’ve racked up a fairly high percentage of bonus for driving clean with no-claims, opting for a NCB protect add-on is quite useful. It simply guarantees that you are eligible for the NCB even after raising a maximum of 2 claims in one year.

  • Accident Cover for Paid Driver

    This add-on ensures that your driver is protected well in case of an unforeseen accident. On opting for this cover, the insurer pays out compensation in case of injury, disability and death.

  • Personal Accident Cover for Unnamed Passengers

    It is not obvious that you will always be driving solo. Accidents can cause damages to every other passenger in the vehicle. This cover when teamed with a comprehensive plan adds more value to your car insurance. You can choose to go for sum insured ranging in between Rs.10000 – Rs.200000.

    **Conditions are subjected to change depending upon the insurance company**

ACKO Car Insurance Claim Process

  • 1

    Communicate with your insurance company

    Register your claim by calling up Acko’s helpline number 1860-266-2256. You can visit the workshop and register your claim.
  • 2

    Go to the workshop

    Drive your vehicle to a nearby workshop or get your vehicle towed.
  • 3

    The survey commences

    Once the claim has been registered, a surveyor is fixed in 24-48 working hours.
  • 4

    Produce the documents

    You must provide the insurance company with documents like RC, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, DL, Claim Intimation Form, Policy Copy and a repair estimate.
  • 5

    The survey is completed

    Survey of your vehicle is finished in 24-48 working hours.
  • 6

    Surveyor makes the call

    Once the vehicle has been surveyed carefully, the surveyor either rejects or accepts the claim. Repair works start post approval.
  • 7

    Delivery Order is issued

    On completion of repair works, a survey is done and a delivery order is issued.

ACKO Car Insurance User Reviews

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  • When I was buying the Acko insurance policy from Insurance Dekho, they offered me different payment modes and enhanced my purchase experience.

    Payal Mehra
    On: April 1, 2020 | Views
  • The processes of Insurance Dekho don’t involve any paper. All the functions are operated digitally.

    Eshaa Anand
    On: March 30, 2020 | Views
  • The support team at Insurance team is highly dedicated and leaves no stone unturned while helping me out to use my policy.

    Neelam Singh
    On: March 26, 2020 | Views
  • InsuranceDekho has been a very dependable source for me to buy car insurance policy. I am very satisfied with the services received. This company has ...

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    Satya Singh
    On: March 25, 2020 | Views
  • I never imagined that getting insurance could be this easy. I entered my car’s details on your website and got so many plans to choose from. The proce...

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    Karan Nair
    On: March 24, 2020 | Views

ACKO Car Insurance FAQs

  • How does Acko quote lower prices than other insurance companies?

    ACKO has revolutionized the concept of car insurance by using a digital-only model. In this way, you can purchase insurance plans online without involving any third party medium. The company also has a significantly low count of sales branches. In a nutshell, Acko incurs very less expenses. The savings are passed on to customers like you, pitching lowest of premiums for the best of insurance plans.

  • I am not an amazon customer, can I still choose to go with ACKO car insurance?

    Yes absolutely! You can buy an ACKO car insurance policy even if you are not an Amazon customer.

  • What benefits do I get on choosing ACKO car insurance being an Amazon customer?

    If you are an Amazon customer, you are entitled to an exclusive pricing. Simply use your Amazon login credentials and pay for your ACKO policy using credit cards, debit cards, net-banking or amazon pay balance and enjoy your brownie points.

  • Why should I purchase motor insurance from ACKO?

    Acko is a licensed non-life general insurance company, fairly new in business. However, the company has managed to establish a strong foothold in the industry with its innovative digital business model. The company stands for affordable, effortless and hassle-free policy procedures. From purchasing policy to renewing and settling claims, ACKO guarantees seamless customer experience.

  • Will I have access to zero depreciation benefits and other essential add-ons on choosing ACKO?

    Yes! You will certainly enjoy the benefits of zero depreciation and other add-ons by opting for an ACKO car insurance policy. It is worth informing that more add-ons and riders will be introduced soon.

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