Third Party Bike Insurance

Third Party Bike Insurance

Third Party/Liability Only Two-Wheeler insurance plan is the most basic type of insurance plan available for two-wheelers. It provides coverage to the policyholder for all third party liabilities (bodily injuries, death and/or property damage) caused due to a road accident or any other mishap involving the insured’s two-wheeler. While the amount of compensation in case of third party bodily injury/death is decided by a court of law, the extent of compensation for third party property damage is limited to Rs. 1 lakh.

Third Party Two-Wheeler Insurance Is A Legal Recruitment In India

It is mandatory in India for every two-wheeler owner to have at least a third party two-wheeler insurance, as per the Indian Motors Tariff 2002. A third party two-wheeler insurance policy is the most basic insurance coverage.

What All Is Covered Under A Third Party Two-Wheeler Cover?

  • Third Party Property Damage: Any third party property damage caused by the insured’s two-wheeler is covered under the third party/liability only insurance policy up to Rs.1 lakh.
  • Third Party Death/Bodily Injury: The compensation amount in case of third party bodily injuries/death is decided by a court of law. In case of loss of both the limbs or both eye sights/ permanent disability or death of a third party, the insurer provides 100% compensation. Whereas, in case of partial disabilities like bodily injuries or loss of one limb or loss of one eye sight, the insurer provides 50% compensation.

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​What Is Not Covered Under A Third Party Two-Wheeler Insurance?

A third party two-wheeler insurance does not cover any damage incurred by the insured’s two-wheeler or its owner or driver. You can opt for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance or standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance to get your two-wheeler insured for own-damages. For insuring yourself or the driver of your two-wheeler, you can purchase a personal accident cover or paid driver cover as per the requirement.

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