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What is Tyre Protection Add-on Cover?

Tyre Protect Cover - Tyres are an important car component but take the most abuse. Apart from shouldering the entire weight of the vehicle and its occupants, tyres are subject to all the abuse of varied road surfaces. However, by default, a standard car insurance policy does not offer coverage for them. That is why it is advisable to opt for a tyre protection cover.

A Tyre protection cover is an add-on which can be bought by paying an additional premium with a standalone own-damage or a comprehensive car insurance policy. This car add-on cover provides coverage for the repair and replacement cost of tyres. It also provides insurance cover for accidental loss and damage/cut to the tyres. Tyre protection also covers labour charges incurred during the repair or replacement of tyres.

What is Covered & Not Covered Under A Tyre Protection Add-on?

Following are covered under a tyre protection cover:

1. Cost of Replacing the Damaged Tyre with a New One

Damage to tyres can happen because of several reasons such as cracks, bulges, puncture, cuts, etc. During such times, the replacement of tyres can act as the most feasible option. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a tyre protection cover along with a comprehensive car insurance plan in order to cover yourself against the replacement cost of the damaged tyre that can arise because of any of the above-mentioned reasons.

2. Labour Charges toward Removing, Refitting and Rebalancing of the Tyre

Fitting or moving a tyre from one place to another can come to you as an additional expense appearing forwards as labour cost. Owning a tyre protection cover along with a comprehensive car insurance plan will compensate the policyholder for the labour cost for removing, refitting and rebalancing the tyre.

3. Accidents or Misfortune

Incidental misfortune or harm to tire and cylinders which would thus make the tire ill-suited for use. This incorporates situations, for example, swell in tire, blasting of tire and harm/slice to the tire. Damage to the wheels of the car can appear as bulging, crushing, cutting or bursting. Therefore, it is recommended to insure the tyre alongside the car in order to get coverage for tyre damage cost because of an accident.

Following are not covered under a tyre protection cover:

  1. Cost of puncture and tyre repair.
  2. Damage arising due to a manufacturing defect or service provided by an unauthorized service centre.
  3. Expenses on routine maintenance like adjustment, balancing or alignment, etc.
  4. Damage emerging out of ill-advised capacity or transportation.

Who Should Take Tyre Protection Cover?

  • People who travel on a daily basis from their car must make sure that their tyres are protected.
  • Those who live in hilly areas should get this protection for their car.
  • People who prefer outing in hilly areas and prefer to travel through their own vehicle must get so that any problems faced by the tyres are taken care of.
  • Tyre repair cost arising because of taking part in any racing competition or rally is not covered.
  • Tyre protection add-on cover does not cover the claim because of theft or vandalism or tube or tyre.

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Tyre Protect Cover in Car Insurance FAQ

  • Is the loss incurred due to theft of tyre covered under tyre protection cover?

    Generally, a tyre protection add-on cover does not provide coverage for theft of tyre.

  • If at the time of claim, I want to upgrade the tyre will that be covered?

    The insurance company will allow the replacement of the tyre with the same make and specification. If the same make and specification are not available then the company will pay up to the payable limit only.

  • Can I opt for tyre protection cover with my third party car insurance policy?

    No, a tyre protection cover cannot be opted for with a third party car insurance policy. It can be clubbed only with standalone own-damage and comprehensive car insurance plans.

  • Are labour charges incurred during tyre replacement covered under tyre protection cover?

    Yes, labour charges incurred during tyre replacement are covered under tyre protection cover.

  • Can I opt for a tyre protection cover at the time of renewal of my comprehensive car insurance plan?

    Yes, you can opt for a tyre protection cover at the time of renewal of your comprehensive car insurance plan.

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