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National Health Insurance

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National Health Insurance
Claim SettlementDedicated Team
Claim Settlement Ratio83.78%
Network Hospitals6,000+
Starting Premium for 5 lac SIRs.586/month
Starting Premium for Rs. 5 lakhs SIRs. 586/month

National Insurance Company Limited is the oldest general insurance company in India. It came into existence in 1906 to assist the Swaraj movement, but later in 1972, it got merged with 21 foreign and 11 Indian companies and became a subsidiary of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). However, it disassociated from GIC and became an independent insurance company in 2002. Being a general insurance company, it offers different types of insurances such as motor insurance, health insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, rural insurance, etc.

The health insurance company always tries to incorporate advanced technology to excel in providing insurance service by integrating people and processes, which has made the insurer the most preferred choice for customers. The insurer renders insurance services by offering a vast range of products such as individual plans, family floater plans, senior citizen plans, critical illness plans, top-up plans, and overseas travel cover to meet multiple healthcare needs. Due to its diverse offerings and unparalleled services, it was awarded Economic Times Iconic Brands 2018.

How to Purchase National Health Policy at InsuranceDekho?

Policyholders can buy health insurance policies from National Insurance Company through online and offline methods at InsuranceDekho.

Buy National Health Insurance Plan Online at InsuranceDekho

Follow the below steps to buy a National Health Insurance policy at InsuranceDekho:

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho website, i.e, and select the health section.

Step 2: Choose your Gender and enter your Name and Mobile Number. This will get you an OTP, please enter that.

Step 3: Choose the time when you want to buy the insurance plan. Click on the ‘View Instant Quotes’ to proceed further.

Step 4: Choose the family members you want to add in the health insurance plan with yourself.

Step 5: Choose the family member’s age whom you want to include in the policy and click ‘Continue’.

Step 6: Enter the Email ID and City and click on the ‘Submit and View Quotes’ button. You will find multiple insurance plan quotes as per your selections. Then, select an insurance cover that suits you the best.

Step 7: Choose the insurance policy term of the opted health insurance plan, duly fill the details required and pay for the amount to complete the purchase process.

Buy National Health Insurance Plan Offline at InsuranceDekho

To buy a National Health Insurance plan offline at InsuranceDekho, you can connect with us at 7551-196-989 between 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM (Monday-Sunday). For any further assistance, please feel free to write to us at

Top National Health Insurance Plan Types

National Insurance Company offers coverage to its policyholders against medical expenses incurred due to the treatment of any injury and/or illness. Here are the top 5 health insurance policies offered by the National Insurance Company:

1. National Mediclaim Plus Policy - The National Mediclaim Plus Policy offers medical coverage for you and your family members. It is a health insurance policy which holds the sum insured options ranging from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh. You can get your spouse, kids and your parents covered with this policy along with yourself. Several benefits are offered under this insurance plan which includes in-patient hospitalisation, alternative procedures, maternity and newborn cover, emergency ambulance services, etc.

2. National Parivar Mediclaim Policy - This health insurance plan offers coverage to all the family members under a single sum insured amount, which ranges from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. It covers at least two family members that may include self, spouse, children, and parents. It comes with a policy term of 1, 2 and 3 years. You can avail different types of benefits with this insurance cover such as in-patient hospitalisation, organ donor’s coverage, ambulance cover, maternity and newborn care, vaccinations cover etc.

3. National Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy - It is a health insurance policy designed to offer coverage for senior citizens. The plan is available as an individual as well as on a family floater basis with the sum insured range of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. The proposer of this insurance policy can be aged between 60 years and 80 years. This policy brings a lot of benefits with it such as in-patient hospitalisation cover, ambulance charges, hospital cash cover, alternative treatment cover, etc.

4. National Critical Illness Policy - As the name suggests, this insurance policy offers adequate coverage for the medical expenses incurred due to a procedure or treatment of a critical illness out of 37 specified diseases. The sum insured amount of this plan ranges from Rs. 1 lakh to 75 lakh under which you can cover yourself, spouse, children and parents. Under this cover, policyholders get a fixed lump sum amount when they get diagnosed with a specified illness listed in the policy document.

5. National Super Top-Up Mediclaim Policy - This health insurance cover offers an extended threshold to policyholders. With this policy, you can enhance your coverage at a reasonable price. A unique feature of this super top-up plan is that it can be bought with or without having an existing insurance plan. The benefits of this policy include in-patient treatment, pre-hospitalisation and post hospitalisation expenses, organ donor cover, ambulance charges, alternative treatments, etc.

What Is A Health Insurance Top-up Plan and Why Should I Buy It?

A Top-up health insurance plan is a policy to offer additional medical coverage for your existing health insurance cover. It brings an extended support when your base sum insured cover gets exhausted during a medical emergency. Basically, it provides an extra cover above the threshold limit of your existing plan. One one claim is allowed under a top-up plan. On the other hand, Super Top-up is an insurance cover which functions in a similar manner but does not limit its coverage available only to a single claim, rather it allows multiple claims after the threshold limit of your existing insurance cover is reached in a policy year.

National Insurance Company offers a super top-up insurance plan known as National Super Top-Up Mediclaim Policy. It is available with the sum insured amount ranging from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh with deductibles from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. It can be purchased by anyone between 18 years and 65 years of age. There are a lot of benefits offered under this health insurance policy which includes in-patient treatment, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, ambulance charges, organ donor, alternative procedure, and so on. However, you can avail this super-top up insurance cover even without holding any existing health insurance policy.

Why Choose National Insurance Company?

National Insurance Company offers a wide variety of beneficial features to its policyholders. Some of them are as follow:

  • Office On Wheels - The National Insurance Company launched the concept of Office On Wheels in 4 cities, i.e., Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chandigarh. Under this feature, mobile vans personalised as insurance offices are enabled to issue health insurance policies online. With this offering, the insurer aims to deliver insurance services at doorsteps.
  • Track Claim Status - Policyholders of National Insurance Company can easily track the status of their claim requests. By entering a few details like policy number, claim number, customer ID, etc., you can track the progress of your claim. This service brings transparency and offers ease and relief to policyholders.
  • 24x7 Live Chat Support - The insurance provider offers a 24x7 live chat support for its policyholders. With this option, you can enquire about anything related to your health insurance policy online without any hassle. The expert customer care professionals of National Insurance Company will be at your service whenever you want.
  • High Claim Settlement Ratio - The claim settlement ratio of any insurance provider denotes a percentage of health insurance claims settled by the insurer against the total number of claim requests received in a financial year. The National Insurance Company holds an amazing Claim Settlement Ratio of 83.78% in the financial year 2019-2020, which makes it a reliable name in the insurance industry.
  • Won National and International Awards - The services of National Insurance Company has been recognised on several national and international platforms. The insurer has bagged several awards namely, Economic Times Iconic Brands 2018 (General Insurance Category), The Asset Asian awards 2017 for Cash Management Solutions and SKOCH Order of Merit 2017 for General Insurance Company of the year.

Benefits of National Health Insurance Plans

Here are the salient insurance benefits offered by the National Health Insurance Plan:

  • Portability Option - With this benefit, policyholders of different insurance providers can easily port into the health insurance policies of National Insurance Company. People who wish to switch into the insurer’s plans are allowed to opt only for the covers which are the closest substitute of their existing policies. This will help you avail the services of a better insurance provider without losing your plan benefits.
  • Lifelong Renewability - The National Insurance Company offers a lifetime renewability option with almost all its health insurance plans. It will help policyholders to keep availing the facilities of the insurer forever by simply making timely renewals at the end of the policy term. It is the easiest way to keep yourself and your family always secured against any medical emergency.
  • Health Check-up Facility - The Health Check-up Facility is an insurance benefit under which the insurance provider will be covering the medical expenses of the policyholder's health check-up only once at the end of two policy periods. This option will be offered irrespective of the claim requests made by the policyholder. Also, the coverage for this facility will be provided as per the limit of the plan.
  • High Sum Insured Up To 50 lakh - When it comes to medical expenses, nobody can predict any certain amount during a medical emergency. Therefore, National Insurance Company with most of its plans tends to offer a high sum insured coverage of up to 50 lakh. It means that owning any of the health insurance plans of this insurer will not let you worry about coverage.

National Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

The Claim Settlement Ratio is referred to the percentage of health insurance claims settled by an insurance provider in a financial year. It is calculated as the number of health insurance claims paid off by the insurer against the total health insurance claim requests received in a financial year. National Insurance Company has been achieving remarkable figures of Claim Settlement Ratio for the last two consecutive years. Here is the Claim Settlement Ratio of National Health Insurance Company for the last two years:

Financial Year

Claim Settlement Ratio

FY 2018-2019


FY 2019-2020


(Source: IBAI’s General Insurance Claim Insights Handbook For Policyholders - 4th & 5th Edition)

Network Hospitals of National Insurance Company

The network hospitals are the health facilities which are affiliated with the insurance provider and offer cashless treatment to its policyholders. Under the cashless treatment process, the insurer pays off the medical expenses directly to the hospitals on behalf of the insured individual. The more the number of network hospitals will be, the easier will be to find a hospital nearby for policyholders. The National Insurance Company has 6,000+ hospitals in its network, where you can get cashless treatment.

National Insurance Company Policy Terms

Here are the descriptions of the health insurance policy terms for the features and benefits offered by the National Insurance Company. However, the conditions of these insurance offerings may vary from plan to plan:

Minimum Age of Entry

91 days

Maximum Age of Entry

No Limit

Policy Renewal

National Insurance Company offers the benefit of lifetime renewability to all its policyholders, so they can avail its health insurance plan for a lifetime with the consistent renewal of plan.


The co-payment is a cost-sharing requirement of the health insurance policy. The insurer offers the co-payment options where a policyholder will have to bear a 10% of the admissible claim amount for choosing coverage for pre-existing diabetes, 10% to opt for a cover for pre-existing hypertension and 25% for choosing a cover for pre-existing diabetes and hypertension.

Waiting Period

A waiting period of 30 days is applicable for all the treatments, except for any injury incurred due to an accident. However, pre-existing diseases shall be covered after 48 months of continuous coverage under the plan.

National Health Insurance Claim Process

The health insurance claim process is a system under which the insurance provider offers compensation for the medical expenses incurred due to any treatment through any injury and/or illness through hospitalisation. The claim process can be completed in two different ways which include cashless claim and reimbursement claim.

What is the Cashless Claim Process of National Health Insurance?

As per the cashless insurance claim process, the National Insurance Company makes the payment for your medical expenses when you get admitted in its network hospital. Under this system, you are not required to pay anything at the hospital other than any co-payment amount. All the cost is settled by the insurance provider directly with the hospital bill as per the terms and conditions of the health insurance plan.

Follow the below steps to easily raise a cashless claim with National Insurance Company:

Step 1: Intimate the Insurance Provider
Inform the National Insurance Company about your hospitalisation at least 72 hours in advance, in case of planned hospitalisation, and within 24 hours of admission, in case of emergency hospitalisation at 1800-345-0330.

Step 2: Pre-Authorisation Request
Get the cashless claim request form from the network hospital or the insurance provider to complete and submit it with other required medical documents at the insurance department or TPA desk of the hospital. The hospital will share those documents with the insurer for authorisation.

Step 3: Verification of Documents
The claim settlement team or TPA of National Insurance Company will verify the medical information, pre-authorisation form and required documents provided to them.

Step 4: Claim Approval
If the TPA or claim settlement team of the insurer requires any other information, they may ask for some other documents too. They reserve the right to deny pre-authorization requests if the policyholder is unable to provide the required medical details. On the rejection of the claim, the policyholder and hospital will be informed about the same.

Step 5: Settlement of Claim
At the time of discharge, the policyholder is required to verify and sign the discharge papers and make payment for non-medical and inadmissible expenses. After this, the network hospital sends the final request with the complete hospital bill. On receiving the same, the insurer will pay off your medical bill after considering any deductions, co-payments, or inadmissible expense.

How To Make A National Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim?

Whenever a policyholder gets medical treatment in a non-network hospital of National Insurance Company, the reimbursement type of claim settlement applies. According to this process, the policyholder needs to pay for all the medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation and then can raise a claim reimbursement request from the insurer.

Follow the steps given below to raise a reimbursement claim with National Insurance Company:

Step 1: Intimate The Insurance Provider
Inform National Insurance Company about your hospitalisation 72 hours prior to getting admitted, in case of planned hospitalisation, and convey within 24 hours in case of emergency hospitalisation at 1800-345-0330.

Step 2: Avail Medical Treatment
Get the medical treatment at the hospital and pay for the bills. Gather all the medical bills, test reports, discharge certificate, and other relevant documents while getting discharged from the hospital.

Step 3: Submit Claim Documents
Share the duly filled and signed claim request form with relevant documents with the National Insurance Company.

Documents required for National Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim

  • Duly completed claim form
  • Original bills, payment receipts, discharge certificate signed by the doctor
  • Original cash-memo from the pharmacies
  • Doctor’s advice to go for any medical diagnosis
  • Original payment receipt, investigation test reports etc.
  • Surgeon’s certificate related to diagnosis and nature of operation performed
  • Any other relevant document required by company or TPA
  • First investigation report or post mortem report, if required.

Step 4: Verification of Documents
The TPA or claim settlement team of National Insurance Company will verify your claim form and medical documents. On finding them insufficient, they can ask to provide some more information or documents. If your claim request gets disapproved, you shall be communicated by the insurance provider.

Step 5: Settlement of Claim
On receiving all the documents required, if your claim request gets approved by the insurance provider, all your admissible amounts will be reimbursed after making relevant deductions, co-payments etc.

National Health Insurance Renewal Process

With the renewal process, policyholders can continue to be insured with the health insurance plans of National Insurance Company. While renewing the policies, policyholders can enhance the medical coverage of their health insurance cover. It will help you continue to avail the benefits of your health insurance policy and stay protected against any medical emergency.

Below are the steps to renew your National health insurance policy:

Step 1: Visit the website of National Health Insurance i.e.,

Step 2: Select the ‘Health’ section from the Product tab, then click on the ‘Quick Renewal’ tab

Step 3: Enter the Policy Number and Captcha Code, then click on the ‘Renew Policy’ button

Step 4: Review the details of health insurance plans details and premium amount for renewal

Step 5: Pay for the policy amount online using the payment gateway of the insurance provider.

National Health Insurance Tax Benefits

Holding a National Health Insurance Policy protects your health as well as your savings. Policyholders can get deductions in their taxable income equals to their premium amount according to section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Here are the tax benefit details that you can avail with National health insurance policies:


Premium Paid

Deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act

Self, Family, Children


When Policyholder and Parents are below 60 years

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 50,000

When Policyholder and family members are below 60 years with parents above 60 years

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 75,000

When Policyholder, family members and parents are above 60 years

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 1,00,000

Members of HUF

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Non-Resident Individuals

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

National Health Insurance Premium Calculation

Some factors affect the premium amount of health insurance policies. Information on such factors can help you choose health insurance plans as per your requirement and budget. Here are the factors, which can impact the premium of the plans of National Insurance Company:

  • Age – Policyholders of lower age are charged with lower premium amounts and policyholders with higher age are required to pay for a higher premium. The premium amount of health insurance plans go up with your age as it makes you more prone to illnesses and health complications.
  • Sum Insured – Higher the coverage you would purchase, higher the premium amount you will be charged with as it will make the insurer pay for more compensation. Hence, you should choose the sum insured amount according to your health budget and medical requirement.
  • Lifestyle and Habits - People with the habit of smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco products on a regular basis are charged with an extensively higher amount of premium for the health insurance plan they opt for than from normal customers. Also, their applications can even get rejected as these habits can make them more vulnerable to illnesses.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - Policyholders with higher Body Mass Index (BMI) are more susceptible to several health complications such as heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and so on. It makes them visit hospitals on a frequent basis. Therefore, they are charged with a higher health insurance premium amount than people with normal BMI.
  • Family Medical History – Policyholders who come from a family with some members who are suffering or have suffered from some certain medical ailments such as cancer, heart diseases, etc., are charged with a high premium amount for health insurance policies by the insurance providers. Though it is not your fault, family medical history affects the premium.

National Health Insurance Plan Inclusions

You can avail these inclusions under the health insurance plans of National Insurance Company:

  • In-Patient Hospitalisation – The health insurance policy compensates the medical expenses caused due to the hospitalisation of an insured individual for any injury or illness, for more than 24 hours. This feature offers the coverage for room rent, doctor’s fee, diagnostic tests, blood, oxygen, medicines and so on.
  • Pre-Hospitalisation and Post-Hospitalisation – With this coverage feature, the health insurance plan tends to cover the expenses incurred due to pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalization up to 30 days and 60 days respectively for the same injury or illness due to which hospitalisation occurred.
  • Day Care Treatment – Under this cover, 140-day care procedures listed in the policy document are insured under the health insurance plan. Basically, these are the treatments or surgeries undertaken with local anaesthesia and due to the advancement of medical science are completed within 24 hours without any hospitalisation.
  • Emergency Ambulance – The health insurance policy offers coverage for transportation by emergency ambulance during hospitalisation. Hence, it reimburses 1% of sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs. 2,000 as the ambulance charges for the transportation of an insured member to the hospital during a medical emergency.
  • Organ Donor Cover – The coverage of 50% of the sum insured is offered to cover the hospitalisation expense incurred due to the treatment of an organ donor during the organ transplant process. It is applicable only if the insured individual has been medically advised to undergo an organ transplant by a medical practitioner.

What Are The Exclusions of National Health Insurance?

Here are some exclusions under National Health Insurance Plans that cannot be availed by policyholders:

  • War Conditions - Medical expenses of any insured member incurred due to the treatment of injuries sustained in war, invasion, riots and other similar conditions.
  • Cosmetic or Plastic surgery – Cost of cosmetic or aesthetic procedures of any type or sex change operation is not covered, except for plastic surgery if advised by the doctor.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases - No medical coverage is offered by the health insurance plans for the treatment of sexually transmitted or venereal diseases.
  • Self-Inflicted Injuries - Treatment of injuries or illnesses incurred due to any self-harming action such as suicide or suicide attempt are not covered.
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse - No medical cover is provided for the treatment of injuries or illnesses sustained under the influence of alcohol or drug or any such substance.

The above-given inclusions and exclusion may vary from plan to plan offered by National Health Insurance.

Health Insurance Calculator

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Disclaimer : Actual Premium might vary basis your location, age and number of members

National Health Insurance Top Up List

    Name of PlanSum Insured
    National Super Top-up Mediclaim PolicyMin: 3 months; Max: 65 years Check Premium

    Health Insurance News


    • What is the toll-free customer care number of National Insurance Company?

      The toll-free number of National Insurance Company Ltd. is 1800-3450-330. 

    • What is the address of National Insurance Company?

      The address of National Insurance Company Ltd. is-

      3, Middleton Street, Prafulla Chandra Sen Sarani, 
      Kolkata, West Bengal, 700071.

    • How to buy and apply for health insurance plans by National Insurance Company?

      You can visit the official website of National Insurance Company to purchase a policy, i.e. To opt for a smooth and hassle-free process, you can also purchase it at InsuranceDekho.  

    • Does National Insurance Company offer any discount to its policyholders?

      Yes. The National Insurance Company offers discounts to the policyholders on some health insurance plans. 

    • What kind of policies are available with National Insurance Company online?

      National Insurance Company offers health insurance plans for individuals, families, senior citizens, parents, children, etc. People aged up to 65 years can be covered under these policies.

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