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Cashless Car Insurance

For those who own a car, car insurance is an important financial safety net that protects against unforeseen costs from theft, accidents, and other misfortunes. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates that all car owners in India have a legal auto insurance policy. It assists in reducing the potential financial strain brought on by liabilities to third parties or vehicle damage.

Comprehensive and third-party liability insurance are the two main categories into which auto insurance policies fall. While the latter offers comprehensive protection, covering both third-party liabilities and damages to the insured vehicle, the former only covers liability resulting from harm to third parties.

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What Is Cashless Car Insurance Policy?


Cashless auto insurance is a service offered by insurance companies that allows the policyholder to avoid having to pay for repairs upfront in the case of a claim (such as an accident or damage to the vehicle). Rather, the insurance provider pays the network garage directly for the repairs that are made to the car.

Key Features:

  1. Ease of Settlements:

The policyholder doesn't have to worry about finding the money to pay for repairs because the insurance pays the service provider directly.

2. Network Garages:

Certain garages that are part of the insurer's network are eligible to offer cashless auto insurance. Usually, these are trusted service providers with a long history.

3. Easy-to-use Procedure:

The cashless claim procedure is simplified and easy to use, giving policyholders peace of mind in stressful circumstances like accidents or malfunctions.

4. Quick Services:

Given that the network garages and the insurance company have an existing agreement, repairs and services under cashless insurance are typically completed quickly.

5. How It Operates:

  • The policyholder must notify the insurance company and transport the vehicle to a network garage in the case of an accident or damage.
  • Following the required evaluations and confirmations, the insurance provider reimburses the garage directly for the price of the repairs.
  • The deductible and any sum not covered by the insurance policy may be paid by the policyholder.

How Cashless Car Insurance Works

Cashless car insurance is a convenient feature offered by many insurers that simplifies the process of getting your car repaired after an accident or damage. Here’s how it typically works:

Accident or Damage Occurrence:

In the event of an accident or damage to your car, you can opt for a cashless claim if your policy supports it.

Informing the Insurer:

The first step is to inform your insurance provider about the incident. This is usually done through a claim intimation form, either online or by calling their customer service.

Vehicle Inspection:

The insurer may arrange for an inspection of the vehicle to assess the extent of damage. This is typically done by a surveyor appointed by the insurance company.

Choosing a Network Garage:

For cashless repairs, you must take your car to a garage that is part of the insurer’s authorized network. These network garages have tie-ups with the insurance company.

Repair and Settlement:

  • The network garage repairs your car and sends the bill directly to the insurance company.
  • The insurer settles the bill with the garage, except for any deductibles or non-covered parts of the claim as per your policy terms.

Ease and Convenience:

The main advantage is that you don’t have to pay upfront for the repairs (except for deductibles). The insurance company directly settles the bill with the garage.


Although it's a cashless process, certain documentation like a duly filled claim form, RC, DL, FIR (in case of theft or major damage), etc., might be required.

Cashless car insurance is designed to offer a hassle-free experience to policyholders, eliminating the need to arrange for large sums of money during vehicle repairs. It’s a valuable feature that adds ease and speed to the claim settlement process.

What is Not Covered in Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

Certain exclusions apply to cashless auto insurance coverage, meaning that the cashless claim option may not be available in these cases:

1. Non-Network Garages: If the vehicle is fixed at a garage that is not a member of the insurer's network, cashless claims will not be accepted.

2. Depreciation: The expense incurred as a result of auto parts deterioration is not reimbursed. Policyholders are responsible for paying their own depreciation.

3. Deductibles: The policyholder is required to pay a mandatory deductible out of pocket for each claim.

4. Non-Covered Components: The policyholder is responsible for paying for the repair or replacement of any parts or components of the car that are not covered.

5. Notification Delays: Should the claim be refused if the insurer is not notified of the accident or damage within the allotted time, it may be refused.

6. Illegal Driver: If the driver was operating a vehicle without a valid driver's licence at the time of the collision, cashless claims will not be honoured.

7. Driving While Under the Influence: The cashless claim would be void if the collision happened while the motorist was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

8. Normal Wear and Tear: Cashless claims do not cover damages brought on by normal wear and tear or mechanical or electrical failure.

9. Consequential Damages: Cashless claims do not cover any damages that do not directly stem from the incident or accident.

10. Policy Lapses: Cashless claim benefits are not available if the policy has expired or was not valid at the time of the accident.

Benefits of Cashless Car Insurance Policies

Cashless auto insurance policies are a popular option since they provide a number of advantages.

1. Financial Ease: Policyholders are relieved of the immediate out-of-pocket cost associated with repairs when there is a direct settlement between the insurer and the garage.

2. Easy to Use Process: Policyholders can have a hassle-free experience with the cashless claims process, which is simple to use and seamless.

3. Speedy Repairs: Because network garages have partnerships with insurance companies, the claim and repair procedures are typically streamlined, guaranteeing prompt service.

4. Excellent servicing: In order to guarantee that your car receives genuine spare parts and excellent servicing, insurers work with respectable garages.

5. Paperless Transactions: Since the majority of transactions and conversations are done online, cashless claims drastically cut down on paperwork.

6. Pre-Negotiated prices: Insurance companies and network garages have pre-negotiated prices in place, which helps keep repair costs under control.

7. Assistance and Support: Throughout the claims procedure, the insurer offers policyholders ongoing assistance and support, assisting them at every turn.

8. Simplified Documentation: Policyholders can submit cashless claims with ease because the documentation process is simple and simplified.

9. Transparent procedure: There is open contact between the policyholder, the insurer, and the service provider during the whole cashless claim procedure.

10. Peace of Mind: Policyholders can rest easy during trying times knowing that the insurer directly manages the financial part of repairs.

Cashless Car Insurance Claim Settlement Process

A series of actions are required to initiate a cashless claim in order to promote a seamless and effective claims process:

Notify the insurance provider: Do this as soon as you can after an accident or other disaster.

  1. Filing a FIR: Submit a formal complaint to the closest police station in the event of a major accident, theft, or participation of third parties.
  2. Register a Claim: To file a claim, give your insurer a call at (800) 987-7000 or go to their official website. Give all the information that is required, such as the policy number, contact information, and incident details.
  3. Claim Evaluation: A surveyor appointed by the insurance will determine the degree of the damage. Give them the required paperwork, which should include a copy of the FIR if appropriate.
  4. Submission of Documents: Provide copies of your driver's licence, policy document, RC book, and any other documentation the insurer specifies.
  5. Approving & Fixing: After approval and verification, a network garage will be able to fix the car. Should there be no deductibles or non-payable items, the insurance will pay the garage immediately to resolve the claim.
  6. Documents Necessary:
  • Filled-out and signed claim paperwork
  • Two copies of the registration certificate (RC) and a driver's licence
  • FIR copy (in the event of theft or damage to third parties)
  • Repair invoices and payment receipts (subject to reimbursement if you have paid for repairs yourself)

Reasons Why Your Claims May Get Rejected

Understanding why car insurance claims might get rejected is crucial to ensure that you remain compliant with the terms of your policy and avoid common pitfalls. Here are some common reasons for claim rejection in car insurance:

Driving Without a Valid License:

If the person driving at the time of the accident does not have a valid driving license, the insurance claim is likely to be rejected.

Influence of Alcohol or Drugs:

Claims are usually denied if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the accident.

Delay in Claim Intimation:

Failing to inform the insurance company about the accident within the stipulated time frame can lead to claim rejection.

Policy Expiry:

Driving with an expired insurance policy nullifies its benefits. Any claim made during this period will be rejected.

Non-Disclosed Modifications:

Any modifications made to the vehicle that have not been declared to the insurer can result in claim rejection.

Using Vehicle Beyond its Defined Purpose:

For example, using a personal vehicle for commercial purposes without appropriate insurance coverage.

False Information or Fraudulent Claims:

Providing incorrect information or making a fraudulent claim is a serious offense and will lead to rejection.

Lack of Mandatory Documentation:

Not submitting required documents like the FIR, claim form, driving license, etc., can result in a claim being rejected.

Policy Terms and Conditions Not Met:

Violating any terms and conditions of the policy, like not adhering to the specified usage limits or purpose, can lead to rejection.

Non-Payment of Premiums:

If premiums are not paid up to date, the policy might lapse, leading to claim rejection.

Being aware of these reasons can help you take the necessary precautions and ensure that your insurance claims are approved without issues.

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Best Car Insurance Companies Offering Cashless Claim Settlement Facility in India

Find below the top motor insurance companies in India providing cashless claim settlement for car/vehicle.

Car Insurance Company

Claim Settlement Ratio

Cashless Network Garages

Acko Car Insurance72.68%2,000+
Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance91.23%4,000+
Bharti AXA Car Insurance88.49%5,200+
Chola MS Car Insurance85.86%7,100+
Edelweiss Car Insurance70.59%1,000+
Future Generali Car Insurance88.56%2,500+
Digit Car Insurance85.76%1,400+
HDFC ERGO Car Insurance89.48%6,800+
ICICI Lombard Car Insurance87.84%5,600+
IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance96.44%4,300+
Kotak Car Insurance81.70%1,300+
Liberty Car Insurance87.48%4,300+
Magma HDI Car Insurance75.66%4,000+
National Car Insurance80.50%3,100+
Navi Car Insurance53.10%900+
Reliance Car Insurance83.81%3,800+
Royal Sundaram Car Insurance94.07%4,600+
SBI Car Insurance91.74%16,000+
Shriram Car Insurance62.84%2,000+
Tata AIG Car Insurance91.80%5,000+
New India Car Insurance92.23%3,000+
Oriental Car Insurance93.16%3,100+
United India Car Insurance84.17%3,100+
Universal Sompo Car Insurance92.45%3,500+

(*Claim Settlement Ratio For FY 2018-2019 As Per IBAI’s General Insurance Claim Insights Handbook For Policyholders - 4th Edition)

Why Use Insurance Dekho to Purchase a Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

1. Simplified procedure: The procedure of purchasing cashless auto insurance is made simpler by Insurance Dekho's easy-to-use interface. Users may explore, compare, and buy policies with only a few clicks.

2. Extensive Choices: The platform works with several well-known insurance companies. Thanks to this agreement, consumers have access to a wider selection of cashless auto insurance coverage, giving them additional options.

3. Expert Advice and Guidance: A group of insurance specialists at Insurance Dekho provide consumers with objective advice and guidance in order to assist them in choosing a policy that best suits their requirements and financial constraints.

4. Easy-to-use Comparisons: Customers may quickly evaluate several insurance policies by comparing their features, coverage, costs, and feedback from previous customers. Making thoughtful and well-informed selections is aided by this comparative tool.

5. Personalised policies: The website provides insurance policies that can be personalised. Customers can choose and alter the cashless auto insurance policy's features to suit their needs.

6. Clear and Transparent Information: Insurance Dekho helps users comprehend the terms, conditions, exclusions, and inclusions of each insurance by providing clear and transparent information.

7. Secure Transactions: The platform guarantees the safety, security, and confidentiality of all transactions conducted through its site by putting strong security measures in place.

8. Customer Support: Insurance Dekho has a committed staff of customer service representatives on hand to help customers with any questions, worries, or problems pertaining to cashless auto insurance plans.

9. Paperless Procedure: Purchasing insurance on Insurance Dekho is a completely digital and paperless procedure, which makes it both efficient and environmentally friendly.

10. Educational materials: In order to help users better understand cashless auto insurance before making a purchase, the platform provides a variety of materials, articles, and instructions.

11. Speedy Claim Aid: Insurance Dekho guarantees customers a hassle-free experience by offering help and assistance throughout the claim procedure.

How to Find Network Garages to Use Cashless Repair Services?

Finding network garages online:

  1. Go to the Website of the Insurer: On their official websites, the majority of insurance companies disclose their network garages. Policyholders have easy access to this data. You can also visit to look at which cashless garages are present in your area.
  2. Locality-based Search: By providing their location or pin code, users can look for network garages nearby.
  3. Research: Policyholders can rapidly discover network garages by using smartphone applications, which are offered by numerous insurers.
  4. Customer Support: Helpline: Specialised customer service helplines are provided by insurers. To find out which network garages are closest to you, give them a call.
  5. Email Support: Contact the insurer's customer care by email, and they will respond with the relevant details.

Finding network garages offline:

  1. Policy Document: A list of network garages may be found in your insurance policy document or in the pamphlet that goes with it.
  2. Insurance adviser: An insurance adviser or agent can direct you to the closest network garage if you obtain the policy through them.
  3. Internet directories: A few outside websites and internet directories also offer details on network garages connected to different insurance companies.
  4. Signage and Branding: Network garages frequently display signs identifying their partnership with specific insurance providers.

What is a Preferred Garage Discount?

Apart from cashless garages, some insurers also provide an additional discount for choosing from a few preferred garages out of all the cashless garages empanelled, in case a claim arises. Insurers make special deals with very few of the garages out of all the empanelled cashless garages.

For e.g. - Some insurers might provide anywhere between Rs 500 - Rs 1,000 preferred garage discount during policy purchase. The caveat being in case a claim arises, you would have to get your car repaired from these preferred garages only.

While buying a policy, also ask about a preferred garage discount. Please note that though the premium amount to be paid will be lower in case of a preferred garage discount but the ease of vehicle repair might reduce given that the discount will be applicable only for a few empanelled garages.

In case you travel higher distances both within and outside the city, then preferred garage discount might not be the best option for you, but in case your area of travel is limited to within the city, then the preferred garage discount is a good way to further reduce your premium.

Difference Between Cashless Claim and Reimbursement Claim in Car Insurance

Here's a comparative table outlining the key differences between cashless claims and reimbursement claims in car insurance:


Cashless Claim

Reimbursement Claim

Payment Method

The insurer directly pays the garage for repairs.

The policyholder pays for repairs, and then gets reimbursed by the insurer.

Garage Requirement

Repairs must be done at a network garage approved by the insurer.

Repairs can be done at any garage of the policyholder’s choice.


High convenience as there is no upfront payment required by the policyholder.

Less convenient as it involves upfront payment and a waiting period for reimbursement.


Minimal paperwork for the policyholder as most coordination is between the insurer and the garage.

Requires comprehensive documentation including repair bills, payment receipts, and claim form.

Process Time

Typically faster since the network garages have a pre-established relationship with the insurer.

Can be slower due to the process of submitting bills and waiting for reimbursement.


Limited to insurer’s network garages.

More flexibility in choosing the repair service provider.

Ideal For

Preferred if looking for immediate repair without financial strain.

Suitable if the preferred garage is not part of the insurer’s network or for more control over the repair process.

Understanding these differences can help you choose the right type of claim based on your situation and preferences.

Reasons Why Cashless Claim is Better When Compared to Reimbursement Claim

Cashless claims in car insurance offer several advantages over reimbursement claims, making them a preferred choice for many policyholders. Here are some key reasons why cashless claims are often considered better:

No Upfront Payment:

In cashless claims, you don’t need to pay for the repairs initially. The insurance company settles the bills directly with the network garage.

Hassle-Free Process:

The process is more streamlined as it involves less paperwork for you. The insurer and the garage handle most of the administrative tasks.

Quick Service:

Network garages prioritize cashless claim services, often leading to quicker repair work and settlement.

Quality Assurance:

Insurers tie-up with network garages that meet certain quality standards, ensuring high-quality repair work for your vehicle.

Simplified Documentation:

You’re generally only required to provide essential documents like the claim form and FIR, if applicable.

Reduced Financial Burden:

Since the payment is made by the insurer directly to the garage, you avoid the burden of arranging funds for repair costs.

Transparent Billing:

The chance of inflated bills is reduced as the insurer directly negotiates and settles the repair costs with the garage.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that the repair costs will be directly handled by the insurer provides peace of mind, especially in stressful post-accident scenarios.

Convenience of Pre-Approval:

The claim process often gets pre-approved, speeding up the repair work as soon as your vehicle reaches the garage.

Reduced Risk of Claim Rejection:

Since the insurer is directly involved from the beginning, there is a reduced risk of claim rejection due to discrepancies in billing.

Cashless claims alleviate the stress of dealing with financial aspects during vehicle repairs and offer a more convenient, quicker, and reliable option compared to reimbursement claims.

Cashless Garages Network for Car Insurance

Disclaimer: InsuranceDekho does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurance company or insurance plan.

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Cashless Car Insurance Policy FAQs

  • What is a cashless insurance policy for cars?

    Customers who have cashless car insurance can have their cars fixed without having to pay for them upfront. The insurance provider pays the network garage directly to repay the bill.

  • Where may I use services for cashless claims?

    The insurance company's network garages are the locations where cashless claim services are available.

  • Does the insurance for cashless cars have any exclusions?

    Indeed, there are a number of exceptions that could apply, including war-related losses, auto part depreciation, driving while intoxicated, and repairs made at non-network garages.

  • Is it required to notify the insurance company right away following the collision?

    In order to guarantee a seamless and trouble-free claim procedure, it is imperative that you notify the insurance as soon as possible following the accident.

  • What happens if a non-network garage fixes the damage?

    In certain situations, you may have to cover the cost of the repairs out of pocket before submitting a claim to the insurance provider for reimbursement.

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