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    Provide health details

    Provide health details

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    Compare and finalize the policy

    Compare top selling health plans with our experts assisting you

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    Make Payment

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  • What is Health Insurance?

    Health insurance is an insurance policy that covers medical and surgical expenses of the insured. The agreement ensures that you get cashless treatment or expense reimbursement if you fall ill or get injured because of which you get hospitalized. The government promotes health insurance by providing a deduction on income tax. There are several benefits of buying a health insurance policy such as:

  • Cashless facility

    • In case of hospitalization of the policyholder, the insurer settles the bill directly with the hospital.  

    Tax benefits

    • Every insurance policyholder enjoys tax benefits for the premiums paid towards the plan.  

    24*7 customer care support

    • Most health insurance companies provide 24/7 customer service support to answer all health-related doubts.  

    Lifelong renewability

    • The policyholders are offered a lifelong renewability option after every policy term.  

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  • About Health Insurance

    Some point you must know before buying a health insurance

  • Everything you need to know about health insurance

    • In the current age, every individual is constantly running to make money, but forgetting one of the most famous sayings, that is, ‘Health is Wealth’. In the process of fulfilling our desires, we are not paying attention to our health and well-being. Furthermore, the kind of lifestyle that people have started to lead these days along with the pollution level has resulted in additional health problems.  

    Types of health insurance policies available in India

    • In this fast paced world, health problems are quite difficult to avoid. Sedentary lifestyle, stress, poor nutrition and fast-foods have resulted in health issues leading to sky-rocketing health care costs. Today, even the regular check-ups can easily cost you a few thousand bucks. In such a scenario only health insurance acts as a saviour as during a medical emergency one cannot afford to wipe out all the savings in one go. Therefore, investing in a good health insurance plan safeguards your finances as well as makes sure to provide you with the best healthcare facilities and services.  

    Top 10 health insurance policies in India

    • Needless to say, change in people’s habits and lifestyles have made us prone to fatigue and illnesses, which has lead a person towards the health related issues and severe diseases. Not only this, accidents and natural calamities have added to the problems; therefore, to save ourselves from the skyrocketing costs of medical expenses, medical insurance has become our saviour. In the last few years, health insurance has touched the seventh sky with the new discoveries, and has come up with numerous riders and benefits, hence, comprises a plethora of variants.  

    Senior Citizen Health Insurance - All You Need to Know

    • Old age makes one prone to illnesses, therefore, at such a stage of one’s life what a person requires is getting a proper health insurance plan to safeguard him from the rising costs of medicines, hospitalization and treatments. Not just getting a comprehensive health insurance plan helps a person to lead a stress-free life in his old age but also saves from a huge financial blow especially after the retirement period which can result in burdening the bread winner of the family due to the financial crisis.  

  • Common Terms Related to Health Insurance

  • Sub-limit


    A sub-limit is a monetary cap that your insurance service provider places on your claim. It can be placed on hospital room rent, ambulance charges etc.

  • Waiting Period

    Waiting Period

    Waiting period is the limited period where certain ailments are exclusive, while implies that you have to wait to get all the benefits during your waiting period.

  • Co-payment


    A co-payment is a cost-sharing system under a health insurance policy that states that the policyholder/insured will bear a specified percentage of the admissible claim amount every time they make a claim. A co-payment does not reduce the Sum Insured.

  • Portability


    It is a feature that allows people to change their health insurance plan from one insurance firm to another without losing the benefits accumulated in it.