Car Insurance Add-On Covers

What Is Car Insurance Add-ons Coverage?

Add-On Covers in Car Insurance - A car insurance add-on is an additional cover that can be opted with a comprehensive car insurance policy to strengthen the coverage and protection provided by a car insurance policy. There are multiple of add-ons that can be opted for with a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Types of Car Insurance Add-ons

The availability of car insurance add-ons varies from insurer to insure. The following are some car insurance add-on covers that are offered by most of the general insurance companies:

Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover

The amount of depreciation applicable on your car and its parts is deducted by the insurer from the claim amount at the time of a claim settlement. A zero depreciation cover helps you mitigate this burden of bearing the depreciation cost of your vehicle thereby increasing your claim amount. Most of the insurers allow a maximum of 2 zero depreciation claims, however, some insurers including IFFCO Tokio allow unlimited zero depreciation claims during the policy tenure.

Consumables Add-on Cover

This add-on provides coverage for consumable elements such as grease, air conditioner’s gas, lubricants clip, bearings, fuel filter, engine oil, oil filter, break oil, nut and bolt, screw, washers, etc, which are not covered in the standard policy.

GAP Value Add-on Cover

This add-on helps you get the complete invoice price of the vehicle in the event of theft, total loss or constructive total loss. It also covers the Road Tax and first time registration charges against an additional premium.

Roadside Assistance Add-on Cover

This add-on cover secures assistance services in the event of the breakdown of the insured vehicle. The services include towing to the nearest garage, on-site repair services, assistance in case of loss of keys, changing flat tyres, fuel delivery, etc.

Key Loss Add-on Cover

This add-on cover makes the insurance company liable to compensate the policyholder for the loss of key(s).

Passenger Assistance Add-on Cover

It is a bundled cover that includes Hospital Allowance, Medical Expenses and Medical Transport Assistance to the policyholder in the event of an accident.

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Engine Safe Add-on Cover

This cover allows the policyholder to get indemnifies against expenses for mechanical/electrical breakdown of the engine due to an oil spill or water ingression.

Loss of Personal Belongings Add-on

With this add-on, the insurer compensates the policyholder for the loss of personal belongings such as the articles or other items of a personal nature which are likely to be used, carried or worn.

Return To Invoice Add-on

This add-on cover allows you to get full invoice price of your vehicle when it suffers Total Loss, Constructive Total Loss (CTL) or theft.

Daily Allowance Add-on

By opting for this add-on you get a daily allowance from the insurer when the car is lost or is out for repairs.

Protection Of NCB Add-on

This add-on helps you retain your No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount even if you had filed a claim in the last policy tenure. NCB is the discount which you get on own-damage premium for every claim-free year.

Personal Laptop and Mobile Add-on Cover

This add-on allows you to get compensation for the loss of personal laptop and mobile kept in the vehicle.

Tyre Damage Add-on Cover

This add-on provides cover for damages such as in-tyre bulge, puncture or bursting of tyres, cut on a tyre due to an accident, etc.

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Car Insurance Add-ons Cover FAQ

  • What is car insurance add-ons?

    As the name suggests, add-on offers additional protection to the car which can help you enhance the coverage of your basic car insurance policy. Some popular car insurance add-ons include Roadside Assistance cover, Engine Protection cover, Passenger cover, Tyre Protection cover etc.

  • Are car insurance add-ons paid or free of cost?

    Car Insurance add-ons are not free of cost. A policyholder can purchase them by paying a nominal amount with their basic car insurance policy.

  • Can I opt for multiple add-ons?

    Yes, you can opt for multiple add-ons with your car insurance policy.

  • What is key lost add-on cover?

    A key lost cover or a key replacement cover in a car insurance add-on under which the insurance company reimburses the policyholder the cost of replacement of their car key if it gets lost. Stolen or damaged.

  • Can I get an add on with a third-party car insurance policy?

    No, car insurance add-ons cannot be purchased with a third party policy. Add-ons are only available with comprehensive plans and standalone own-damage car insurance plans.

  • What is engine protect cover?

    Engine protect cover under which the insurance company provides insurance coverage for your car’s engine against leakage of oil, water ingression, etc

  • Which is the best car insurance add-ons?

    The best add-on depends on the requirements of the policyholder. However, some of the popular and most selling car insurance add-ons include zero depreciation add-on, engine cover, roadside assistance and engine cover.

  • Can I buy add-on without buying a car insurance policy?

    No, you cannot buy an add-on without buying a car insurance policy.

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