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IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance – you’ve certainly heard about the company. Quite a big name in circles of general insurance, the company has been in the race for years. First incorporated on 4th December 2000, IFFCO-TOKIO kick-started with a clear vision. Fairness in the company policies, transparency between the insurer and its customers and finally, a prompt response for assistance.

The company is a collaboration between The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-Operative (IFFCO) and two other well-known associations from Japan. One is Tokio-Marine and pairing up in the venture is Nichido Fire Group. Little did you know that both companies are listed as giant insurance companies in Japan.

IFFCO-TOKIO brings a bunch of insurance products on boards catering to every line of business. There are health insurance plans, motor insurance plans, two-wheeler insurance products, travel insurance products and many others. The company is a pioneer in underwriting major policies for both fertilizer and automobile companies. If you were of an idea that IFFCO-TOKIO comes up with a set of traditional insurance products only, you are certainly mistaken. It offers niche insurance products too, for instance, credit insurance, cyber insurance and a very crucial policy catering to the IT sector – error and omission policy. The company establishes a stronghold in rural areas too.

The company aims at stepping up the role of customer satisfaction in order to be reckoned as an industry leader. Successful trade lies in winning the trust of citizens, co-operatives, investors, corporates and the industry. IFFCO-TOKIO is committed to boosting the growth and development of non-life insurance sector. Learning about IFFCO-TOKIO motor insurance is of great worth here. The plans are exquisitely designed to offer maximum protection and security to your vehicle.

Benefits of IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance

  • Avail unlimited benefits of zero depreciation cover
  • Get help at your fingertips. IFFCO-TOKIO guarantees 24X7 emergency roadside assistance
  • An expansive network of 4300+ garages
  • Enjoy coverage for LPG/CNG fuel kit
  • Damages and loss of electrical and non-electrical accessories is covered by the insurance company

IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance Add-Ons

  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

    No Claim Bonus can well be described as a bonus offered when you make no claims in the previous year. However, you do lose the privilege of opting for a claim. This add-on ensures that your No-Claim Bonus is safeguarded even if you proceed with a claim.

  • Road Side Assistance Cover

    Think about the hassles you might put up with when stranded in the middle of nowhere? There could be a flat tyre situation, mechanical breakdown or engine failure. This is when a roadside assistance rider comes of great help. Immediate help is sent to you and services like towing, refuelling, key replacement and other valuable services are offered to you

  • Engine Protection Cover

    If the engine of a car incurs damage, be certain that repairing it is an expensive affair. Pairing your policy with an engine protection cover ensure that in case of an engine breakdown or damage, you are not required to shell out anything

  • Key Replacement Rider

    If your vehicle is unfortunately robbed or you have misplaced your keys, this rider covers the cost of lock replacement in your car

  • Return to Invoice Cover

    In circumstances when your vehicle is deemed as a total loss, return to invoice serves as the most profitable add-on. Thinking how? Well, it helps you achieve the original invoice price of the car. Everything from registration charges to road tax are paid by the insurer

  • Consumables Cover

    Insurance plans might offer lucrative coverage options. However, nuts, bolts and engine oil are not covered in the package. Having a consumables cover ensure that adequate compensation is made for replacing consumable parts of the vehicle

  • Personal Accident Cover

    Unprecedented collision can lead to serious consequences including disability and death. Personal accident cover is an add-on that shields your family’s financial condition. Disability or death, a lump-sum amount is handed down

  • Garage Cash Rider

    Is your car undergoing repair works at a workshop or garage? Well, if you are seeking for an alternative mode of commutation, having a garage cash cover is an ideal add-on. The rider covers the amount spent on hiring another vehicle

  • Loss of Personal Belongings

    Are you cruising on the roads often? Well, opting for a loss of personal belongings cover might be appropriate for you. If it is ensured that the vehicle is responsibly locked and secured, theft or loss of personal belongings from the car is compensated by the insurance company’s

  • Accident Cover for Car Passengers

    This add-on seems valuable for passengers traveling along-with you. In case of accident, if a passenger succumbs to serious injuries or encounter death, family of the deceased will receive a hefty amount as compensation

  • Windshield Glass Rider

    Getting a windshield changed could certainly prove to be an expensive venture. However, this add-on ensures that your broken windshield is changed without affecting your No-Claim Bonus

  • Add-On for Ambulance and Medical Expenses

    Accidents can be grisly causing severe injuries. This rider compensates for the expenses related to ambulance and subsequent procedures of treatment

    **Conditions are subjected to change depending upon the insurance company.**

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IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance Claim Process

  • 1

    Talk to Your Insurance Company

    Call IFFCO-TOKIO’s helpline number 1800 103 5499 or Visit the workshop and register the claim.
  • 2

    Drop in At the Workshop

    You can drive your vehicle to the nearest workshop or get the same towed
  • 3

    The Survey Begins

    A surveyor is appointed in 24-48 hours soon after the claim is registered
  • 4

    Documents Must Be Submitted

    Documents like DL, Claim Intimation Form, Aadhar Card, RC, PAN Card, Repair Estimate and a Policy copy must be provided to your insurance company
  • 5

    Survey Is Successfully Done

    Detailed survey of the vehicle is completed in 24-48 hours
  • 6

    Decision Is Taken

    Post survey, the claim is usually accepted or declined by the surveyor. Vehicle repair-works commence only after approval
  • 7

    Delivery Order is Given Out

    After the repair is wrapped up, a thorough survey is done, and delivery order is issued
  • 8

    Non-Cashless Claims – What’s the Difference?

    Expenses in case of non-cashless claims are paid by you. However, your insurance company reimburses the claim amount without any hold-up

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IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance User Reviews

  • Nice. Very good costumer service. Good work.

    On: September 6, 2019 | Views
  • Checked all the available policies easily and chose the best option for me.

    On: September 6, 2019 | Views
  • Very good and very reliable site. I suggest please keep the same experience maintained.

    On: September 5, 2019 | Views
  • Received all the required help from the support team. Thank you.

    On: September 2, 2019 | Views
  • Amazing experience. I used InsuranceDekho for the first time and liked it so much that I will use it for all my insurance purchases from now on!

    On: September 2, 2019 | Views

IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance FAQ’s

  • I am a careful driver. Should I still buy the IFFCO-TOKIO car insurance policy?

    Uncertainty is definite. Can you predict an accident? No! You must buy a car insurance policy, regardless of how skilful a driver you are. It is a smart way to safeguard your finances. Cherry on the cake - buying motor insurance policy is mandatory.

  • Signing up for IFFCO-TOKIO motor insurance policy is a time-consuming process. Is it true?

    Absolutely not! Buying a policy takes a couple of minutes. IFFCO-TOKIO guarantees that your experience is seamless and hassle-free. Forget paperwork and long hours of wait. Sign up for a new policy quicker than ever imagined.

  • Why should I buy my car insurance policy from IFFCO-TOKIO? What advantages am I entitled to get?

    IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance has long been in the business and is a trustworthy name. Buying a motor insurance policy from the company guarantee a quick, smooth and problem-free experience. You can get a new policy in hand quicker than thought. Reaching out to the company for immediate assistance is simple. Requesting for a claim and getting the same settled takes lesser time than anticipated. Affordable insurance plans are offered to customers.

  • I have the IFFCO-TOKIO car insurance. Under what circumstances is a pre- acceptance inspection required?

    Pre-acceptance inspection is an absolute must in circumstances like break-in insurance, insurance for an imported vehicle, alteration of a theft protection rider and scenario wherein a new cheque is received after a cheque bounce.

  • What is the best way of communicating with IFFCO-TOKIO?

    You can always reach out to IFFCO-TOKIO by dialling 1800 103 5499. Little were you aware that the company offers round the clock assistance.

  • I am an IFFCO-TOKIO motor insurance policyholder – what are the discounts I can avail?

    If you have secured your private vehicle with an IFFCO-TOKIO insurance coverage, you are entitled to a couple of discounts. No claim bonus is handed out if you have been a responsible driver, requesting no claims in the previous year. There are discounts available exclusively for those who are members of the Automobile Association. Voluntary deductible discounts are offered by the company.

  • I have very little knowledge about proposal forms. When should I submit a proposal form?

    A proposal form must be handed in only in situations like:

    • Upgrading a liability only cover to a comprehensive or package policy
    • When a policy is renewed by some other company
    • If alterations are made to an existing policy during the policy period or while renewing a car insurance cover
    • When there’s a shift of interest
  • What is included in the IFFCO-TOKIO package policy?

    A package policy is no different from a comprehensive policy. It covers for:

    • Damages caused due to natural consequences like flood, fire, earthquake, lightning and others
    • Loss that adds-up as an aftermath of man-made actions like theft, riot, terrorist acts or strike
    • Personal accident cover that include compensation of Rs. 15,00,000 to the owner in case of a collision or accident. Please note: the amount is payable only in circumstances of disability or death
    • Legal liability to third party property damages, death and injury. The amount paid out in case of property damage is subjected to a maximum of Rs. 7,50,000 and pretty much unlimited in case of death
    • Cars that are insured by the company. In case the vehicle bumps into an accident, expenses for towing and redeliver are fairly compensated by the company. Reimbursements of up to Rs.1500 are provided for towing
    • There’s always room to maximize value of a package cover by pairing it with other add-ons
  • My car is lost, and I wish to register a claim. Can you help me with the list of documents I must provide for quick claim settlement?

    To get done with the claim process quick, you must submit documents like:

    • Copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate
    • Copy of the driver’s license
    • Original car keys
    • A claim intimation form that has been filled and signed
    • Copy of your car insurance policy. At-least the first two pages are essential
    • Police FIR copy
    • Transfer papers from the RTO (Form Number 28, 29, 30 & 35)
    • A report from the police station clearly stating that the vehicle cannot be traced
  • How to cancel my car insurance policy with IFFCO-TOKIO?

    Don’t worry, cancelling a policy is a no-brainer. Drop by at the nearest IFFCO-TOKIO branch with your policy documents. Request for a surrender. It will be done quick and you will be intimated via SMS. The refunded amount will be credited to your bank soon.

IFFCO-TOKIO Car Insurance Contact Details

For any assistance or query, call us on

Iffco Tokio Policy Wording Document Download

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