Senior Citizen Health Insurance

A Senior Citizen Health Insurance policy is a type of health insurance that covers individuals above the age of 60 years. The plan is designed to reduce the financial and physical stress of senior citizens in the event of illness and hospitalization. This type of plan offers financial aid for medical treatments to the elderly persons and can be bought on an individual or family floater basis.

Why Should I Buy A Senior Citizen Insurance Plan?

Senior citizen health insurance plans come with many benefits for senior citizens. Some of them are stated below:

  1. In-patient hospitalization cover (including Room Rent And Medical Bills)
  2. Cashless hospitalization in all insurer partner Hospitals
  3. Ambulance expenses
  4. Nursing at home
  5. Life support equipment
  6. Cover for pre-existing diseases 
  7. Availability of a higher sum insured options 
  8. The fast and hassle-free claim settlement process
  9. Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961

How Many Members Can Be Covered Under the Senior Citizen Insurance Plan?

The number of members covered under a senior citizen health insurance plan varies as per the type of the plan as well as from insurance company to insurance company.

Some insurers may offer cover to Self and Spouse on an individual basis, whereas some may also include other family members (Self, Spouse, Father, Mother) on a family floater basis. The premium in the latter is based on the age of the eldest member of the family.

How To Buy the Best Senior Citizen Insurance Plan?

With a pool of senior citizen health insurance plans in the market, it can be tedious to shortlist the best one for yourself or your parents. To simplify the process, you can consider the following points before purchasing a senior citizen health insurance plan:

1. Entry Age

While shortlisting a senior citizen plan, go for the one that allows the maximum ages above 60 years.

2. Renewal Age

Check the maximum age until which the plan can be renewed. Choose a plan with maximum renewal age.

3. Coverage

Coverage is the essence of the plan. Do check if the plan covers all your requirements such as cover for pre-existing diseases, OPD treatment, critical illness cover. 

4. Sum Insured Options

Public insurance companies offer a higher range of sum insured options. A plan with a higher sum insured is preferred as it offers greater coverage. 

5. Premium

The premium of the plan is also one of the features to consider while buying a senior citizen's health insurance plan. Make sure the plan is worth the premium. 

6. Network Hospitals

Choose a plan with the maximum number of network hospitals, preferably in your locality

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