Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

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About Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd. is a big name in circles of private sector general insurance companies. Sundaram Finance is reckoned as one of the giants amongst non-banking financial institutions. Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Plc is better known as one of the veterans in general insurance in the United Kingdom. Little did you know that the company was the first to kick-start general insurance in India. Achieving a license to operate by the IRDA in October 2000, it has been one of the most appreciated non-banking financial institutions in the country and by the Indian Shareholders.

The company has been pretty prominent in the market offering best-in-class, innovative solutions for general insurance. There’s a diverse range of products brought on boards by Royal Sundaram. Before digging any deep, it is worth learning that the company has products for individuals as well as commercial clients. From travel, motor, health, personal accident and home to exclusively designed insurance products for commercial customers like marine, fire, liability, engineering and others. Rural customers have insurance products to pick from. Royal Sundaram offer specifically designed products for small-cap and mid-cap companies. However, are you aware of the most impressive feature to brag about? Well, the company is a pioneer in bancassurance in India. It establishes collaborations with renowned banks and NBFC’S for long duration.

Let’s discuss some numbers now. In July, 2015, Sundaram Finance racked up 26% equity holding from Royal and SunAlliance Insurance Plc. However, according to the current records, entire 100% equity holding is now controlled by Sundaram Finance. Precisely, the company owns majority of the stakes (75.90%) while the remaining 24.10% are held by other Indian shareholders. Currently, Royal Sundaram is spread across 140 branches in the country with over 2000 employees. All its products are distributed through channels online and offline like agents, affinity partners, brokers and others.

Benefits of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

  • Avail the best of coverage by topping up your basic comprehensive policy with a zero depreciation cover
  • An expansive list of 3300+ cashless workshops
  • Too many lucrative add-on options to choose from
  • Royal Sundaram is a famous and noteworthy company. Trust and credibility of the brand is matchless
  • Stuck on the road? No worries! Royal Sundaram guarantees quick roadside assistance

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Add-Ons

  • NCB Protector

    If you are a car owner who has successfully managed to rack up a good percentage of No Claim Bonus, having an NCB Protector is a smart choice. You can enjoy discounts anywhere from 20% to 50%, based on your claim history. To top it off, if you have made upto 2 claims in a given policy year, your accumulated NCB remains the same.

  • Depreciation Waiver Add-On

    In case of partial loss or claim, this add-on provide great benefit. Metal parts and plastic parts of a vehicle are waived from depreciation. Still not clear? Well, when you register a claim, the entire amount will be paid out without deducting any depreciation on metal and plastic parts

  • Full Invoice Cover

    This is your golden chance to get your car insured upto 100% of the list price. Circumstances like total loss or theft could cause severe loss. This add-on guarantees that complete reimbursement will be handed out by the insurance company on the invoice amount of the car

  • Voluntary Deductible Cover

    In times of claim, if you voluntarily agree to bear a portion of the claim, the insurance company pays for damages that crosses the limit of voluntary deductible. The add-on is a great way to save big money on your car insurance premium

  • Key Protector Cover

    This is an additional rider that ensure if keys to your car are lost, damaged or misplaced, Royal Sundaram will cover the expenses for repair or replacement of keys. The expenses include labor costs too

  • Tyre Cover

    In circumstances when your vehicle had undergone an accident, massive damages to the tyres and tubes are caused. If there is no accident, none of the damages in tubes are tyres are covered. This add-on ensures that any damage to the tyre or tube of your vehicle is covered

  • Lifetime Road Tax Add-On

    Do you realize that paying for a lifetime road tax is quite a sizeable amount? Well, this is a top-up to a comprehensive policy. Having this comes of great use in case of total loss or theft of the vehicle. The company in such circumstances not only covers the amount it is liable to pay but also the unexpired portion of the road tax

  • Windshield Glass Cover

    If your car collides and the windshield glass cracks or breaks into pieces on either the front or the rear side. Having this add-on guarantees that the same will be repaired without affecting your No Claim Bonus. It will not be reckoned as an Own Damage Claim

  • Spare Car Clause

    This is quite a useful add-on. In case your car is in the garage undergoing repair-works, you will be entitled to daily cash benefit covering your conveyance expense/p>

  • Engine Protector

    If you are staying put in waterlogged areas, chances of encountering engine failure is pretty high. Bumpy roads can cause damage to the internal car parts like the gear box, engine and power steering pumps. Engine Cover, also known as the Aggravation (Damage) Cover Clause is a befitting add-on. It covers expenses related to engine damage

    **Conditions are subjected to change depending upon the insurance company**

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim Process

  • 1

    Inform Royal Sundaram In A Go

    Intimate your insurance company by calling in their toll-free number 1860-425-0000. Register your claim. Visit the workshop and inform the insurance company
  • 2

    Reach The Workshop

    to fast-track your claim, drive your car to the nearest garage or get your vehicle towed
  • 3

    A Survey Is Arranged

    Post communication to the insurance company, a surveyor is fixed upon within 24-48 hours
  • 4

    Keep All Documents In Hand

    Insurance company gives a green signal only after receiving the essential documents. Please submit RC, DL, Claim Intimation Form, Policy Copy, Aadhar Card, Repair Estimate and others
  • 5

    Survey Is Completed

    Detailed survey is carried out by the surveyor and is completed in 24-48 working hours
  • 6

    Surveyor Calls The Shot

    A thorough survey is performed. The survey is then approved or rejected. Repair-works commence only after approval is achieved
  • 7

    Delivery Order Is Issued

    After the repairs are done, a final survey is completed. Post this, a deliver order is issued
  • 8

    Non Cashless Claims – The Way In

    When a claim is non-cashless, you are expected to foot the bills of repair-works. However, your insurance company reimburses the claim amount

43 Royal Sundaram Cashless Garages in India

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance User Reviews

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  • The Insurance Dekho support staff is always on their foot to assist their customers. Their team consists of expert and experienced professionals.

    Yogita Mitra
    On: April 1, 2020 | Views
  • The Insurance Dekho is loaded with multiple payment options which enable us to buy plans easily.

    Milind Mittal
    On: March 31, 2020 | Views
  • The customer staff of Insurance Dekho have the answers to all your queries related to car insurance. Their service is impeccable.

    Vijaya Singhal
    On: March 30, 2020 | Views
  • Insurance Dekho team assisted me well in choosing the add-ons for my Royal Sundaram car insurance policy. Now my car is very much secured.

    Soham Srivastava
    On: March 27, 2020 | Views
  • The Insurance Dekho team issued me the car insurance policy of Royal Sundaram in no-time. It was all done easily and digitally.

    Mehak Arora
    On: March 26, 2020 | Views

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance FAQs

  • I have heard about Royal Sundaram’s car shield insurance policy. What are the coverages the plan offer?

    Car shield is one of the most famous plans introduced by Royal Sundaram. It ensure absolute coverage to a car during accidents and pays for the damages too. Here’s how it comes handy:

    • Compensates for death, damage or bodily injury
    • Ensure third party coverage of upto 7.5 lacs
    • Coverage is extended for car and car parts. Accident cover can be opted as well for co-passengers upto 2 lacs
    • Overwhelming choice of add-ons are provided. No Claim Bonus, Depreciation waiver on spare parts, 100% invoice cover and so on so forth for instance
  • Does the car shield plan cover LPG/CNG kits?

    For private cars, Royal Sundaram does provide coverage for LPG and CNG kits

  • I am interested in learning more about discounts offered by Royal Sundaram. Are there any?

    Totally, Royal Sundaram bring plenty of benefits and discounts on board. If you are a member of the Automobile Association, you are certainly entitled to a discount. Added discounts are also provided on vintage cars

  • Why should I insure my car with a Royal Sundaram motor policy?

    The answer is why not? Royal Sundaram is definitely a top-league brand you can bank upon. It offers 24X7 cashless claim facility, break-in insurance, innumerable add-ons, roadside assistance, quick approvals on claims and other perks

  • If I book my policy with Royal Sundaram but due to an unforseen circumstance I wish to discontinue with a claim I have registered. Can I Cancel my car insurance claim?

    Yes, it is easier than you think. To can a claim request, just write a request to the insurance company and submit it. Your claim will be cancelled in no time

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Contact Details

Prompt assistance is simply a call away. To know more, call us at

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy Wording

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