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Term Insurance vs. Life Insurance

It is critical to have an insurance plan in place to deal with uncertainties of life if they come. It is also important to understand the differences between term and life insurance in order to make good decisions.Term insurance is a type of life insurance in which the insured pays a premium for a fixed period of time, after which the death benefits of the policyholder are paid out. A life insurance plan is one in which an individual obtains financial protection from an insurance provider by paying small premiums to the insurance company at regular intervals.

1 Crore Life Cover starting from just ₹16/Day*
1 Crore Life Cover starting from just ₹16/Day*
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What is Term Insurance?

Term insurance is a type of life insurance in which the insured pays a premium for a set period of time, after which death benefits are paid out if the policyholder dies. If the policy reaches the end of its duration, no benefits are given to the beneficiaries. As a result, term insurance policies are sometimes referred to as pure life insurance policies, in which you receive a huge sum assured in return for a small premium within a certain period of time. Individuals have more options when it comes to choosing a sum assured or a tenure.

Term insurance, on the other hand, has very limited benefits when compared to other types of life insurance. For instance, term insurance plans do not provide a maturity or survival benefit. If you are looking at life insurance policies as savings or investment tools rather than only for the death benefits offered to your beneficiaries, this is not a good option.

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What is Life Insurance?

A life insurance plan is a plan in which an individual acquires financial protection from an insurance provider by paying small sums of premium at regular intervals to the insurance company. You may protect the future of your family today by purchasing a life insurance policy. Life insurance policies are cost-effective and allow you to plan for your long-term future without interruption. You may guarantee your future with the help of these plans without compromising your current financial goals.

Difference Between Term Insurance vs Life Insurance

After learning the basic concepts of term and life insurance, it is crucial to know the differences between the two in order to select the best policy options. The following factors can help you understand and determine the difference between term and life insurance:

  • Coverage: Term insurance plans only provide coverage in the event of the policyholder's early death. In most term plans, the benefit is paid only if and when the insured dies during the term of the policy plan. While this is the condition of returns in a term plan, policyholders in other forms of life insurance plans also receive a maturity bonus in addition to coverage from premature death.
  • Premium: Because term insurance only covers the risk of death due to an early death, it has a low and cheap premium rate. You can readily purchase big sum assured levels at these low rates and benefit from them. Other life insurance plans provide a wider range of coverage and also promise a higher variety of maturity benefits, resulting in higher premium rates.
  • Coverage Duration: Term insurance policies provide coverage for a longer period of time, up to 30 to 35 years depending on the age of the policyholder. Other life insurance plans provide coverage for shorter periods of time, with terms ranging from 5 to 30 years.
  • Bonuses and Other Benefits: Term plans do not include any bonuses or other types of extra benefits. Under term insurance plans, the basic sum assured is paid in the case of the death of the insured. Bonus additions, guaranteed additions, loyalty additions, and other types of life insurance plans, on the other hand, are added.
  • Flexibility: Term plans are less flexible than other types of life insurance since they lack a surrender value or paid-up value, as well as maturity benefits. Other than term policies, life insurance plans are flexible. They provide paid-up and surrender values, as well as the ability to take out policy loans.
  • Paid-up and Surrender Values: Term plans have no paid-up or surrender values, which means that if the policyholder quits paying the premium, the plan would lapse and no coverage will be provided. Furthermore, no returns on the premiums paid would be received. Other life insurance plans provide some benefits to the policyholder even if the premiums are not paid. The sum promised that the policyholder would get would be reduced if the premiums were paid for a set minimum number of years and then discontinued, but the policy plan would continue. By surrendering the policy, the policyholder can voluntarily terminate the policy plan.

So, Which Plan Should You Choose - Term Insurance or Life Insurance?

Both term and life insurance plans have their own meaning and relevance. Everyone should have term insurance because it protects them financially in the event of a premature death. Understanding the differences between term and life insurance plans allows one to determine the most suitable and appropriate plan for themselves and their family.

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