Key Replacement Add-on Cover in Car Insurance

What is Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance?

The Key Replacement Cover is an add-on which provides coverage for the cost of replacement of the insured car’s key if the key is lost, damaged or stolen. The lost key add-on also provides compensation for the cost incurred in repairing the lock-set if the car lock gets damaged. The key replacement add-on is available for purchase with both comprehensive car insurance policy and standalone own damage policy.

What is Covered Under Key Protection Add-on?

Coverage for the following is provided under a key protection add-on:

  1. Lost key
  2. Stolen key
  3. Damaged key
  4. Damaged lockset

Types of Plans With Which Key Protection Add-on is Available

A key protection add-on cover is available for purchase with a comprehensive car insurance plan and with a standalone own-damage car insurance plan.

Types of Car Keys

There are various types of car keys. Let’s read about them one by one:

  1. Traditional Car Key: It is the most basic key made up of steel and has almost no security features. This can be easily duplicated by a locksmith.
  2. Remote Car Key: This type of key comes with few security features. A remote key has a transponder which helps in locking/unlocking the car. This is relatively more expensive than a traditional car key.
  3. Smart Car Keys: As the name suggests, smart keys are the most high tech keys for cars. A smart key helps you automatically unlock the car door without any physical contact.

Benefits of Key Replacement Add-On Cover

Some of the benefits of Key protection Add-On Cover are listed below:

  1. This add on cover aids the policyholder with replacement of the car key/ lockset or lock that got stolen or damaged.
  2. It helps the policyholder in replacing the key if there are any cases of burglary or theft and replacement of lockset if there are cases of damage or theft.
  3. No claim bonus eligibility of the policyholder will not get affected during the time of policy renewal.

What is the Cost of Car key Replacement Add-on?

The premium that is paid against Key replacement add-on cover is lesser in comparison to the actual incurred cost that is needed to replace the damaged lockset. While, the keyless FOB and remote keys are a bit expensive to replace. Paying some amount for purchasing a key replacement add on cover along with a comprehensive car insurance plan will save you in the future from paying a higher replacement cost for key in the future. However, the amount that you would receive as compensation is dependent upon the maximum sum insured that you have chosen.

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Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance FAQ

  • What should I do if my car keys get stolen?

    If your car keys get stolen, you should immediately file an FIR with the police and inform the insurance company. After receiving an intimating, the insurance company will provide you with a duplicate key or reimburse you for the expenses incurred in obtaining a similar key.

  • What are the advantages of Key Protect Add-on?

    A key protect add-on helps you in meeting the expenses incurred in obtaining a replacement for your lost/damage key. It also provides you peace of mind which is highly important in scenarios such as loss of keys.

  • Is lock damage covered under Key Protect Add-on?

    Yes, lock damage covered under Key Protect Add-on.

  • Can I opt for Key Protect Add-on with my third party car insurance policy?

    No, Key Protect Add-on is not available with a third party car insurance policy. It can be opted for with comprehensive and standalone own-damage plans.

  • Is it worth buying a key protect add-on?

    Yes, you should definitely buy a keybuy a key protect add-on as it will help you in getting a replacement for your lost or stolen key in no time and also without incurring any expenses for it.

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