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  • 1,76,695 Policies Issued
  • 46.29% Incurred Claim Ratio
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • 84.91% Claim Settlement Ratio
  • In-House Claim Settlement

About ManipalCigna

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited is a brainchild of Cigna Corporation (a Fortune 500 USA-based global health service company) and Manipal Group (India’s third largest hospital chain). Earlier, it was known as CignaTTK Health Insurance Company Limited. It received the regulatory license from IRDA in November 2013 followed by launching its operations in February 2014. Within a short span, ManipalCigna has positioned itself as a well-known name in the standalone health insurance segment in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, this insurance company has pan India presence spread across 15 cities.

Today, ManipalCigna provides a vast variety of health insurance products for individuals, families, senior citizens, women, children, groups and expecting mothers along with quality customer support. To ensure a completely hassle-free, convenient and personalized service experience for policyholders, the insurance company has invested in advanced technologies and ensured to be available anytime a customer needs help. With its policy in hand, you can avail cashless treatment at its network hospitals across the country.

Key Highlights

  • No third-party involvement
  • 19 offices across the country
  • An array of sum insured options
  • 6,969+ leading network hospitals
  • Pre-policy medical health check-ups
  • Cashless facilities in all network hospitals
  • Restoration benefits if sum insured gets exhausted

ManipalCigna operates with a mission to improve the health, well-being, and sense of security of its people. It aims to enhance the entire approach to healthcare and to strongly endeavor the expertise of Cigna global health service with credibility and trust. Keeping an active interest in people’s health, ManipalCigna, currently, provides a wide range of health products, such as ProHealth Insurance, Lifestyle Protection Critical Care, Lifestyle Protection Accident Care, ProHealth Select, ProHealth Cash, Global Health Group Policy, Lifestyle Protection Group Policy, ProHealth Group Insurance Policy, etc.

ProHealth is a flagship health insurance product, whereas Accident Care and Critical Accident Care are a part of the Lifestyle Protection Product Suite for individuals and families. Cigna Global Health Product offers global coverage for Indian employees traveling across the globe. In fact, with ManipalCigna health insurance policies, you and your family can stay healthy. 

ManipalCigna Plan List

Name of PlanSum Insured
Pro HealthMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Lifestyle Protection Critical CareMin: 18 Years; Max: 65 Years1 Lakh Get Quotes Now
ProHealth SelectMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Years50 Thousand Get Quotes Now

ManipalCigna Top Up List

Name of PlanSum Insured
Pro HealthMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Get Quotes Now

Claim Process at ManipalCigna

  • Network Hospital
  • Non-Network Hospital
  • 1

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 48 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 3 days prior to admission.
  • 2

    Claim Processing

    Fill in the pre-authorisation form and hand it over to hospital's insurance/TPA desk to initiate claim request.
  • 3

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request is approved, claim is settled. If not approved, claim for reimbursement after discharge.
  • 4

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance call Insurancedekho at 1800-120-5698 or call toll free number of ManipalCigna at 1800-10-24462.
  • 1

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 48 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 3 days prior to admission.
  • 2

    Claim Processing

    Submit claim form with original documents such as doctor’s reports, hospital bills, diagnostic tests, etc.
  • 3

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request for reimbursement of expenses is approved, the claim will be settled.
  • 4

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance call insurancedekho at 1800-120-5698 or call toll free number of ManipalCigna 1800-10-24462.

ManipalCigna User Reviews

  • Satisfactory Services

    My colleague suggested me a health insurance plan that he has purchased earlier from Cigna TTK under which himself and his entire family was covered. I gotto know that he is satisfied with the services of the company and the coverage features that he is getting. So, I trusted his choice and I am also now a happy customer of Cigna TTK.

    On: May 10, 2019 | Views
  • Great Customer Support

    I purchased a family plan from Cigna TTK an year ago. It’s a great plan and I have received my first claim. The customer team at insuranceDekho help me a lot in choosing the plan and also in clearing my doubt. Thanks a lot to them. 

    On: May 08, 2019 | Views
  • A perfect health plan!

    I bought a Cigna TTK critical illness plan through InsuranceDekho. It covers around 30 critical diseases which makes me ultra relieved. Also, the lump sum amount promised by the policy makes me feel stronger and more prepared for future. I will recommend this plan to everyone.  

    On: May 08, 2019 | Views
  • I got discount is the best platform to buy health insurance policies. Not only their customer care executives are well informed about the industry, but also offer discounts to the customers. I purchased a Cigna TTK’s health insurance policy from them and got my entire family-including me, my wife and my children covered under a single premium. Thankfully no body has been hospitalized yet but I had received the policy documents on time. 

    On: May 07, 2019 | Views
  • Great deal for money

    I purchased a Cigna TTK ProHealth Select Plan from Insurancedekho. The premiums for Cigna TTK plans are less as compared to the coverage features that it provides the customers. Also, the updates are mailed to me about my plan. It is a great deal for money I must say. 

    On: May 03, 2019 | Views
  • Best health insurance provider

    Cigna TTK is the best health insurance provider in many ways. It provides me ambulance cover, in-patient expenses coverage, cover for pre-existing disease and also there is no capping on hospital room rent. Iam very much satisfied as the health insurance plans by Cigna TTK provided me help during the unsafe days. 

    On: May 01, 2019 | Views

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ManipalCigna FAQs

  • Whom should I contact for claim intimation and settlement?

    You can notify either InsuranceDekho or ManipalCigna directly by calling at customer care numbers for planned or emergency hospitalisation. InsuranceDekho toll-free number is 1800-120-5698. 

  • What is the time limit for claim submission in case of the cashless facility?

    You need to submit the claim within 15 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.

  • Is pre-policy medical checkup free?

    Yes, ManipalCigna bears the cost of all pre-medical tests.

  • Does ManipalCigna share medical reports if a policy is not issued?

    Yes, the medical reports are shared if you request in writing.

  • What to do if a cashless hospital is not available at my location?

    You can choose a non-network hospital for the treatment and raise a reimbursement claim. However, you need to inform the insurance company within 48 hours of your admission in case of emergency and 3 days before in case of planned treatment.

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