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Accessories Cover for Car Insurance

Though car accessories improve the appearance of the car and give comfort to passengers, many people fail to understand that it comes with a cost of maintenance as well. In case of loss of accessories, this cover should be added to your standard car insurance policy to help you stay covered from losing luxurious accessories such as high-end stereo system, reverse camera, LCD TV, headlight or taillight modification, etc. Generally, the accessories are classified as electrical and non-electrical which is not covered by standard car insurance plans but only with this cover.

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Car accessories enhance the beauty and appearance of the car. These car accessories are valuable and hence need to be insured. If the policyholder stays in an area which is a place that is more vulnerable to natural disasters or theft-prone then it is important to get these accessories for the car insured. Usually, people do not pay attention to these essential add-on covers offered by the insurance companies along with the basic coverage and opt only for add-ons out of their requirements.

What is Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance?

Accessories Add-on in car insurance provides financial coverage for the accessories like stereo system, reverse camera, LCD TV, etc. of the car in case of mishap or accident. If the policyholder is passionate about enhancing the car then it would be a smart move to protect those high-end accessories by paying an extra premium to the car insurance company.

​What are the different types of Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance?

Accessories which are fitted in the car are broadly classified as - electrical and non-electrical.


Electrical accessories include the fittings of music systems, air conditioners, and different types of lights like fog light, brake light.


Non-electrical accessories include the fittings of seat covers, alloy wheels, and interior fittings among others.

Who should buy an Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance?

Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance should be bought by followings:

1. People with luxurious car accessories

Buying luxurious car accessories enhances the appearance of the car however it is important to have coverage for the same in case or any mishap or theft to have financial coverage.

2. People residing in theft-prone area or a place that is more vulnerable for natural disasters

If the policyholder lives in an area which is either theft-prone or a place that is more vulnerable for natural disasters then he/she should opt for this cover to have financial coverage of the same.

Why is it Important to have Accessories Add-On Cover in Car Insurance?

No doubt, be it electrical accessories or non-electrical accessories, they add more aesthetic value to your car. However, another important advantage of owning these accessories that generally people overlook is that the usage of these accessories also aids in maintaining the overall comfort of the passengers while travelling in the car for long distances. Therefore, at the time of purchasing a car insurance plan, ensure that you choose to buy accessories covered with your car insurance plan. In the event, if your car has systems installed like LCD screen, high-end stereo system, then ensure that all such expensive car accessories are covered properly. Protecting them is important because with a standard car insurance plan, only you would get coverage in the event of any mishap or accident but the accessories installed in the car would not get any coverage in case any damage happens to them.

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      A short circuit in my car's wiring lit a small fire which damaged the dashboard till some extent. Bajaj Allianz was my insurer and handled the claim process ideally. My car was repaired at a cashless garage and I just had to pay the pre-agreed deductibles and rest was covered with my car insurance. The quality of repair was excellent, and I didn't face any out-of-pocket expenses. InsuranceDekho's suggestion to go with Bajaj Allianz for comprehensive coverage proved beneficial to me.

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    Accessories Add-on Cover in Car Insurance FAQs

    • I have a comprehensive car insurance plan, does this include accessories add-on?

      No, even if you have opted for a comprehensive policy, it does not cover all the accessories of the car. For this, you have to pay an extra premium.

    • Does an Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance provide coverage for Alloy Wheels of the car?

      Yes, an Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance provides coverage for Alloy Wheels of the car as it falls under the Non-electrical accessories.

    • Is it necessary to have an Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance?

      No, it is not compulsory to have an Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance but if you live in an area which is more vulnerable for natural disasters or theft-prone than it is important to get these accessories for car insured.

    • Can I buy an Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance at the time of renewal of the policy?

      Yes, you can contact your insurance provider and they will guide you on how to buy an Accessories Add-on in Car Insurance at the time of renewal of the policy.

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