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Health insurance plans for children are one of the most preferred ways to meet the healthcare costs in case the child gets ill, sick, contracts a disease. These plans cover the child against several expenses including roaming ambulance expenses, in-patient hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses, etc. at the time of all health-related contingencies. 

Need For Health Insurance Plans For Children

Children have weaker immune systems that are not fully developed that limit their ability to fight several diseases. Also, young children have slower reflexes as compared to adults. Their reflexes grow as they age and until then they may be accident-prone. Thirdly, children are more exposed to illnesses than adults. Considering their eating habits that involve unhealthy food, they are more prone to illnesses. So, it is imperative to purchase health insurance that provides children the adequate coverage they need. Dependent children can be covered on a family floater basis along with either of their parents.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Children

Health insurance plans for children generally cover a wide range of illnesses and offer the following benefits.

1. Lower Premium: Children can be covered along with their parents at a lower cost.
2. Comprehensive Coverage: Usually, there is no restriction in the coverage features for children as they are offered comprehensive coverage.
3. Additional Perks: Children are offered added perks like a consultation with experts, information on nutrition and diet, etc.
4. No Claim Bonus: Some health insurance plans for children offer No Claim Bonus. This bonus increases the sum insured amount for greater coverage or gives concession on health insurance premium if no claim is made during the policy period.

How Many Members Can Be Covered Under Health Insurance Plans For Children?

Children can be covered on a family floater basis along with either of their parents. Usually, these plans cover Self, Spouse, and up to 4 children. But the number of members who can be included under the health insurance may vary from insurer to insurer and from plan to plan. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Health Insurance For Children

To make an informed decision when buying a health insurance plan for children, one must consider the following parameters:

1. Coverage Features: Checking the plan coverage features is important in order to choose a plan that offers an adequate cover so that it is useful at the time of need. Make sure to choose a plan that covers OPD treatment, in-patient hospitalisation expenses, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, etc. 

2. Additional Benefits: Several health insurance plans offer added benefits to the policyholders. So, it is better to go for a health insurance policy for children that offers added benefits like cover for consultation with experts, no co-payment clause, no limit on room rent, etc. 

3. Network Hospitals: Network hospitals are the hospitals that insurance companies have tie-ups with and where the policyholders can avail cashless treatment. So, it is recommended to choose a health insurance policy for children that has a good number of hospitals and preferably nearby the place of residence, so that they can transfer the child to the nearest hospital without wasting any time at the time of emergency. 

4. Critical Illness Cover: Not all health insurance plans for children offer critical illness cover, and those that do, offer it for specified illnesses. So, make sure when choosing a health insurance policy, to opt for a plan that offers cover for the maximum number of critical illnesses. 

5. Sum Insured Options: Choosing a sufficient sum insured amount is a must as it provides the insured sufficient coverage without having to worry at the time of claim. So, one must opt for a sum insured amount that suits best their requirements and falls within the budget. 

How to Buy Health Insurance Plans For Children Online At InsuranceDekho? 

InsuranceDekho has a simplified process when it comes to buying health insurance plans for children online. The steps given below need to be followed: 

1. Visit, and click on the ‘health’ tab. 
2. Select gender, enter your name and then enter your mobile number. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on the provided number. Please enter the same. 
3. Tell us when you can purchase the health insurance policy for children. Then click on the ‘View Instant Quotes’ button to proceed. 
4. If you want to add family members along with yourself in the policy too, then select them and their age. Click on ‘Continue’. 
5. Enter your Email ID. Then enter your city and click on the ‘Submit and View Quotes’ button. 
6. You will see many health insurance quotes for children. Choose the most suitable one out of them considering your requirement and budget. 
7. Select the policy term. Then enter the required details. Pay the premium online via any flexible mode of payment offered.   

Health insurance for children can also be purchased offline at InsuranceDekho by contacting the experts.


Health Insurance Children FAQs

  • What is health insurance for children and how does it work?

    Children health insurance offers healthcare protection to children if one or both parents are covered under the same health insurance policy. The conditions, however, may vary with different plans. 

  • When should I buy a health insurance plan for children?

    Children are accident-prone, are more vulnerable to illnesses, and have weaker immune systems. Therefore, you must buy health insurance for children as soon as possible to avoid facing financial strain in case of a medical emergency. 

  • What is covered under health insurance for children?

    Under health insurance plans for children, the children are covered for several healthcare expenses such as ambulance expenses, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, daycare procedures, and so on. 

  • What is the waiting period for health insurance for children?

    Waiting period for health insurance for children varies from plan to plan. However, the initial waiting period is 30 days and the waiting period for pre-existing diseases is 2 years. 

  • What are the eligibility criteria for health insurance for children?

    The minimum and maximum eligibility criteria for health insurance for children are 3 months and 18 years respectively. However, the eligibility criteria vary from plan to plan. 

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