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A health insurance premium calculator is an online tool that helps a potential health insurance buyer to get an estimate of the premium amount that he/she will be required to pay for a particular health insurance plan.

It is a useful tool that anyone can use not only to calculate health insurance premium but also to compare and analyze different health insurance policies offered by popular insurers online.

One can compare health insurance policies on the basis of several factors that include age, gender, profession, number of members covered under a policy, etc. One can also customize their health insurance policies and notice a change in the health insurance premium. This way, using a health insurance premium calculator helps in making a better buying decision.

How to Calculate Health Insurance Premium Online?

Using InsuranceDekho’s health insurance premium calculator is just a matter of a few minutes.

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps given below:

  1. To be able to use the premium calculator, all you need to do is visit the website of InsuranceDekho, and click on the 'Health' option.
  2. Fill your personal details as asked in the form displayed. You will have to share your Gender, Age, Members to be insured, City, Name, Mobile Number, and E-mail ID. Click on the ‘View Instant Quote’ option.
  3. The best health insurance plans for you will get displayed on the website with an estimated premium amount.
  4. You can alter your choices of coverage features and see the change in the premium amount.

Enjoy The Following Features By Using A Health Insurance Premium Calculator Online

  1. Mediclaim insurance premium calculator makes premium calculation quick and easy
  2. You can plan your finances easily as you get a fair idea of the premium amount in advance
  3. You can decide which plan to buy on your own without taking help from an agent
  4. The tool suggests several health insurance plans on the basis of the information you provide.
  5. You can compare the shortlisted policies in order to select the best.

Benefits of Mediclaim Insurance Premium Calculator

Health insurance premium calculator offers the following advantages to the users:

1. Makes Financial Planning Easy

The health insurance premium calculator gives you an accurate estimate of the health insurance premium of a health insurance policy you wish to buy. This helps you plan your finances effectively for the future.

2. Reduces Risk of Defaulting Health Insurance Premium

Keeping yourself informed beforehand about the health insurance premium eliminates the risk of defaulting health insurance premiums as you opt for a policy only that you can afford.

3. Buy Health Insurance Policy As Per Your Requirements

A health insurance premium calculator helps you choose a health insurance policy after customizing it as per your requirements in order to make it an affordable one, yet offering adequate coverage.

4. Helps You Choose Add-On Covers Easily

As you enter your personal details, the health insurance premium calculator displays the most suitable health insurance quotes. Along with quotes, it also tells you the premium for relevant add-on cover(s) that you can opt for along with your health insurance plan.

5. Helps You Make an Informed Decision

With a health insurance premium calculator, you can compare, analyze, choose, and be informed of the various benefits of several health insurance policies. This helps you make the best buying decision by keeping you informed about it all.

How is Health Insurance Premium Determined?

Take a look at the factors that increase or decrease your health insurance premium:

1. Age

With growing age, your health insurance premium is bound to climb as old people more prone to illnesses and use more health care services than young ones. So, it is better to make the timely purchase of a health insurance plan to avoid higher premiums.

2. Gender

Health insurance premiums differ for men and women. This is because as per the expert, women are more likely to visit doctors, and are therefore demanded a higher premium.

4. Medical History

Typically, if you have a family history of some specific diseases like cancer, heart disease, or blood pressure, then you are more likely to require medical care for the same in the future. Which means a higher premium for you.

5. Body Mass Index (BMI)

People with higher BMI are more prone to heart, and joint-related diseases, and even diabetes. Which is why they are more likely to avail healthcare services in the future.

6. Smoker/Non-Smoker

Regular smokers are required to pay more health insurance premiums as smoking is significantly risky for health. Regular smokers are more vulnerable to issues like Stroke, Asthma, Cancer, Heart disease, hypertension etc.

7. Pre-existing Health Conditions

Individuals with pre-existing diseases are required to pay more health insurance premiums as they will need more coverage in comparison to others.

8. Geographical Location

Your residency may also affect the premium amount you will be required to pay. Some zip codes demand a higher premium than others.

9. Profession

If you work in a hazardous environment or have a stressful job, then you are more likely to suffer from medical issues. Which means you will have to pay a higher premium.

How to Reduce Health Insurance Premium?

Health insurance premiums may sometimes be an obstacle for people having higher health insurance coverage. So, for those who find it difficult to pay high health insurance premiums, here are a few tips:

1. Purchase Health Insurance At an Early Age: One of the proven ways to save on health insurance premium is to buy the insurance policy at an early age. This is because as you age, you are more vulnerable to illnesses and are hence required to pay a higher premium then. So, you must choose to timely purchase health insurance cover.

2. Go For a Policy With Lower Sum Insured: Health insurance plans with lower sum insured come at lower health insurance premiums. So, to save on premiums, you can opt for a policy with lower sum insured.

3. Opt For Copay and Deductibles: Copayment is when the insured has to bear a fixed portion of their treatment expenses whereas the insurance company covers the rest at the time of claim settlement. Whereas deductible is the fixed payment that you will have to make for the treatment expenses before the insurance policy kicks in. So, another way to make your health insurance policy more affordable is to opt for cost-sharing health insurance plans that offer copay and deductible options.

4. Balance Your Health Insurance Plans: An individual can have more than one health insurance policy depending on their requirements. They may have a one provided by their employers, an individual health insurance policy, as well as a family floater health insurance policy. In such cases, they must use the individual health insurance policy, keeping the gamut of benefits they can avail from other policies. This way, they can manage health insurance premiums in a better way.

5. Opt for Top-Up Plans: To avail high coverage at low premium, choosing top-up plans is the best option. The plan comes to your rescue when your medical insurance claim crosses the threshold limit.

6. Opt for Family Floater Policies: The premium for individual health insurance policy is based on the sum insured and age of every member added under the policy. Whereas the premium for family floater health insurance plans is based on the eldest family member covered under the policy. Family floater policies prove to be more cost effective as their premiums can be upto 20% lesser than individual health insurance plans.

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Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • Why should I calculate health insurance premium?

    Premium calculation is a must before buying a health insurance policy to make an ideal choice. Calculating premium helps not only in making the financial planning easier but also in understanding the ideal policy premium amount that you can afford. 

  • How is the premium for a health insurance policy calculated?

    Premium calculation for health insurance is done based on a couple of factors. The list of factors includes the number of people covered in the policy, age, policy tenure, family history, coverage type, the sum insured, pre-existing diseases, gender, marital status, profession, and location. 

  • What is the benefit of using an online premium calculator?

    The benefits of using an online premium calculator are many. The free premium calculation, simplification of complex calculations, time-saving solution, comparison of different quotes, customization of input, and premium calculation result without any mistake are a few benefits that make online premium calculation worthwhile.

    For further information about the premium calculator or any query related to health insurance, dial our toll-free number 755 1196 989.

  • Can I reduce my health insurance premium?

    Yes. You can reduce the health insurance premium of the selected health insurance policy in the following ways:

    • Purchasing the policy at a young age
    • Opting for deductibles or co-payment
    • Choosing top-up or super top-up health insurance plans
    • Choosing a health insurance policy as per your time zone
    • Checking for the No Claim Bonus (NCB) policy
    • Opting for family floater health insurance policies instead of individual health insurance policies.
  • Does the premium for health insurance policies vary with different health insurance companies?

    Yes. The premium for health insurance policies vary with different health insurance companies.

    For further information about the premium calculator or any query related to health insurance, dial our toll-free number 755 1196 989.

  • What is a health insurance premium calculator?

    Health insurance premium calculator is an online tool that gives you an estimate of the health insurance premium that you are required to pay for a particular health insurance policy. The tool is useful when buying a new health insurance policy or when renewing the existing one.

  • How to use a health insurance premium calculator?

    To use health insurance premium calculator online at InsuranceDekho, you are required to follow the simple steps given below:

    • Visit and click on the Health tab.  
    • Enter your personal details as asked. You will be required to enter your age, gender, members to be insured, name, city, mobile number, and email ID. Click on ‘View Instant Quote’. 
    • You will see the most suitable health insurance plans on your screen with the estimated premium amount.   
    • You can alter the coverage features and see the change in the health insurance premium.
  • What are the benefits of using a health insurance premium calculator?

    Health insurance premium calculator offers you the following benefits:

    • It gives you in advance an estimate of the cost of health insurance premium that you will be required to pay to buy a particular health insurance policy 
    • You can select the most suitable health insurance policy that matches your budget and requirements
    • You can add or exclude add-on benefits
  • What are the tips to reduce health insurance premiums?

    You can use InsuranceDekho’s health insurance premium calculator not only to get an estimate for health insurance premiums, but also to compare health insurance plans on the basis of features, cost, add-ons, benefits, etc. To reduce your health insurance premium, you can exclude coverage features that you do not require under your health insurance policy.

  • What are the factors that affect the health insurance premium?

    There are several factors that affect the health insurance premium of your health insurance policy. These include pre-existing conditions, age, amount of sum insured, policy term, number of members covered, coverage features, co-payment clause, etc.

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