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About Reliance Car Insurance

Car insurance is a popular offering of Reliance General Insurance. Since its inception in 2000, Reliance General Insurance has managed to meet the car insurance needs of its customers with its effortless services. The different car insurance plans that Reliance General offers include Third-party Car Insurance, Comprehensive Car Insurance, and Standalone Car Insurance.

Key Features of Reliance Car Insurance

Key Features


Reliance General Claim Settlement Ratio


Number of Network Garage


Founding Year


Customer Support

24*7 Assistance

No Claim Bonus


Number of Add-ons

7 Add-ons Available

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance with Reliance General?

Listed below are some of the benefits of buying Reliance Car Insurance:

  • Protection Against Damages: With Reliance car insurance plans, policyholders can ensure protection for their insured car against any kind of damage. At affordable premiums, the Reliance car insurance plan will provide financial compensation in case of any mishaps.
  • Third-party Liability: If a third-party is damaged or suffers any kind of loss due to the insured car, then Reliance third-party car insurance will provide the necessary protection.
  • Wide Range of Cashless Garages: Cashless garages or network garages are those where policyholders can get their insured car repaired in a cashless manner. With over 8,200 network garages, you will get your car repaired with Reliance car insurance plans.
  • Quick Claim Settlement: Reliance Insurance has a dedicated team for claim settlement. So, when you buy car insurance plans with Reliance Insurance, you can stay assured of getting a quick and hassle-free claim settlement. With Reliance General Insurance, policyholders get 24*7 claim support.
  • Add-on Options: In order to enhance the benefits of a car insurance plan, you can buy a number of add-ons. Some of the add-on options available are the No Claim Bonus cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, and several others.
  • Self-inspection: The process of claim settlement with Reliance Insurance is quite hassle-free. Policyholders can easily upload videos of damaged parts of the insured car online and get it repaired.

Types of Reliance Car Insurance

There are different types of car insurance plans that you can buy with Reliance Insurance as per your requirements. Here are some of the types of car insurance plans that you can buy with Reliance Car Insurance:

  • Third-party Car Insurance: Out of all the other types of car insurance plans, third-party car insurance is a must as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Third-party car insurance provides financial compensation if a third party is damaged or injured due to the insured car. The premium of third-party car insurance is comparatively lower than other types of car insurance plans offered by Reliance Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance provides complete protection to the insured. Be it third-party liabilities or any other kind of damage to the car, everything is covered under Comprehensive Car Insurance.
  • Standalone Car Insurance: Standalone car insurance has a lower premium than Comprehensive car insurance. With Standalone car insurance, policyholders get financial compensation for their insured car.

Tips to Buy the Best Car Insurance Plan

To buy the best car insurance plan, you need to keep several things in mind. Listed below are the tips to buy the best car insurance plans in India:

  • Check the Policy Coverage: It is very important to understand the coverage offered under different car insurance plans and accordingly buy a desired type of car insurance plan. This will help you understand whether your requirements are met under that particular car insurance plan or not.
  • Add-ons: On adding car insurance add-ons to your car insurance plan, its benefits simply multiply. So, while buying car insurance plans with Reliance Insurance, you must check whether there is an option to include add-ons or not.
  • Car Insurance Premium: More than anything else, it is crucial that you check the car insurance premium. This is because if you buy a car insurance plan that does not fit your budget then it makes no sense.
  • Availability of Network Garages: The more the number of cashless garages, the easier it is for policyholders to get their car repaired in a cashless manner. So, before buying any car insurance plan, check the number of network garages that has a tie-up with your desired insurance company.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: The higher the claim settlement ratio of any company, the greater its efficiency in getting car insurance claims settled. This indicates that you must buy car insurance plans with a company that has a higher claim settlement ratio.

Inclusions and Exclusions of Reliance Car Insurance

Here are some of the inclusions and exclusions of Reliance Car Insurance:


  • Coverage against any damage to a third party
  • Financial compensation for repair costs of damaged car
  • Coverage for a lost or stolen car


  • If the driver is riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs and there is damage to the car
  • If the driver is riding without a valid driving license and other important documents and any mishap takes place

Reliance Car Insurance Add-ons

Listed below are some of the add-ons that you can include in your car insurance plan:

Benefits of Buying Reliance Car Insurance Online

In today’s time when everything is digital, it makes sense to buy car insurance plans online. Scroll through the section below to know about the benefits of buying Reliance car insurance online:

  • No Paperwork Involved: On buying car insurance plans with Reliance Insurance online, policyholders need not submit any papers. They can simply upload the documents online and buy car insurance from the comfort of their home.
  • Comparing Different Plans: Traditionally, customers had to get in touch with insurance agents to compare different plans available. Now, on buying car insurance plans online, customers can easily compare plans by entering a few details.
  • Discounts: There are several insurance companies that offer discounts when you buy car insurance plans online. So, buy car insurance plans online and enjoy great discounts.
  • Instant Quotes: While buying car insurance online, you will get instant quotes about the different car insurance plans. You just need to enter a few details to view car insurance quotes.

Tips to Save on Car Insurance Premium?

Here are some simple ways to save on car insurance premiums:

  • The No Claim Bonus increases if you do not raise any claim in a given year. So, avoid raising car insurance claim for minor damage and save the No Claim Bonus. On saving the No Claim Bonus, you will also get discounts on car insurance premiums.
  • On choosing a voluntary deductible, you will be able to save on car insurance premiums.
  • Installing safety devices also helps in lowering car insurance premiums. For instance, if you have an anti-theft device installed in your car, then there is less risk of it being stolen and thus the car insurance premium will be lower.

How to Raise Car Insurance Claim?

To raise car insurance claims, here is all that you need to do:

  • Inform Reliance Car Insurance about the mishap
  • Fill out the claim form, and later a surveyor will be assigned to estimate the total damage
  • Once the survey is completed and a report is sent to Reliance car insurance, you can get your car repaired at a cashless garage or others
  • Finally, Reliance Car Insurance company will reimburse you in case you opt for reimbursement car insurance and pay for the damages directly if you choose cashless claim settlement

Steps to Renew Expired Car Insurance Policy

Listed below are the steps to renew an expired car insurance policy:

  • Go to the car insurance page on Reliance General's website
  • Then, enter details like car registration number and other details
  • From the list of plans select a desired plan and opt for add-ons, if you wish to do so
  • If you had raised no claims in the past year, click on No Claim Bonus
  • Finally, make the premium payment and get details of car insurance renewal on your registered email id

Benefits of Reliance Car Insurance

  • A wide network of 6,200+ garages
  • 24x7 emergency assistance is offered
  • Digitally enabled insurance procedures
  • Enable its customers to request unlimited claims
  • Possesses authentic and prestigious certifications.

Reliance Car Insurance Add-Ons

  • NCB Retention Cover

    This rider is available for vehicles that are 2 years and older. No Claim Bonus can scale down to zero if a claim has been made in the previous policy year. Opting for a NCB Retention add-on secures the accumulated NCB even after you’ve made a claim. However, there are a couple of conditions applicable. For instance:

    • NCB percentage of a car should be 25% or more
    • At-least one accidental claim has been approved in a given policy year
    • Value of the claim paid in a policy period should range up to 25% of the value of the car
    • To avail the perks of NCB, your car insurance policy must be renewed within the specified grace period, typically 90 days
  • Engine Cover

    Fixing engine and gear box in a vehicle is undoubtedly expensive. Opting for this add-on saves you from holes in your wallet. From water ingression to leakage of lubricating oil, causes for damage could be anything. This cover prevents you from spending riches to get the engine, gear box and differential parts of a vehicle fixed

    Please Note: Benefits of the cover can be availed only when a claim request is registered within a tenure of 7 days from the date of damage

  • Consumables Cover

    Comprehensive car insurance do not pay for consumables in a vehicle. This include nuts, brake oil, engine oil, AC gas, AC filter, lubricants, washers, screws and others. Pairing your policy with a consumables add-on ensure that all consumables are included in the policy coverage. Things to remember:

    • You can only opt for two claims in a given policy period
    • In a situation of partial loss, claims are settled only when the insured vehicle undergo repair-works at one of the authorized workshop or garages
  • Nil Depreciation Add-On

    The add-on is extremely useful in reducing the depreciating value of a car. Having this cover is of great benefit. No deduction will be calculated in any of the car parts. However, tyres and tubes are subjected to depreciation. What should you read?

    • The add-on is applicable for private cars only that are 2 years or more
    • If you have chosen to pair your policy with a voluntary deductible, it will be applicable. Compulsory excess will be applied
    • Repair works must be performed at an authorized garage
  • Key Protect Cover

    Keys can be lost or damaged in a collision. Changing the lockset or replacing your car keys is expensive. With this add-on in hand, all your expenses are covered. Please Note:

    • There should not be more than 2 claims in a policy period
    • Claims due to theft and robbery of a car must be reported to the Police. A FIR copy must be furnished
    • Loss or damage of the keys must be informed within 7 days
    • Keys will be replaced only when damaged or broken. In case of theft, one must hand out the other pair of car keys to the insurer

    **Conditions are subjected to change depending upon the insurance company.**

Reliance Car Insurance Claim Process

It's 8 step simple process,Hassle FREE
  • 1

    Talk to Your Insurance Company

    Dial Reliance General Insurance’s helpline number 1800-3009 and register your claim. You can drop-in at the workshop and intimate further
  • 2

    Get Your Vehicle Dropped at the workshops

    You can always get your vehicle towed to the nearest garage or drive the same without any delay
  • 3

    Survey Commences

    Once the claim has been intimated, a surveyor is appointed in 24-48 working hours
  • 4

    Submission of Necessary Documents

    For a claim to be processed, documents like DL, RC, PAN Card, Repair Estimate, Aadhar Card, Claim Intimation Form and Policy Copy must be submitted
  • 5

    Survey is Completed

    Detailed survey of the vehicle is completed in 24-48 working hours
  • 6

    Surveyor Makes the Call

    A surveyor approves or rejects a claim only after a careful survey. Repair-works begin post approval
  • 7

    Delivery Order is Released

    Once the repairs are made, a careful survey is performed again. Delivery order is issued next if survey is complete and ok
  • 8

    Non-Cashless – The Difference!

    You will bear all costs of repair-works in case of a non-cashless claim. Reimbursement of the claim amount is processed right after

924 Reliance Cashless Garages in India

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Reliance Car Insurance FAQs

  • Why should I purchase my car insurance from Reliance General?

    Car insurance is a must buy. Purchasing the same from Reliance General has too many perks. The company offer a diverse range of motor insurance plans, exclusively designed to offer maximum protection to customers. Therefore, with Reliance insurance, no dents in your vehicle will burn holes in your wallet. Here’s what you can reap by opting for Reliance as your chosen motor insurance partner:

    • Services in more than 6,200 cashless garages
    • Prompt roadside assistance
    • The ease of applying or renewing a policy without engaging in tons of paperwork
    • Carefully structured comprehensive insurance plan
    • Guarantee enhanced protection for your car by choosing from an expansive list of add-ons.
  • How easy is it to purchase or renew a policy in Reliance?

    Buying Reliance car insurance is plain-sailing. Visit, Fill in your vehicle details, view your quotes, pick a plan, make the payment online via debit/credit cards and net-banking and that’s all! Call 7551196989 for an even laid back and seamless service

  • I have a certain percentage of NCB accumulated. Is it transferable?

    Yes, it is! However, when renewing your policy, transfer of NCB must be done within 90 days of your renewal due date.

  • How is the premium for private cars fixed by the company?

    Premium to be paid depends on some crucial factors. For instance, the IDV (Insured Declared Value) of the vehicle, date and place of registration, cubic capacity of the vehicle, type of registration and so on so forth.

  • I already have an existing policy with Reliance. How can I check my policy status?

    Just visit Reliance General Insurance website. Keeping tabs on your policy status online is easier than you think

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