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About TATA AIG Car Insurance

When speaking of Indian general insurance companies, TATA AIG General Insurance Company spring up as a popular name. It is a business collaboration between the TATA group and the American International Group. Learning about the stakes would be of worth here. The former enjoys a majority with 51% stakes while AIG racks up the remaining 49%. Let’s help you with a clear picture here – TATA AIG is a merger between two big-league finance organizations. While TATA Group establishes a strong foothold in the country, AIG ensures a worldwide presence and is counted among the leading insurance and finance institutions in the world.

TATA AIG kick-started operations on the 22nd of January, 2001. It offers a vast array of general insurance products for automobiles, travel, property, personal accident, marine, energy and what-nots. Wondering if there are any other exclusive services? Well, TATA AIG provide corporate insurance services and personal insurance services too.

The merger between two big brands is a big hit today. With its headquarters in Mumbai, the company guarantees end-to-end services. Fanning out business via channels like agents, brokers and banks to direct servicing channels like e-commerce, website and telemarketing, TATA AIG ensures that business is always on a run.

Benefits of TATA AIG Car Insurance

  • Signing up for a car policy rewards you with immediate financial aid in case of an accident or loss.
  • Car accidents can result in severe dents and bodily damages. Paying for these repairs could burn your pockets by large. Having an insurance covers for such repairs against damages.
  • Car insurance covers for damages not caused due to accidents and collisions. From theft, fire and other natural calamities, all damages are borne by the insurance company.
  • Consequences following a car accident is unpredictable. It may pave way for legal hazards. Footing the bills against lawsuits could be quite high. Vehicle insurance pays for these expenses.
  • TATA AIG offer a vast range of comprehensive policies to choose from. From motor cover to third party cover and personal cover, the company offers a variety of insurance products at your fingertips.
  • Customers enjoy the flexibility to pick from 12 additional risk covers.
  • Emergency assistance is available 24*7.
  • Cashless settlements can easily be wrapped in network garages.
  • Calculation of premiums for cover value does not include deductibles like salvage value.
  • TATA AIG is a trustworthy brand in business since 2001. Car insurance plans offered by the company are undeniably one of the few bests in business.

TATA AIG car insurance Add-Ons

  • Roadside Assistance

    This is one of the most crucial add-ons you could choose. Round-the-clock assistance services like flat-tyre replacement, towing, batter-repair, refueling and arranging for prompt mechanical services in case of a breakdown are provided when you opt for the add-on. Some pointers to remember:

    • You can avail taxi service in case of a breakdown.

    • Emergency accommodation if the vehicle cannot be repaired in a spry.
    • Other utility benefits in case your vehicle is stranded in a deserted place.
  • Reimbursement of Depreciation

    It surely stands out as one of the lesser-known but most recommended add-on. Pairing your policy with this add-on entitles you to bag-in claims against expenses of repair for damages due to accident.

  • Consumables Cover

    Little were you aware that consumables like nuts, bolts, oils and screws are not covered by any car insurance policy. Opting for this add-on however, guarantees that expenses for small consumables are entirely covered by the insurance company. Bear in mind, cost of consumables in high-end vehicles are pretty high. Having an add-on in such circumstances is of great value.

  • Engine Secure Add-On

    The add-on is extremely crucial for new car owners and luxury car owners. This is a rider that compensates for the expenses of engine damage, not caused due to accident. It is extremely helpful for those residing in areas where water logging is a common problem.

  • NCB Protector

    No Claim Bonus is like a prize rewarded to customers by insurance companies for successfully completing a claim-free year. The NCB Protector Add-On works wonders in increasing financial protection during policy renewals. With this add-on in use, you could proceed with claims for loss like windshield glass repair, total loss of vehicle and replacement of accessories.

    • Remember, the protector will shield you against the first two claims.
  • Tyre Secure Cover

    Damage to tyres and tubes caused as an aftermath of an accident are covered when you’ve selected this add-on. There’s a criteria that’s followed though. If a similar type of tyre is not available during the process, it will not be replaced with a tyre of higher price or better quality. Also, only 4 replacements are permissible in a particular period of insurance. The add-on is of no value if:

    • The tyre is ruined due to natural wear and tear.
    • Only the tyres and accessories are robbed while the vehicle is not stolen.
    • Damages and loss caused due to total loss of vehicle.
    • if the damage is caused much before the policy was activated.
  • Key Replacement Cover

    If the vehicle keys are lost or stolen, TATA AIG ensures that arrangements for replacing the key should be made right-away. All costs incurred in the process are reimbursed if you have topped your car insurance policy with this add-on. TATA AIG Break-In Protection is another add-on you must be aware of. In circumstances of break-in, damages in the insured vehicle are compensated. Labor charges and cost of locks and keys are paid out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the company

  • Return To Invoice Cover

    Having this add-on paired with a car policy doubles the value of the policy. In case your vehicle gets stolen or is recklessly damaged, the company bears the expenses. Reimbursements like invoice price of the insured car, including registration charges and road tax are made. There are a couple of requirements you must keep tabs on:

    • You are the registered owner of the vehicle.
    • Interests from the bank or financial institution endorsed on the policy must agree to the terms in writing.
    • In conditions of theft claim, No Trace Reports from the police must be submitted.
  • Courtesy Cover

    In circumstances of theft or severe damage when the insured car is kept in the garage for more than 24 hours, the courtesy add-on comes in handy. TATA AIG then bears the cost of hiring a car for good 8 hours or 80kms, whichever is lesser. There are conditions applied:

    • Cost of courtesy or hire will be paid out by the company within 10 days in case of repair and 15 days in case of theft.
    • The courtesy vehicle will be provided within 24 working hours post intimation. By no means will the hired vehicle be exactly similar to the insured vehicle.
    • If no courtesy vehicles are available, the company will pay for the expenses of traveling.
    • The cover is applicable only if the repair works are done in an authorized garage or workshop.
  • Rider for Loss Of Personal Belongings

    If you choose to go with this add-on, coverage for your personal belongings inside the insured vehicle will be compensated in case of damage or theft due to accident. What’s not covered?

    • Valuables like jewelry, watches, paintings, manuscripts, cheque, bank drafts, credit cards, debit cards, money and others are not covered by the rider.
    • Goods carried in association with any other sort of trade will not be paid for.
    • The policy-bearer must bear the minimum cost of Rs250 for every item filed for a claim.
  • Add-On for Glass, Fiber, Plastic and Rubber Parts

    If repair-works are proceeded in a TATA AIG authorized workshop, dealers, and service stations, expenses for these repairs will be provided. Please note, no part would be replaced. Only costs of repair will be borne by the company.

    ** It will certainly not affect your NCB points during the time of policy renewal.**

    If any of the parts require painting jobs, the expenses will not be paid by TATA AIG.

    **Conditions are subjected to change depending upon the insurance company.**

TATA AIG Car Insurance Claim Process

  • 1

    Inform Your Insurance Company

    Dial 1800-266-7780 TATA AIG’s official helpline number and register your claim. Visit workshop and intimate the insurer.
  • 2

    Drop By At The Nearest Workshop

    Get your vehicle towed to a nearby workshop or drive your car to the location.
  • 3

    The Survey Process Begins

    Registration of a claim with an insurance company is followed by the appointment of surveyor in 24-48 hours.
  • 4

    Documents Are To Be Submitted

    Everything from a DL, Policy Copy, RC and Aadhar Card to a Claim Intimation Form, Repair Estimate and a PAN Card must be submitted to the insurance company.
  • 5

    Survey Is Wrapped Up

    Careful survey of the car is completed by the surveyor in 24-48 working hours.
  • 6

    Conclusion As Decided By the Surveyor

    After the survey is done, the surveyor approves or rejects the claim. Post approval, repair works begin.
  • 7

    Deliver Order Is Handed Out

    Final survey is done after the repair works are completed. A delivery order for the vehicle is issued.
  • 8

    Non-Cashless – The Difference in Procedure

    Repair costs are borne and paid by the customer. Reimbursement of the claim amount is then provided.

192 Tata Aig Cashless Garages in India

TATA AIG Car Insurance User Reviews

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  • You can get easy and prompt assistance for claim centric problems. The Insurance Dekho team is ready with a claim related solution.

    Vijay Tyagi
    On: April 1, 2020 | Views
  • The customer care team of Insurance Dekho left no stone unturned while helping me. They were exceptionally well.

    Harsh Bedi
    On: March 31, 2020 | Views
  • At Insurance Dekho, all the processes are maintained online. Operations are functional without any paper there.

    Hemant Srivastava
    On: March 30, 2020 | Views
  • If anyone wants to get an insurance policy in no-time, choose Insurance Dekho. It takes less time than any other insurance platform.

    Shweta Bajaj
    On: March 27, 2020 | Views
  • The insurancedekho.com is a website loaded with different and credible offerings, I find this website as the most reliable one.

    Ishaan Rawat
    On: March 26, 2020 | Views

TATA AIG Car Insurance FAQs

  • TATA AIG Car Insurance Policy – Does It Offer Direct Settlement Benefit on Car Insurance Policy?

    If you are a TATA AIG policyholder, you can easily avail the benefits of direct settlement when the vehicle is repaired at an authorized garage, workshop or dealer station.

  • How do I pay to renew my car insurance policy with TATA AIG?

    Renewing your car insurance policy with TATA AIG is simpler than you think. Primarily, there are three steps involved.

    • Online using debit card, credit card or net banking.

    • Proceed with payment through IVR.
    • Cheque collection.
  • In TATA AIG, will a personal belonging rider cover cash?

    Unfortunately, personal belongings do not cover items like cash and cheques.

  • My TATA AIG car insurance policy has expired – How do I renew it without any delay?

    If your car insurance policy has lapsed, renewing it without getting an inspection done is not possible. Without any ado, make sure you place your request for inspection and renewal by calling on their toll-free number. This must be done within 90 days from the date on which the policy has expired.

  • Can I request for a change in the IDV of my vehicle insured by TATA AIG?

    Of course you can! Just call on their toll-free number 1800-266-7780 and place your request. Do keep in mind that insured declared value of the vehicle can be altered according to the terms and conditions of the company and only during the time of renewal.

TATA AIG Car Insurance Contact Details

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