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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator

A systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator is an online tool that can help an individual to calculate returns that they would earn on their SIP investment. This calculator also tells an individual how much would they be required to invest in every month to earn a target corpus. In simple words, systematic investment plan (SIP) calculator provides a roadmap to achieve one’s various financial goals. This tool can be highly effective in computing difficult financial calculations.

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SIP Calculator

A SIP calculator is a simple tool that allows consumers to predict their mutual fund investment returns using a systematic investment plan (SIP).SIP mutual fund investments have recently become one of the most common investment solutions for youngsters.

What Is A SIP Calculator ?

These mutual fund SIP calculators are meant to provide potential investors with a rough estimate of their mutual fund investment. The average return offered by mutual fund schemes, on the other hand, differ based on a variety of conditions. The SIP Calculator does not go into much detail about the exit load and expenditure ratio (if any).
The SIP Calculator will calculate wealth gain from your monthly SIP investment and projected returns. However, based on the projected annual return ratio, you may generate a reasonable estimate of the maturity sum for any of your monthly SIP.

How Can A SIP Calculator Help You?

According to many mutual fund analysts, SIPs are a more profitable form of investing funds than a lump sum account. It assists you in becoming financially disciplined and developing a savings habit that will benefit you in the future.A SIP Calculator is a useful tool that tells you the expected returns you will get after investing for a certain period of time.As you would be known, the SIP calculator assists in the analysis of three figures: your principal, the returns made on the principal, and the investment's future value.

Benefits Of Using A SIP Calculator

Following are some of the advantages of SIP Calculator:

Instant Results:It has never been easy to estimate the future value of your investments. You do not have to waste time calculating figures.
Simple to Understand and Use: The SIP Calculator and Planner is simple to use, and you do not even need to be a math genius to estimate your investment needs. Furthermore, it is free to use and can be used an infinite number of times.
Helps You Make Better Investment Decisions: If you are saving for a specific goal, it is critical to manage your investments. The SIP Calculator can help you figure out how much you will need to save to meet your investing goal with the least amount of effort.It also tells you the total amount of money you invested.
Modify Your Figures for Inflation: Everything costs more over time as a result of inflation, and most SIP calculators in India cannot offer you inflation-adjusted results. SIP Calculators have taken care of this for you; all you have to do now is click a button to get inflation-adjusted figures for your investing objectives.

How Do SIP Calculators work?

SIP Calculator works on the following formula:
M = P X ({[1+i]n-1}/i) X (1+i)
M = the amount you will get when you reach maturity
P = the amount you invest on a regular basis
n = the total amount of payments you have made
i = the periodic rate of interest
For example, if you were to compute the FV for a SIP with Rs1,000 monthly contributions for two years and a 12 % projected rate of return, the calculation would be as follows:
FV = 1000 x {[(1 + 0.01)24 – 1] ÷ 0.01} x (1 + 0.01)

How To Use A Systematic Investment Calculator ?

With just a few clicks, you may use the SIP amount calculator.
Simply input the monthly invested amount (the amount for which the SIP was started), the number of years you want to remain invested, and the estimated rate of return.
As soon as you enter the value, the calculator will calculate the amount you may expect to receive once your investment period is over.

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