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A third-party liability policy protects you from financial liability in case you cause damage to another person or property in an accident. It is mandatory under the law for all vehicles to have third-party insurance. On this page, we will cover the important aspects of third-party liability policy in detail.

How HDFC Ergo Third-Party Car Insurance Works?

In an accident, if a person or property is injured or damaged by your car, you are liable to pay compensation costs. In such cases, your insurer covers these expenses under the third-party liability policy.

To make a claim you have to initiate by informing the insurer about the accident and the damages or injuries involved. It is suggested to call the insurer as soon as possible to ensure trust and a smooth process. Once initiated you will have to submit the required documents. Make sure to note the contact details of the third party as HDFC Ergo will contact them to inquire about the accident and the damages caused. Further investigation will be carried out by the insurer and based on evidence provided by the surveyor, the insurer will assess if you are liable to get the money for the damage/injuries. Once approved, the insurer will settle the claim after negotiating with the third party for a fair settlement.

Key Metrics of HDFC Ergo Third-Party Car Insurance

Some key metrics associated with HDFC Ergo third-party car insurance are listed below.




Fixed amount depending on your car engine capacity as per the IRDAI

Policy Buying

Can purchase from HDFC Ergo official website or mobile application.

Injury or death of third party

Unlimited cover as per the Indian court orders

Property damage to third-party

The cover is capped at INR 7.5 Lakh by the law

Legal Support

Defence representation support in court

Key Features of Purchasing HDFC Ergo Third-Party Car Insurance

Here are the key features of HDFC Ergo's third-party car insurance:

  • Third-Party Damage Cover: If you injure a person or damage a property, the insurer will cover the liability. In case of accidents usually medical expenses are covered and in case of damage to property compensation of up to 7.5 Lakh Rs. is given.
  • Affordable and Standardised Pricing: The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has fixed the costs of third party car insurance so it is easily affordable by everyone.
  • Personal Accident Add-on: HDFC Ergo offers a personal accident add-on which provides cover for medical expenses in case you face injuries in an accident.

How to Buy HDFC Ergo Third-Party Car Insurance from InsuranceDekho?

To purchase a third-party car insurance policy, you need to have the following :

  1. Your registered mobile number.
  2. Your KYC details.
  3. A scanned or physical copy of your passport-size photograph

You can buy Third-party car insurance by both online and offline ways:


Follow the given steps to purchase HDFC Ergo Third Party Car Insurance from InsuranceDekho online.

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho’s Website

On the home page of InsuranceDekho, a pop up form will open. Fill the form with the details of your car and proceed

Step 2: Compare All Car Insurance Plans to Choose

You will find quotes from multiple insurers providing insurance to your vehicle. Compare them and choose the one which is best for you.

Optional Step: Connect with an InsuranceDekho Advisor

Choose the “request a call back” option to connect with a professional advisor. A professional advisor helps you to understand the key benefits and differences of different policies and can answer all your queries. Advisors can also provide assistance in further processes. You should get a call back very soon after selecting this option.

Step 3: Make Payment

Make payments using online methods such as credit/debit cards, UPI, bank transfers etc.


To purchase a policy offline, call 7551196989 and ask for home assistance. A dedicated executive shall pay a visit and guide you through the process.

Benefits of Buying Your Car Insurance from InsuranceDekho

At InsuranceDekho, our customers are our utmost priority and here’s why you should let us serve you:

  • Certified Broker: InsuranceDekho is an IRDAI-certified broker with experience of over 8 years in the field of insurance.
  • Comprehensive Offerings: Our insurance portfolio ranges from bike, car (motor), term, investment (life), health, travel, SME, POSP and more.
  • Trusted by customers: We have a 24x7 helpline to help our customers. To date, over 50 lakh vehicles have been insured through us.
  • Dedicated Claim Support: We have our dedicated claim support team to help you in your entire claim settlement journey.
  • Reliable Brand: We are a branch of the well-reputed group of CarDekho which has been in the motor and auto industry for over 15 years.


The premium rates of third-party insurance have been standardised by the Insurance Regulatory and Authority of India (IRDAI) on the basis of the engines’ cubic capacity. These prices will remain the same irrespective of the insurer you choose.

For Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and CNG Vehicles:

Vehicle Type

Insurance Premium (1 year policy)

1000 cc and below


Between 1000 cc to 1500 cc

Rs. 3,416

1500 cc and above

Rs. 7,897

For Electric Vehicles:

Battery Capacity

Premium (1 year policy)

30 kW and below

Rs. 1,780

Between 30 KW to 65 KW

Rs. 2,904

65 kW and above

Rs. 6,712

Documents Required to Buy HDFC Ergo Third Party Car Insurance Policy

To purchase HDFC Ergo car insurance, you need the following documents:

  • Your KYC
  • Mobile number
  • Govt issued Photo ID ( AADHAR, Passport etc)
  • Driving Licence
  • Vehicle Registration certificate

HDFC Ergo Third Party Car Insurance Claim Process

Claiming insurance for a third party can be tough and challenging. Follow the detailed steps mentioned below to get your claim processed.

How to File a Claim (Step-by-Step Process)

Here is a step-by-step guide on filing a third-party car insurance claim in India:

Step 1 - Register a Complaint or File an FIR

The most important and initial step in the case of an accident is to report the incident at the nearest local police station and file an FIR. Keep a copy of the FIR and chargesheet filed by the police. These documents will be required in the claim settlement process.

Step 2 - Inform Your Insurer

Next you need to inform your insurer about the accident. Call them and describe in detail about the mishap.

Step 3 - Proceed to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT)

Whenever a case of a road accident arrives at the police station, the case is transferred to and handled by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT). MACT is a specialised court that handles and decides the compensation for a road accident.

Step 4 - Share Your Policy Document

To support your third party car insurance claim, you must provide a copy of your car insurance policy document to the MACT.

Step 5 - File a Case at the Tribunal

The third party has to file a case at the MACT. Hearing will be done and after observing the situation and damage caused will determine the amount of compensation.

Step 6 - Document the Third-Party Damages

It is essential to gather all evidence such as photographs, inspection reports and surveyor’s report if the accident has caused any damage to a third party’s vehicle or property. These documents will help in evaluating the value of the claim based on the extent of damage caused. This should also be submitted with your insurer and with MACT.

Step 7 - Hospitalisation Expenses and Third-Party Demise

In case the accident results in hospitalisation or death of the third party, you will have to claim compensation for hospitalisation and death benefits. The claim amount that the dependents of the deceased can file will be based on the income of the deceased.

Step 8 - Claim Settlement

After careful review by the MACT and assessment of the damage caused, they will finalise the compensation amount. Note that in case of bodily injury and demise of a third party, the turnaround time for paying off compensation is three years.

Documents Required for 3rd Party Claim

You need some documents to file a third-party claim. Documents must be ready to ensure smooth process:

  • Duly signed third-party insurance claim form
  • Copy of FIR
  • Your insurance policy document
  • The vehicle's registration certificate copy
  • Photographs of the damage caused/ accident
  • Surveyor’s report

Claim Assistance for 3rd Party Claim

You can choose to get claim assistance from your insurer or through InsuranceDekho, who will be able to guide you in making sure all your documents are in place. You can connect with an InsuranceDekho advisor, they'll be available to assist you with everything from helping you with a checklist, assisting with your documents and even helping out in filling your forms. You can call 7551196989 or drop an email at for more information.

HDFC Ergo Third Party Car Insurance Renewals and Cancellations

Renewal Process

Below mentioned are the steps to renew your HDFC Ergo Third-Party car Insurance:

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho

Visit InsuranceDekho’s car home page, and click on the “support” tab. The support tab is located at the top of the page.

Step 2: Select Renew Policy

Once you click on support, a drop-down list shall appear. Select “Renew Policy” from it.

Step 3: OTP Verification

Further, you will be asked to enter your registered mobile number and log in to your portal after verifying OTP.

Step 4: Select Your Policy

Once you get access to your portal, you will see all your policies at the dashboard. From the list, select your Third Party car insurance.

Step 5: Make Changes and Updates if Any

If you want to modify your policy, make those changes and do a final review.

Step 6: Make Payment

Payment is the final step of renewing your policy. Review all the details and make payment through any of the online methods. Once payment is completed and processed, you can download the policy documents as well.

Cancellations Process

As per the law, all vehicles must be third-party insured, and hence to fulfil the legal obligations you need to purchase alternate third party insurance before cancelling your current policy. This ensures that your car has been insured without any gaps in policy.

After purchasing the alternate policy, contact customer support by calling toll free number or writing an email requesting to cancel your HDFC Ergo Third-Party car insurance. Once your policy has been cancelled, you shall receive a cancellation certificate along with a refund of the policy.

Covered Vs Not Covered Under HDFC Ergo Third Party Car Insurance

While purchasing, It is important to stay aware of the inclusions and exclusions of HDFC Ergo Third-Party car insurance policy:


  • Third-Party Property Damage: In case a property gets damaged due to by your vehicle in an accident, the owner will receive compensation up to 7.5 lakh Rupees.
  • Third Party Injury: In case there is an accident caused by your car, you will be liable to compensate the third party for the injury caused or death if any. This compensation will be covered by the insurer which usually is used to pay the medical bills. The cost of injury covered in third-party insurance is unlimited, however, the exact amount is decided by the court after hearing from both sides.


  • Own Damages: A third party car insurance doesn’t cover damages pertaining to your car.
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drug: If you are found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the accident, your claim will be denied.
  • Theft of Vehicle: The coverage of third-party insurance does not cover theft of any vehicle.
  • Learning to Drive: While driving on a learner's licence, you must have an adult licence holder to supervise you. If you are driving alone and get involved in an accident, you will not get the claim.

Factors That Affect Your Third-Party Car Insurance Premium

The IRDAI has standardised prices for third party car insurance policies which only depend on the engine cubic capacity of the car. Hence there are no other factors to influence the third party premium regardless of the insurer.

How To Calculate Third-party Car Insurance Premiums Online?

The premium price for getting third party car insurance remains as directed by IRDAI.

HDFC Ergo Third Party Car Insurance Support

InsuranceDekho provides assistance in every way. To Seek assistance in buying, renewing, claim processing, or porting your HDFC Ergo third-party car insurance, reach out to our customer care by

HDFC ERGO Third Party Car Insurance Policy Coverage

What All is Covered Under HDFC Ergo Third Party Policy?

A third party car insurance policy offered by HDFC ERGO covers the following:

  • Unlimited liability of compensation in case of injury/death of a third party by the insured vehicle. The amount of compensation is decided by a court of law.
  • Compensation of up to Rs 7.5 lakhs for any third party property damage.
  • Personal Accident cover of Rs 15 lakhs for the policyholder (optional).

What All is Not Covered Under HDFC Ergo Third Party Policy?

HDFC ERGO third party car insurance policy does not provide a cover for the following:

  • Bodily injury of the policyholder.
  • Damages/loss caused to the insured car.
  • Contractual liabilities.

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HDFC ERGO Third Party Car Insurance FAQs

  • Is it compulsory to purchase the personal accident cover along with the HDFC ERGO third party liability cover?

    A Personal Accident (PA) cover of up to Rs 15 lakhs is a mandatory requirement for all car owners. However, car owners have an option to opt for it with either the auto insurance policy or separately. This means you can skip the HDFC ERGO personal accident cover if you already have one from any other motor insurer

  • How much compensation is offered by HDFC ERGO in case of death of a third party?

    HDFC ERGO offers unlimited liability of compensation for a third party’s death due to the insured vehicle. The final amount of compensation is decided by a court of law.

  • Will I get the NCB discount with the HDFC ERGO third party cover?

    No. No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount is not available in case of third party car insurance policy.

  • I have lost my HDFC ERGO third party car insurance policy documents. What should I do?

    In case of loss of car insurance policy document, you can request the insurer to provide you with a duplicate copy of the document for a nominal fee. For this, you can contact HDFC ERGO at 022-6234-6234/0120-6234-6234 or visit your nearest HDFC ERGO branch.

  • How much compensation is provided for third party property damage?

    Third party property damage is covered up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.

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