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United India Third Party Car Insurance

Third-party insurance mostly pertains to automobile sector where it is mandatory as per the law. It is legally binding on owner/driver of the car to have at least the minimum injury liability which is inclusive of property damage claims as well. It is the most common and basic form of motor insurance and covers for losses and damages sustained by the third party in an event of an accident. Here, insured is the first party, the insurer is the second party, while the party who will claim for the sustained losses is the third party.

The third-party motor insurance from United India protects the holder of the policy from any liability that may arise from the injury/death of a third party or even damage in physical property. Moreover, it also covers legal expenses aroused during the court trial and even the lawyer’s fee.

Benefits of United India Third Party Car Insurance

  • The foremost benefit of the United India third-party insurance is that it makes you compliant to the law. It frees the owner/driver from the legal liabilities that arise in case of any fatal consequences or property damage.
  • The process of the claim is hassle-free since it does not involve a lot of cover.
  • In most cases, the claim is directly passed on to the third-party, without involving the insured, thereby making things easier for all the parties involved in the insurance contract.
  • Since this is the most basic form of insurance cover, cost of the premium is a lot lesser in comparison to a comprehensive policy.

United India Third Party Claim Process

  • Contact the insurer

Get in touch with the authority of UIIC. In case the accident has happened outside the home city, the nearest office needs to be contacted.

  • Leave the vehicle for inspection

If the accident has been grave, like catching fire etc., it is recommended to leave your car at the accident site until the inspection is done.

  • Lodge an FIR

In case of fatality, the insured needs to inform the nearest police station and lodge FIR.

  • Furnish relevant details to the insurer

Submit all the details along with the relevant documents as instructed by the insurance company.

  • Claim settlement

Sit back and relax, the company will settle the claim amount (as per the policy) after completion of all formalities.

United India Car Insurance User Reviews

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  • Thank you team for the suggestion

    I really thank the team at InsuranceDekho who not only suggested me United India’s car insurance policy but also helped me buy it for my Chevrolet Bea...

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    Rahul Bhowmik
    On: July 10, 2020 | Views
  • Many benefits

    The team at InsuranceDekho suggested United India’s car insurance policy for my Renault Kwid car. I really liked the policy benefits and bought it fro...

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    Sakshi Jain
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  • Very affordable car insurance policy

    My United India car insurance policy is very affordable yet offers me many benefits. I purchased the policy on the advice of customer care executives ...

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    Sumit Chandel
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  • I really liked the policy benefits

    I bought a United India car insurance policy for my Honda Jazz car from InsuranceDekho in a few easy steps. The policy covers my car against many expe...

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    Megha Bansal
    On: July 2, 2020 | Views
  • Strong network of garages

    My United India’s car insurance policy gets me covered against many benefits like a strong network of garages, etc. I bought it for my Skoda Rapid car...

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    Amir Siddiqui
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United India Third Party Car Insurance FAQs

  • Why is third-party insurance mandatory according to law?

    In any case of an accident, it is very important to cover the third-party (or victim). However, teaming it up with comprehensive insurance would just make the premium amount go higher, thereby discouraging most applicants. Hence, third-party insurance is always a standalone option to abide by the law.
  • Why is the third-party from UIIC is better than most others?

    Basic third-party insurance from United India even covers driver/owner in an event of an accident. Hence, if there is an accident where the third party and the insured party have sustained injuries, the insurance would cover for both.
  • How to calculate the premium for the insurance?

    To know the premium of UIIC motor insurance policy, visit our website www.insurancedekho.com and enter the required details to get quotes.
  • What is the first thing I should do after an accident?

    The first thing that needs to be done is to inform the local police and lodge an FIR. The copy of FIR is very important for the claim process. Following this, if the victim needs medical attention, get to a hospital and inform the nearest UIIC insurance office.
  • Does the third-party insurance cover mechanical and electrical damages of the car/motorcycle?

    No. The third-party insurance will not cover for damaged car or motorcycle, be it minor or major. Since it covers basics as per law, covering for everything is not be feasible.

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