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ACKO Car Insurance Cashless Claim

Once you have purchased a car insurance policy, you get into a contract with your insurer. The contract contains the regular payment of premiums to get your car covered, while the company promises to compensate you for losses incurred due to unforeseen circumstances.A claim is a formal request to the company by a policyholder for reimbursement of expenses incurred after an accident.

1) Contact your insurer

Immediately get in touch with insurer if any damage is caused to you, your vehicle, or a third-party due to an accident, fire, theft or calamity. You can raise a claim by visiting Acko’s website or by calling their call center at 1-860-266-2256. Make sure to provide information like vehicle’s number, details of incident etc.

2) Lodging FIR

File an FIR at the nearest police station if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by a third-party.A copy of the FIR, as well as other documents, must be submitted to the company.

3) Explanation of the process

Once you have informed the company about the claim, they will explain the claim through the claim settlement process and the documents you will require for the same. Acko also offers the option of picking up your car within 60 minutes in some cities.

4) Hassle-free claim settlement

After completion of all legal formalities and documentation, claim amount will be paid to you or third-party. In case your car was picked by Acko for repairing, it will be delivered to you within three days (depending on the extent of damage). If Acko fails to deliver your car within three days, it will provide you with free cab vouchers to commute.

How to file car insurance reimbursement claim?

1) Contact your insurer

Immediately get in touch with insurer if any damage is caused to you, your vehicle, or a third-party due to an accident, fire, theft or calamity. You can raise a claim by visiting Acko’s website or by calling their call center at 1-860-266-2256. Make sure to provide information like vehicle’s number, details of incident etc.

2) Lodging FIR

In case of theft of the vehicle or damage to third party, file an FIR at the nearest police station. You also need to submit a copy of FIR along with other documents to the company.

3) Explanation of the process

The company will reach back to you in order to explain the claim settlement process and documents required for the same. In selected cities, Acko also provides the facility of picking up your car within 60 mins.

5) Claim amount reimbursement

You must pay the entire cost of the garage repair before submitting the original bills/receipts to the insurance company. After deducting the deductibles, your insurer reimburses the amount.

Documents required for cashless and reimbursement claims

Make sure that the following documents are available with you while filing a claim:

  • Photocopy of the insurance policy
  • Copy of the registration certificate of your car
  • Police report or FIR
  • Copy of your license
  • Original repair bill, cash receipts, etc.

ACKO Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

Incorrect information

If you provided wrong information when acquiring your car insurance policy, the company may reject your claim.

Careless driving

You will not be entitled to get the claim if the accident is happened due to your carelessness, which includes rough driving, absence of a valid driving license, driving in the state of intoxication or road-rashing.

Repairing the car without informing the insurer

If you have repaired your car without informing the insurance company about the accident, you will not be entitled to get any claim.

Illegal use

No claim will be initiated if your car is being used for illegal activities.

Expired policy

In the case of non-renewal, your car insurance policy becomes void and this will wipe out the benefits of insurance coverage.

Service Centers

Reach the company’s nearest service centre for claim settlement process or any related queries.

Acko No Claim Bonus

With a car insurance policy either you make a claim or you do not make it. But, the best part is that the car insurance benefits you in both ways. If you own car insurance and drive safely for a year and make no claims in a policy period, then you become liable to be awarded a No Claim Bonus (NCB).It is a reward given by an insurance company to policyholders for not raising a claim in a policy year. This benefit is offered in terms of discount while renewing the car insurance policy and accumulates with every consecutive claim-free year from 20% to a maximum of 50%.

The No Claim Bonus allows you to pay a discounted car insurance premium, which makes the policy more economical.Since the NCB is associated with the car owner rather than the car, you can keep it even if you plan to buy a new car after selling your old one or if you switch car health insurers. Only the own-damage part of your car insurance policy, which covers damage to the insured car, is eligible for a No Claim Bonus.To retain your NCB, you can also choose an NCB Protection Add-on Cover, which protects your bonus even if you make a claim.

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  • Easy Buying Process

    It was really easy to pick the right insurance within a few minutes. I just bought a car insurance by Acko through Insurancedekho. The procedure was very short and smooth.

    By Mannu jaiswal
    On: March 2, 2024
  • Quality Repairs, Every Time

    When I bought the Acko Car Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho for my Chevrolet car, I found that the cashless garages associated with the policy consistently provide quality repairs, ensuring my car is in top condition.

    By Nitish Hanspal
    On: November 21, 2023
  • Compliance and Budget-Friendly...

    Third-party coverage that I took with the Acko Car Insurance Policy for my Nissan car is the perfect blend of compliance and budget-friendliness. I have to day that InsuranceDekho offers policies that make it easy to fulfill your legal obligations without straining your finances.

    By Sahil Sheikh
    On: November 16, 2023
  • No Worries About Repair Costs

    With being able to add the benefits own damage coverage to my already existing Acko Car Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho, I don't have to worry about repair costs for my Toyota car in case of an accident. It's a financial safety net.

    By Umang Giyal
    On: November 2, 2023
  • Effortless Car Insurance Renew...

    InsuranceDekho made my Acko Car Insurance Policy’s renewal process effortless. Their user-friendly platform and quick service saved me time and ensured that my Ford car stayed protected.

    By Ritu Chandha
    On: October 18, 2023
  • Convenient Claim Tracking

    InsuranceDekho's online claim tracking system is convenient. I could easily check the progress of my claim of my Hyundai car that I file for the Acko Car Insurance Policy and stay updated on its status.

    By Tarun Yadav
    On: October 16, 2023
  • Responsive Customer Support fo...

    The customer support team at InsuranceDekho is responsive and helpful. They've been quick to assist whenever I've had questions or needed help with my coverage of the Acko Car Insurance Policy for my Renault car.

    By Bilal Reshamwala
    On: October 12, 2023
  • User-Friendly Renewal Portal

    InsuranceDekho's online renewal portal is user-friendly and efficient. I was able to renew my Acko Car Insurance Policy in just a few clicks. It's a convenient way to ensure that my Tata car stays protected on the road.

    By Pallavi Thukral
    On: September 27, 2023
  • Quick and Fair Settlement

    InsuranceDekho's claim settlement process was surprisingly fast. When my Chevrolet car was involved in an accident, the Acko Car Insurance Policy ensured that the repair costs were settled fairly and promptly. I didn't have to fight for my rights; they handled everything efficiently.

    By Sheetal Tyagi
    On: September 25, 2023
  • Value for Money Protection

    I believe InsuranceDekho's own damage coverage offers excellent value for money. The Acko Car Insurance Policy is an investment in the safety of my Honda car.

    By Abeer Singh
    On: September 21, 2023

Insurance Products by Acko General Insurance

ACKO Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • How to initiate a claim settlement process?

    You need to intimate insurer after the accident and furnish them with necessary details. After this, you will receive a confirmation about the same. Contact Acko by calling the toll-free number 1-860-266-2256.
  • Cashless claim and Reimbursement claim: Is there a difference in the process?

    There is slight difference in the overall process. In a cashless claim, you need to pay only your part of liability. Whereas in reimbursement claim, you need to pay the entire sum which will be reimbursed later by the company.
  • What should I do if my car is stolen?

    You need to lodge an FIR at the local police station, after which the cops will start tracing your car. If it is not found within a certain time period, a non-traceable certificate will be issued. This allows the insurer to proceed with claim settlement.
  • What amount would I get in case of theft?

    The insurer will pay you the current market value of a car. However, if you have purchased a Invoice Cover add-on, the claim amount will be decided basis car’s purchase value.
  • What if the company fails to repair and deliver my car within three days?

    If Acko anyhow fails to return the repaired car within a stipulated time period, then the policyholder will get free cab vouchers in order to cope-up with the expenses of daily commutation* *Please refer company’s terms & conditions before purchasing your policy.
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