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ACKO Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Zero Depreciation or Nil Depreciation is an add-on to a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy offered by Acko General Insurance Company. Opting for this cover makes the policyholder free from liabilities of depreciation while settling claim. Policyholder will get coverage of third-party liabilities, the repair cost of the insured vehicle, injury/death of the policyholder and also, reimbursement of depreciation fees. The company also pays completely for the repairs/replacement of the fibre and plastic components of your car.

It is obvious that you have to pay an additional premium to avail this add-on, as it extends the coverage of standard car insurance policy. Moreover, Acko offers this add-on cover only for cars not older than 5 years.

Benefits of Acko Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

  • Your car loses its value with time and entire depreciation amount is factored in while rendering claim. Purchasing Zero Dep add-on cover will shift this liability to the insurer. This means that you will be entitled to get the entire claim amount without deduction of depreciation from it.
  • During repairs, you partly pay for the repairs/replacement of the plastic, metal or fibreglass parts of your car. However, having the Zero Dep add-on cover exempts you from this liability and entitles the company to pay the total cost of these repairs.

​Factors Affecting Car Insurance Zero Depreciation

Age of car: Acko General Insurance offers Zero Depreciation add-on cover only for cars not older than 5 years.

Cost: A zero dep policy would cost you additional premium compared to a comprehensive policy although the benefits justify the additional cost.

Number of claims: Acko Insurance (and majority of other general insurance companies) has fixed the maximum number of times this cover can be used for claim settlement. This means that you can take zero dep claims upto a limited number of times.

Premium Calculator

As a car insurance policy with Zero Dep add-on cover is expensive compared to a standard insurance policy, it is important to get a quote before actually purchasing it.

You can visit our website and enter the required details to get Acko Zero Dep car insurance quotes. On the quotes page, simply choose Zero Dep add-on to get the desired quotes.

ACKO Car Insurance Claim Process

1) Contact your insurer

Immediately get in touch with insurer if any damage is caused to your vehicle due to an accident, fire, or calamity. You can raise a claim by visiting Acko’s website or by calling their call center at 1-860-266-2256. Make sure to provide information like vehicle’s number, details of incident etc.

2) Lodging FIR

In case of theft of the vehicle or damage to third party, file an FIR at the nearest police station. You also need to submit a copy of FIR along with other documents to the company.

3) Explanation of the process

Once you intimate your claim to the insurer over call or via other means, they will explain the entire claim process and share the list of documents which are required for the same. In selected cities, Acko also provides the facility of picking up your car within 60 mins.

4) Hassle-free claim settlement

Once your car has been repaired and post sharing all the required documents, the claim amount (without factoring depreciation) will be paid to you. In case your car was picked by Acko for repairs, it will be delivered to you within three days (depending on the extent of damage). If Acko fails to deliver your car within three days, it will provide you with free cab vouchers to commute.

ACKO Car Insurance User Reviews

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Acko Zero Depreciation Cover FAQs

  • Is Acko Zero Dep car insurance policy expensive than a standard car insurance policy?

    Yes. Zero Dep insurance is actually an add-on cover over the standard insurance policy. Owing to its extended coverage, it also comes with an extra premium over standard premium amount.
  • Can I use Zero Dep cover unlimited times?

    No, there is a maximum limit of its usage. After using it for a certain number of times, you will need to pay depreciation amount yourself from the very next claim. However, unlimited claims are allowed under the Benefit Zero Depreciation (a special Zero Dep Cover).
  • My car is 7 years old, can I purchase a Zero Dep cover?

    No. Zero Dep cover is only available for cars upto 5 years. Obviously, this isn’t the case only with Acko but with majority of other general insurance companies.
  • Is there any difference in claim filing process for a car having Zero Dep cover?

    No, there is no difference in claim filing process for a car with Zero Dep cover. The only difference is in the claim amount.
  • How can I calculate depreciation?

    Calculating depreciation is easy if you know the depreciation rate. Just calculate total depreciation value according to your car’s age and deduct it from the actual price of the car. As per Acko’s website, depreciation rates are as below:
    • Rubber, nylon, plastic parts, Tyres and tubes, Batteries and air bags: 50%
    • Fibre glass components: 30%
    • All parts made of glass: Nil
    • Material cost of the paint in case of a paint job: 50%

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