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  • What is car insurance and why do I need it?

    Car insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company. You pay a premium, and in return, the insurance company promises to pay for specific car related financial losses during the term of the policy. It's essential because it not only protects you from financial losses due to theft or accident but also because it's a legal requirement in many countries to have at least a basic level of coverage.

  • What do 'comprehensive' and 'third-party' insurance mean?

    Comprehensive insurance covers damages to your car which happens due to unforeseen incidents like accidents, theft, natural disasters, and more. It provides a broader protection, including both, damages to your car and damages you might cause to others. On the other hand, third-party insurance covers the damages that you may cause to other vehicles. It doesn't cover damages to your own vehicle.

  • How is my insurance premium determined?

    Several factors determine your car insurance premium. These include the make and model of your car, its age, where you live, your driving record, and the coverage type you choose. Typically, newer, more expensive cars or cars with a history of being stolen have higher premiums.

  • Why should I purchase motor insurance from ACKO?

    Acko is a licensed non-life general insurance company, fairly new in business. However, the company has managed to establish a strong foothold in the industry with its innovative digital business model. The company stands for affordable, effortless and hassle-free policy procedures. From purchasing policy to renewing and settling claims, ACKO guarantees seamless customer experience.

  • What happens if I don't have car insurance?

    If you get caught, you could face fines, penalties, and even suspension of your driver's license. Moreover, if you're involved in an accident without insurance, you could be held personally liable for all the damages and injuries you cause, leading to potentially massive out-of-pocket expenses. Many countries or states also have laws that require drivers to have at least basic liability insurance, so it's crucial to be insured not only for financial protection but also to comply with the law..

  • What's the difference between 'Actual Cash Value' and 'Replacement Cost' in car insurance?

    In car insurance, 'Actual Cash Value' (ACV) refers to the value of your car considering its age, wear and tear, and depreciation. If your car is totaled, the insurance company would pay you its ACV, which might be less than what it would cost to buy a new, similar car. 'Replacement Cost,' on the other hand, covers the amount it would take to replace your damaged car with a new one of the same model and make without considering depreciation. Generally, policies offering replacement cost are more expensive than those offering ACV because they can result in higher payouts.

  • What information should I give in when registering a claim with ACKO?

    Post registration, you can spill information like your vehicle registration number, contact number, photograph and description of the incident and copy of FIR in case of theft and total loss. You will be updated with the status of your claim periodically.

  • How do I contact ACKO in case of other queries?

    You can always call ACKO on 1860 266 2256 or drop a mail at

  • Should I choose ACKO for my car insurance renewal?

    ACKO is all geared to revolutionize the Indian insurance markets. You must renew your car insurance policy with ACKO. Here’s how you will befit:

    • Quite a few products to pick from.
    • A quick and seamless process of renewal.
    • Prices quoted are lower than you can imagine.

  • How is the claim-settlement ration of ACKO?

    ACKO makes it to the top of the charts with an incredible claim settlement ratio of 95.5%. You can certainly trust this brand.


  • How to initiate a claim settlement process?

    You need to intimate insurer after the accident and furnish them with necessary details. After this, you will receive a confirmation about the same. Contact Acko by calling the toll-free number 1-860-266-2256.

  • Cashless claim and Reimbursement claim: Is there a difference in the process?

    There is slight difference in the overall process. In a cashless claim, you need to pay only your part of liability. Whereas in reimbursement claim, you need to pay the entire sum which will be reimbursed later by the company.

  • What should I do if my car is stolen?

    You need to lodge an FIR at the local police station, after which the cops will start tracing your car. If it is not found within a certain time period, a non-traceable certificate will be issued. This allows the insurer to proceed with claim settlement.

  • What amount would I get in case of theft?

    The insurer will pay you the current market value of a car. However, if you have purchased a Invoice Cover add-on, the claim amount will be decided basis car’s purchase value.

  • What if the company fails to repair and deliver my car within three days?

    If Acko anyhow fails to return the repaired car within a stipulated time period, then the policyholder will get free cab vouchers in order to cope-up with the expenses of daily commutation* *Please refer company’s terms & conditions before purchasing your policy.

Zero Depreciation

  • Is Acko Zero Dep car insurance policy expensive than a standard car insurance policy?

    Yes. Zero Dep insurance is actually an add-on cover over the standard insurance policy. Owing to its extended coverage, it also comes with an extra premium over standard premium amount.

  • Can I use Zero Dep cover unlimited times?

    No, there is a maximum limit of its usage. After using it for a certain number of times, you will need to pay depreciation amount yourself from the very next claim. However, unlimited claims are allowed under the Benefit Zero Depreciation (a special Zero Dep Cover).

  • My car is 7 years old, can I purchase a Zero Dep cover?

    No. Zero Dep cover is only available for cars upto 5 years. Obviously, this isn’t the case only with Acko but with majority of other general insurance companies.

  • Is there any difference in claim filing process for a car having Zero Dep cover?

    No, there is no difference in claim filing process for a car with Zero Dep cover. The only difference is in the claim amount.

  • How can I calculate depreciation?

    Calculating depreciation is easy if you know the depreciation rate. Just calculate total depreciation value according to your car’s age and deduct it from the actual price of the car. As per Acko’s website, depreciation rates are as below:

    • Rubber, nylon, plastic parts, Tyres and tubes, Batteries and air bags: 50%
    • Fibre glass components: 30%
    • All parts made of glass: Nil
    • Material cost of the paint in case of a paint job: 50%


  • What additional benefits does a comprehensive policy offer over third-party coverage?

    Apart from coverage against expenses of third-party liabilities, a comprehensive car insurance policy also covers repair cost of insured’s vehicle and injury/death of the policyholder.

  • Do I need to tow/drive my damaged car to the garage after an accident?

    Fortunately, you don’t need to do so. Just inform the company about the accident and location, a towing van will be arranged within 60 minutes of intimation.

  • What are cashless claims?

    If your vehicle is repaired in any of the garages registered as cashless under the company’s network, Acko Insurance will pay the repairing cost directly to the garage. This type of claim is known as ‘Cashless Claims’.

  • What are add-on covers?

    An add-on cover is additional protection over standard car insurance that can be purchased by paying extra premium.

  • How is the premium amount decided?

    Premium depends on your vehicle’s Insured Declared Values or IDV. A new vehicle will have higher IDV and subsequently, a higher premium.


  • Can I pay my car insurance renewal fee by cash?

    No. Acko General Insurance does not accept payment in cash for renewal or purchase of a car insurance policy. You can pay the renewal fee using a debit/credit card, Net Banking or through cheque.

  • Can I renew my car insurance policy with the Acko app?

    Yes, you can easily renew your car insurance policy using the ‘Acko Car and Bike’ app. The app is available for download in Google Playstore as well as in App Store.

  • My existing car insurance policy is about to expire. How can I buy a new policy from Acko?

    You can renew your existing car insurance policy (Acko or non-Acko) from Acko’s official website. If your existing car insurance policy is not with Acko General Insurance and it is going to expire in less than 60 days, you can buy an Acko General Insurance car insurance cover. And if your existing policy is due for expiry after 60 days, you can use Acko’s ‘Buy Later’ feature which will remind you about your policy renewal in due time.

Third Party

  • What happens if my vehicle is not insured against third-party liability?

    As per the Indian Motor Tariff 2002, it is compulsory for every vehicle owner to have an insurance policy for his/her vehicle. The third party policy is the most affordable and basic car insurance policy that you can avail.

  • What is the maximum coverage of third-party liability insurance policy?

    This depends on the type/degree of injury/damage incurred to the third party. In case of partial disability, a third-party policy can fetch you 50-75% of the sum assured. However, in the case of death, the rendered amount is 100%. The final compensation amount is decided by the court of law.

  • My policy document is lost, what should I do next?

    If you have your Acko car insurance policy, you can call up their toll-free number and request for your policy copy via email. Once you receive the email, you can take a printout of the same and keep it in your vehicle.


  • What are Acko's cashless garages, and how do they benefit policyholders?

    Acko's cashless garages comprise a network of over 3,500 garages across 28 states in India that have partnerships with Acko. These garages enable policyholders to have their cars repaired without making any upfront payments. The benefits include pick-up and drop services, a hassle-free process, a wide network of garages, and cost savings.

  • How can I locate the nearest Acko cashless garage?

    To locate the nearest Acko cashless garage, call Acko's customer care and inform them about the damage to your car. Ask for the list of cashless garages in your city and choose the one that is most convenient for you.

  • What documents are required for the cashless claim process at Acko's network garages?

    You need the policy documents, driving license, copy of FIR (if applicable), claim form, vehicle registration certificate, and identity proof.

  • What additional services are offered at Acko's network garages?

    Acko's cashless garages offer additional services such as pick-up and drop-off for your car, as well as washing and sanitizing your car before dropping it back to you.

Policy Download

  • Why is the Car Insurance Policy Document important?

    The car insurance policy document serves as a legal agreement between the policyholder and the insurer, outlining coverage details, terms, and responsibilities. It's a crucial reference for understanding your policy, making claims, and ensuring compliance.

  • Can I access my ACKO Car Insurance Policy Document online?

    Yes, ACKO emphasises digital accessibility. You can access your policy document through their online portal or app, offering the convenience of instant retrieval and reducing the need for physical copies.

  • What's the significance of the

    The "ACKO Advantage" section showcases the unique benefits and services that ACKO offers to policyholders. It highlights perks such as free pick-up and drop services, showcasing ACKO's commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • How can I understand the coverage details in the document?

    The "What's Covered" section in the document outlines the main coverage areas. If you have questions or need clarification, you can contact ACKO's customer support for assistance in understanding the specifics of your coverage.

  • Is a hard copy of the policy document necessary?

    While most insurance companies, including ACKO, offer digital policy documents that are legally valid, some individuals might prefer hard copies for their records. You can check with ACKO's customer support if they provide the option for hard copies and any associated charges.

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  • Hassle-free experience

    InsuranceDekho helped me a lot in selecting the best plan. I had never purchased insurance, so I was very picky with my choices and the quotes provided by InsuranceDekho. I chose to go with Acko comprehensive motor insurance and had a smooth and easygoing experience with the process.

    By Faisal Rizvi
    On: June 19, 2024
  • Excellent cashless claim

    My car was damaged by a small accident. I came home and intimated the claim using the mobile app and within 60mins the pick up was arranged. It took a day for them to repair and I could track details of repair on whatsapp. InsuranceDekho helped me make a wise decision.

    By Manjeet Singh
    On: June 17, 2024
  • Great deals

    I realised very late that the premium of my last car insurance was really expensive so i decided to renew my car insurance through InsuranceDekho. They provided all the policies of all mainstream insurance providers and it was very easy to figure out which was the most reasonably priced. I got my car insurance from Acko and their services are worth applauding especially due to the ease of communicating through the app.

    By Aastha Thakur
    On: June 11, 2024
  • Quick claims settlement proces...

    I used InsuranceDekho to compare comprehensive car insurance policies. It gave me some metrics to consider while choosing an insurer. I decided to buy it from Acko and I have not regretted it. The Acko mobile app is very convenient and is a hub of all activities. I made a claim a week ago due to a small accident. Acko customer support was very clear and dedicated to settling my claim ASAP!

    By Daaniyah Khan
    On: June 10, 2024
  • Easy Buying Process

    It was really easy to pick the right insurance within a few minutes. I just bought a car insurance by Acko through Insurancedekho. The procedure was very short and smooth.

    By Mannu jaiswal
    On: March 2, 2024
  • Quality Repairs, Every Time

    When I bought the Acko Car Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho for my Chevrolet car, I found that the cashless garages associated with the policy consistently provide quality repairs, ensuring my car is in top condition.

    By Nitish Hanspal
    On: November 21, 2023
  • Compliance and Budget-Friendly...

    Third-party coverage that I took with the Acko Car Insurance Policy for my Nissan car is the perfect blend of compliance and budget-friendliness. I have to day that InsuranceDekho offers policies that make it easy to fulfill your legal obligations without straining your finances.

    By Sahil Sheikh
    On: November 16, 2023
  • No Worries About Repair Costs

    With being able to add the benefits own damage coverage to my already existing Acko Car Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho, I don't have to worry about repair costs for my Toyota car in case of an accident. It's a financial safety net.

    By Umang Giyal
    On: November 2, 2023
  • Effortless Car Insurance Renew...

    InsuranceDekho made my Acko Car Insurance Policy’s renewal process effortless. Their user-friendly platform and quick service saved me time and ensured that my Ford car stayed protected.

    By Ritu Chandha
    On: October 18, 2023
  • Convenient Claim Tracking

    InsuranceDekho's online claim tracking system is convenient. I could easily check the progress of my claim of my Hyundai car that I file for the Acko Car Insurance Policy and stay updated on its status.

    By Tarun Yadav
    On: October 16, 2023
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