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There are times when you need to get your car repaired but are facing financial challenges. To save you from drawing money from your investments, insurers offer cashless settlements where you don't have to pay repair costs upfront. Cashless garages operate directly with the insurers and hence you don't have to pay anything. Acko has a wide network of cashless garages all over India.

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Benefits of Using Acko's Network Garages

Cashless garages are a network of garages that have ties with Acko. At these garages, you don’t have to pay any amount upfront. The benefits of Acko cashless garages are given below:

  • Pick and Drop Service: In case your car gets damaged or requires repair, your car will be picked up within an hour (in some cities) and will be dropped back at your doorstep after repair.
  • Zero-hassle Process: Acko handles everything from estimated cost to coordination and communication with the garage. Acko handpicks these garages which are reliable and efficient hence customers don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Wide Network of Garages: Acko has established tie-ups with over 3,500 network garages across all 28 states.
  • Optimized Saving: ACKO will cover the repair costs after deducting Rs. 5,000 (pre-agreed deductibles mentioned in your policy document) if you opt for the reimbursement claim process. ACKO Cashless settlement process provides a smoother repair process and saves money during settlement as you won’t be subjected to pay any amount.

How to Locate Acko Network Garages

Below are steps to help you locate your nearest Acko cashless garage:

Step 1: Call Acko customer care and inform them about the damage to the car.

Step 2: Ask customer support about the cashless garages in your city.

Step 3: From the provided garages find the garage nearest to your address or the one which fits your convenience.

Claim Process at Acko Network Garages

To get your claim at a cashless garage, follow the given process:

  • Claim Initiation: Register a claim using Acko mobile app or website. You can also call Acko customer care on 1800 266 2256 or write an email to
  • Car Pick Up: Your car will be picked up and taken to the garage for survey and repair.
  • Survey and Repair: An independent surveyor will conduct a survey and an estimated cost of repair will be calculated. Once the claim is approved the car will be repaired and dropped back to you. Note that a surveyor is appointed only in case of an accidental case or damage due to a calamity. When your car stops on the road due to a mechanical error, you only have to call the insurer and you will be directed to a cashless garage.
  • Claim Settlement: The cost of repair will be paid directly to the garage. If there are deductibles in your policy, you will have to pay the deductible amount.

Documents Required during the Cashless Process

To get your car repaired at a cashless garage, you need the following documents:

  • Policy documents
  • Driving Licence
  • Copy of FIR ( if applicable)
  • Claim form
  • Registration Certificate of car
  • Identity proof

Additional Services Offered at Acko Network Garages

Apart from hassle-free repair, Acko cashless garages offer additional services such as:

  • Pick up and drop: Acko offers pick up and drop for your car repair.
  • Your car is washed and sanitised before dropping it back.


  1. What are Acko's cashless garages, and how do they benefit policyholders?

Acko's cashless garages comprise a network of over 3,500 garages across 28 states in India that have partnerships with Acko. These garages enable policyholders to have their cars repaired without making any upfront payments. The benefits include pick-up and drop services, a hassle-free process, a wide network of garages, and cost savings.

  1. How can I locate the nearest Acko cashless garage?

To locate the nearest Acko cashless garage, call Acko's customer care and inform them about the damage to your car. Ask for the list of cashless garages in your city and choose the one that is most convenient for you.

  1. What documents are required for the cashless claim process at Acko's network garages?

You need the following documents: olicy documents, driving license, copy of FIR (if applicable), claim form, vehicle registration certificate, and identity proof.

  1. What additional services are offered at Acko's network garages?

Acko's cashless garages offer additional services such as pick-up and drop-off for your car, as well as washing and sanitizing your car before dropping it back to you.

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    • Flood Damage Repair

      My car was damaged due to the floods last month in my state. Fortunately, I had Acko car insurance and it helped me financially to get my car repaired. My claim was approved after a smooth process and my car was repaired at a cashless garage. I have no complaints with the services provided by Acko. Although the condition of my car before repairing was really bad, Acko claim settlement process returned my car in 4 days and it looks brand new now. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for suggesting Acko for their reliable services.

      By Nilutpal Das
      On: July 12, 2024
    • Perfect mobile app

      I recently switched my car insurer to Acko and I have to say that their digital approach is highly convenient for users. The mobile app is filled with so much functions that I don't even feel the need to reach out to customer support. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for completely changing my customer experience by recommending Acko car insurance.

      By Rochisha Girotra
      On: July 1, 2024
    • Smooth Claim Process

      My new car got a dent due to a small accident with a scooter on the streets. Thanks to Acko car insurance my claim process was very smooth and I got my car repaired in a very short time period. InsuranceDekho guided me in regards to selecting a suitable insurer.

      By Umar Waris
      On: June 28, 2024
    • Live Repair updates

      My car was taken to a garage by Acko within an hour of filing a claim. The speed of work was very impressive and the best thing was that I was receiving regular updates on my WhatsApp. Within a few hours my car was delivered, completely washed and sanitised it looked like a new car. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for understanding my requirements and suggesting a perfect insurer for car insurance.

      By Sriram Subramaniam
      On: June 27, 2024
    • Smooth Renewal Process

      It was near the end of the financial year and I was caught up with so much work that I almost forgot to renew my Acko car insurance. Only after renewing I realised how easy it was to renew insurance with Acko with their app. I tied up with Acko after spending time analysing best insurance plans from InsuranceDekho so got to appreciate them for that.

      By Mayank Gupta
      On: June 26, 2024
    • Customer support

      I had many doubts regarding my policy documents and Acko customer support was very helpful. Suresh from the customer support team was very kind and patient. InsuranceDekho helped me pick Acko and I'm more than satisfied with it.

      By Anshika Thakur
      On: June 24, 2024
    • Hassle-free experience

      InsuranceDekho helped me a lot in selecting the best plan. I had never purchased insurance, so I was very picky with my choices and the quotes provided by InsuranceDekho. I chose to go with Acko comprehensive motor insurance and had a smooth and easygoing experience with the process.

      By Faisal Rizvi
      On: June 19, 2024
    • Excellent cashless claim

      My car was damaged by a small accident. I came home and intimated the claim using the mobile app and within 60mins the pick up was arranged. It took a day for them to repair and I could track details of repair on whatsapp. InsuranceDekho helped me make a wise decision.

      By Manjeet Singh
      On: June 17, 2024
    • Great deals

      I realised very late that the premium of my last car insurance was really expensive so i decided to renew my car insurance through InsuranceDekho. They provided all the policies of all mainstream insurance providers and it was very easy to figure out which was the most reasonably priced. I got my car insurance from Acko and their services are worth applauding especially due to the ease of communicating through the app.

      By Aastha Thakur
      On: June 11, 2024
    • Quick claims settlement proces...

      I used InsuranceDekho to compare comprehensive car insurance policies. It gave me some metrics to consider while choosing an insurer. I decided to buy it from Acko and I have not regretted it. The Acko mobile app is very convenient and is a hub of all activities. I made a claim a week ago due to a small accident. Acko customer support was very clear and dedicated to settling my claim ASAP!

      By Daaniyah Khan
      On: June 10, 2024
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