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New India Car Insurance Claim

New India car insurance Claim Process

A car insurance policyholder is entitled to receive a claim as compensation for damages incurred in an accident. A ‘claim’ is a formal request by a policyholder asking the insurer to pay the claim amount as per policy. Initiating the claim settlement process can be done in two ways, namely cashless claim settlement and reimbursement claim. Let’s know how both processes are executed.

Documents Required For New India Car Insurance Claim Settlement

  • Duly filled and signed Claim Form
  • Registration Certificate of Vehicle
  • Driving License
  • Copy of claim intimation
  • Xerox copy of policy and premium receipt
  • Registration Certificate of insured Vehicle
  • Estimate of repairs
  • Stamped receipt, Bills and Cash Memo of repairs, verification of road tax.
  • Police Panchanama/FIR (if needed)
  • Any other necessary documents required fit for the circumstances.

How To Make A Cashless New India Assurance Car Insurance Claim

1)Claim Intimation

Inform the company about the accident/theft as soon as possible. Call the toll-free number and reach a New India Assurance representative or select the ‘intimate a claim’ option present on the homepage. Intimate the claim and furnish the company with all details available with you at that time.

2) Registration of Claim

The customer support will reach out and provide the policyholder with their claim reference number and other essential details and instructions.

Step 3) Arrangement Of A Surveyor By The Company

After the claim has been successfully registered, New India Assurance will assign a surveyor to assess the damage and loss caused by the accident.

Step 4) Survey And Submission Of Documents

After the surveyor assesses the damages sustained in the accident. Policyholders will be required to furnish all the necessary documents.

Step 5) Repair And Final Claim Settlement

Policyholders can avail easy and convenient cashless claim services at preferred workshops. New India Assurance will bear the towing charges up to Rs.1500. After the required documents have been submitted, the company will initiate the claim instantly, it will directly pay the repair costs to the garage and the policyholder can pick up the repaired vehicle back after paying the necessary deductibles.

How To Make Reimbursement New India Assurance Car Insurance Claim

1)Inform the insurer

Inform company about accident/theft and furnish them with all details available with you at that time along with a properly filled claim form. Lodge an F.I.R if necessary.

2) Registration of claim

You will be given a claim reference number and a New India Assurance representative will reach out to you for further details and instructions.

3) Arrangement Of A Loss Assessor By The Company

A surveyor will be assigned to assess the damage/loss caused by the accident. Submit the duly filled and signed claim form, FIR and all relevant documents to the company for verification.

4) Towing And Repair of the vehicle

New India Assurance free towing facilities up to Rs.1500. The policyholder can pick any garage of their choice but they will have to furnish all the payment receipts and bills to the company in order to get the reimbursement.

5) Final Reimbursement

After submission of report by the surveyor and completion of all documentation, the company will initiate the claim instantly. The amount paid by the policyholder to the garage will soon be reimbursed by the company.

Common Claim Rejection Reasons

  • Providing false information to the company like the wrong date of registration of the vehicle, exaggeration of the damages sustained while making a policy claim will ultimately result in the claim being rejected by the company.
  • If there No proof of the accident and no ample evidence to prove the occurrence of the accident, then the company will not pay the claim amount.
  • New India Assurance will not be liable to sanction any claim amount if the policy had been expired before the accident.
  • Accident occurred due to the negligence of the first person i.e policyholder or any other driver of the insured vehicle will not be entertained and no claim amount will be offered to them.

New India Car Insurance User Reviews

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New India Assurance Claim FAQs

  • Who decides the claim amount in case of an accident where a third-party suffered loss?

    The claim amount is evaluated and decided by the court of law. However, New India Assurance car insurance provides unlimited coverage in case of death or injury (depending on the extent and severity of the injury sustained) and compensates third property damage expenses up tp Rs.7,50,000.

  • What amount will I have to bear during a claim settlement?

    You will need to pay compulsory excess, liabilities on your part, also known as deductibles. The surveyor will report to the rest of the evaluated expenses to the company for further processing of the claim settlement process.

  • Do I need to pay anything at the garage for my car’s repair?

    Yes, you need to pay your part of liability, while the company pays the rest. Moreover, in case of reimbursement claim settlement, you need to pay the entire amount for the time being but the company will reimburse its part later.

  • How much time does it take for claim settlement?

    New India Assurance generally settles the claim instantly after completion of all formalities. However, in case of reimbursement claim settlement, the process may be extended for a few more days.

  • What if my car is damaged in a riot or civil unrest?

    New India comprehensive car insurance policy covers damage imparted on the vehicle in a riot and civil unrest.

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