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United India Zero Depreciation Add-on

United India Car Insurance

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    United India Zero Depreciation Insurance

    Zero depreciation covers cars that are damaged during an accident or theft without factoring in depreciation costs, which would have otherwise been included. It is applicable only to new cars with a maximum age of 5 years.

    Generally, even if car owner has comprehensive insurance, during a claim, the insuring company deducts the depreciation from the actual claim to bring out the final settlement figure. However, with a Zero Depreciation insurance add-on, claim amount does not take into consideration that the car might have been depreciated during the tenure of the insurance. Instead, in case of any loss or damage due to accident or theft, the insured can claim complete amount without factoring depreciation from it. Hence, even if the car might have had certain scratches on paint or faulty mechanics due to excessive usage, reimbursement will be for the entire cost of replacement.

    Benefits of Zero Depreciation Insurance

    Zero Depreciation insurance comes with a lot of perks for the insured. Here they are listed below.

    • Claim amount with a Zero Depreciation add-on is always higher than one without it.
    • In case of major damages or loss, the insured gets rid of out-of-pocket expenses and most of them are covered without taking depreciation into account.
    • Addition of Zero Depreciation to the current car insurance adds a lot of value. Total coverage is huge and investments are reduced to almost nil.
    • Gives the owner a peace of mind regarding any unforeseen mishaps, like an accident or theft.

    Factors affecting Zero Depreciation

    There are a few basic things to look while trying to purchase this insurance cover:

    • Zero Depreciation add-ons can be taken for vehicles not older than 5 years..
    • The premium amount and claim for insurance with Zero Depreciation add-on are directly affected by the make and model of any concerned vehicle.
    • In general cases, the driving history of the owner is taken into consideration. Applicants who have a bad record with handling cars on roads generally have to pay a higher premium.
    • Luxury cars, like those from premium brands, will incur a higher cost if Zero Depreciation add-on is included, are likely to be charged higher premium.

    United India Zero Depreciation Claim Process

    • Intimate the insurer

    The insured needs to get in touch with the nearest UIIC office or branch. Following this, the insurance company will make a survey of the vehicle in question. Hence, if any grave accident has taken place, like fire, etc., the vehicle is to be kept at the spot.

    • Seek medical help and lodge an FIR

    The third-party needs to be rushed to the nearest hospital for medical attention. In the unfortunate case of death of the victim, contact the local police. An FIR of the accident is mandatory.

    • Documentation and formalities

    Submit the claim form and complete all formalities. A copy of FIR will be needed here.

    • Surveying of the vehicle and accident spot

    The insurance company will visit the spot and perform a final survey.

    • Get a repair quote

    The vehicle will then be taken to a garage for a repair quote and claim (without factoring depreciation) will be disbursed after completion of all formalities.

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    United India Zero Depreciation Cover FAQs

    • Can I get a Zero Depreciation cover for my car which is more than five years old but is in brand new condition?

      No. Zero Depreciation add-on cannot be availed along with insurance when the car is more than 5 years old, irrespective of its condition.
    • How much premium will I need to pay for Zero Depreciation insurance add-on?

      Nothing can be said about the amount of premium for adding Zero Depreciation until it is calculated by official means. But in general cases, budget-friendly cars will attract lower amount while expenses cars attract higher rates.
    • Will Zero Depreciation add on replace my car if it has been in an accident?

      It depends on the condition of any concerned vehicle following an accident and also on the company’s final decision. In most cases, if condition demands a replacement, it will be reimbursed, otherwise, repair costs will be provided, of course, without deducting the depreciation.
    • If I get a complete reimbursement, will it cover the entire cost of the new car?

      Not the same as the cost of a new car, but if everything goes well and the company is satisfied, claim amount will be sanctioned without subtraction of any depreciation.
    • Why should I choose Zero Depreciation add-on for my new car?

      Zero Depreciation is a no-nonsense kind of add-on for any existing insurance scheme. A new car is always prone to risks, especially if it is a new first-time buyer or new driver. Under such circumstances, the feasibility of Zero Depreciation add-on is more lucrative to the insured rather than the insurer.

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