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United India Car Insurance Add on Covers

United India Insurance Company Limited offers the following car insurance add-ons which can be opted with United India’s comprehensive and standalone own-damage car insurance policies:

United India - 8 Important Add-on Covers For Your Car Insurance Policy

1. Nil Depreciation Cover

By adding this add-on, you can save yourself the liability of bearing the depreciation applicable on your car and its parts. This add-on provides 100% coverage for depreciation applicable to all parts of your car except tyres, tubes and batteries which are covered at 50%.

2. Return To Invoice

This add-on cover helps you get the amount mentioned in the sales invoice of your car as IDV in the event of total loss and theft. Thus, by opting for this cover, you get reimbursed for the road tax, registration charges in addition to the value of your car.

3. Engine & Gearbox Cover

A standard car insurance policy does not cover the engine of your car against damages. However, by opting for this add-on, you can insure the engine of your car against water ingression including hydrostatic lock and leakage of lubricating oil caused by external accidental means.

4. Courtesy Car Cover

The add-on cover provides reimbursement of expenses incurred for hire of a rental vehicle when the insured vehicle is at garage for repairs or it is stolen and is not traceable within 24 hours. Under this cover a maximum amount of Rs 1,000 per day is reimbursable. The facility is provided for a maximum period of 3-7 days and can be claimed up to 2 times during the policy period.

5. Medical Expenses Cover

This add-on provides for expenses incurred towards hospitalization arising from a road accident for all injured occupants in the insured’s car. This add-on is available in 2 options - Option A and Option B. Under option A, a maximum of Rs 50,000 is provided per occurrence (Rs. 25,000 per injured occupant), whereas under option B, a maximum of Rs 100,000 is provided per occurrence (Rs. 50,000 per injured occupant). Upto 2 claims can be made under this add-on during a policy period.

6. Electronic Fittings Cover

This add-on provides a cover for electrical/electronic fittings which originally do not form part of the car manufactured/imported for an additional premium of 4% of the value of such fittings.

7. CNG / LPG-Bi-fuel Kit Cover

The CNG/LPG Bi-fuel kit is covered under this add-on for a premium equal to 4% of the value of such kit.

8. Fibre Glass Fuel Tank Cover

This cover insures the Fibre Glass Fuel Tank of the insured’s car against additional premium of Rs.50.

United India Car Insurance User Reviews

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    Sakshi Jain
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    My United India car insurance policy is very affordable yet offers me many benefits. I purchased the policy on the advice of customer care executives ...

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    Sumit Chandel
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  • I really liked the policy benefits

    I bought a United India car insurance policy for my Honda Jazz car from InsuranceDekho in a few easy steps. The policy covers my car against many expe...

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    Megha Bansal
    On: July 2, 2020 | Views
  • Strong network of garages

    My United India’s car insurance policy gets me covered against many benefits like a strong network of garages, etc. I bought it for my Skoda Rapid car...

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    Amir Siddiqui
    On: June 26, 2020 | Views

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