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Shriram Car Insurance Add on Covers

Shriram General Insurance offers a wide range of car insurance add-on covers with its comprehensive car insurance policy to strengthen the safety and protection of the insured vehicle. With a nominal increase in the premium amount, a policyholder can enjoy better benefits, better coverage, high claim amounts etc by opting for add-on covers.

Shriram - 8 Important Add-on Covers For Your Car Insurance Policy

1. Zero Depreciation Cover

The decrease in the value of the vehicle due to certain factors like obsolescence, age of the vehicle, wear and tear, etc. is termed as depreciation. The value of the car and its materials have separate depreciation values. In case, the policyholder's car meets an accident, a standard insurance cover will cover the expenses incurred after deducting the applicable depreciation. However, policyholders can shift the burden of depreciation amount from themselves to the insurer by purchasing the zero depreciation add-on cover.

2. Daily Reimbursement

Shriram General Car insurance provides Daily Reimbursements add-on cover to its policyholders to assist them in conveyance when their damaged car is out for repair. The amount of reimbursement is solely dependent on the insurance premium.

3. Return to Invoice

Invoice cover is a type of add-on offered by Shriram Car insurance that promises to provide the original invoice value of the car in case of total loss.

4. Personal Belongings Cover

This Shriram add-on cover allows the policyholder to get compensation for the loss of any valuable personal belongings like car accessories, laptops, etc. from the insured car.

5. Emergency Transport & Hotel Expenses

This add-on cover compensates for the expenses incurred for emergency transport and hotel by the policyholder at the time of any damage/loss suffered by the insured car. This add-on covers for an overnight stay at a hotel along with taxi fares.

6. Key Replacement

The key-replacement add-on cover compensates for the expenses incurred in order to obtain a new key.

7. Multicar Rebate

Multicar rebate is an add-on that concerns consumers who own more than one car. As per this add-on cover, the benefits of the add-on covers on the primary insured car will be extended to the second (or more) car owned by them according to the terms and conditions of Shriram Car insurance.

8. NCB Protection Cover

No Claim Bonus is a discount given to policyholders for not filing a claim during the insurance tenure. NCB Protection add-on cover promises to retain the rewarded discount on own-damage insurance premiums amount even after a claim is filed during the policy tenure.

Shriram Car Insurance User Reviews

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    Samarth Arora
    On: July 2, 2020 | Views
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    InsuranceDekho shortlisted a few car insurance plans for my Renault Kwid car and I selected Shriram’s policy as I found it an affordable one. It offer...

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    Jitesh Arya
    On: June 26, 2020 | Views

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