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Kotak Car Insurance Add-On Covers

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Kotak Tokio Car Insurance Add on Covers

Kotak General Insurance is a well-known naming in the car insurance industry. It offers a wide variety of add-on covers with its car insurance plans. These add-ons help you extend the basic coverage of your policy.

​Kotak - 9 Important Add-on Covers For Your Car Insurance Policy

These extra covers are available with both Kotak Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy as well as Kotak Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance Plan. Below are the add-on covers offered by Kotak General Insurance:

1. Zero Depreciation Cover

This add-on cover exempts you from bearing the depreciation expense applicable on your car and its parts. All metal and plastic parts are covered against depreciation at 100% except tyres, tubes and batteries which are covered at 50% under this cover. This is a great add-on as depreciation expense of replaced or repaired parts often ends up to be hefty.

2. Consumables Cover

This cover insures you against the expenses incurred on replenishment of consumables like, screws, nuts, bolts, oil filter, etc. The cost of replenishment of consumables is by default not covered under a car insurance policy, however, this add-on provides you that coverage.

3. Engine Protect

This add-on helps you keep your car’s engine and gearbox you against damages caused due to ingression of water and/or leakage of lubricants.

4. Return to Invoice

In case of constructive total loss (CTL) or theft of your car, the insurer provides you with the you Declared Value (IDV) which is lower than the invoice price which you had actually paid for your car. However, when you opt for this cover, the insurer provides you with the invoice price i.e ex-showroom price + road tax + registration charges, in the event of theft or total loss of your car.

5. Roadside Assistance Cover

Under this add-on cover, the insurer promises to provide you the following emergency roadside assistance to you in case your car suffers a mechanical damage or any other damage in the middle of nowhere:

  • Towing Service: If your car breaks down and becomes immobilized in the middle of a road or at your home, the insurer will arrange for towing services to the nearest garage within a radius of 50 kms from the location of the breakdown / accident.
  • Battery jump start: If your car gets immobilized due to a run-down battery, the insurer will send a technician to jump start your car. However, all cost of charging/ replacement of

battery would be borne by you and the insurer shall only be liable for all labour and conveyance costs towards battery jump start assistance.

  • Supply of fuel: In the event of the your car being immobilized due to emptying of its fuel tank, the insurer will arrange for supply of up to 5 liters of fuel, at the location of the


  • Emptying of fuel tank: If the fuel tank of your car gets filled with an incompatible fuel, the insurer will arrange for emptying of the fuel tank by sending a technician. If necessary, the insurer would also arrange for towing your car to the nearest garage for the purpose of emptying the fuel tank.
  • Flat Tyre(s): If case of a flat tyre or a punctured tyre, the insurer will send a technician to the spot who will change the tyre. However, for this, a spare tyre must be present with you.
  • Breakdown support over phone: In cases of minor mechanical faults, the insurer will provide you with telephonic assistance.
  • Arrangement of keys: The insurer will arrange for pickup and delivery of the spare keys of your car in case your car key gets lost or misplaced.
  • Message Relay: IIn case of breakdown of your car, if you need to send any message to persons specified by you, the insurer will make arrangements for the delivery of such communication.

6. Key Replacement Cover

Under this add-on, the insurer promises to bear the cost of repair / replacement of your car key(s), including labor cost, if the key(s) of your car are lost / stolen or damaged.

7. Tyre Cover

Under this add-on, the insurer will bear the cost of repair and / or replacement of tyres and tubes of your car. However, this add-on is not applicable in case of manufacturing defect, chemical or atmospheric damages.

8. Personal Belongings Cover

This add-on insurers you against the cost of personal belongings lost from your car.

9. NCB Protect

No Claim Bonus is the discount which you get on the own-damage premium of your car at the time of renewal in return of not making any claim during the entire policy period. However, even 1 claim can result in forfeiture of this discount. However, if you opt for a NCB Protect, then you can keep your NCB intact even after making a claim during the policy period. This is a great add-on as the NCB amount is huge ranging between 20% to 50% of your own-damage premium, depending on the number of claim-free years.

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