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Edelweiss Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance plan known as Edelweiss Private Car Package Insurance policy provides a policyholder with financial assistance for third party liabilities as well as own damage sustained by his/her car in an unfortunate event. The Edelweiss Package Policy thus provides its policyholder with a sense of financial security and peace of mind.

Edelweiss Comprehensive car Insurance vs Third Party car Insurance


Comprehensive car insurance

Third Party car insurance


It covers liabilities to the “Third Party” as well as “Own Damage”

Third party car insurance policy provides coverage only for third party liabilities.


The coverage of the policy can be stretched by opting for various add-ons.

Add-ons are not available with a third party insurance plan.


The comprehensive policy is relatively high-priced as it provides an extensive coverage.

The third party policy is reasonably priced due to its limited coverage.

What Is Covered Under Edelweiss Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan?

Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance provides coverage for the following:

  • Third party liabilities: The insurer provides coverage for bodily injuries, death, permanent disability and property damage incurred by a third party due to the insured’s car. The third party property damage cover is limited to Rs. 7.5 lakh.
  • Own damage caused by natural calamities: Any damage caused to the insured’s car due to any natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, landslide etc. is covered under the Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance.
  • Own damage caused by man-made disasters: The insurer provides coverage for any damage to the insured’s car in man-made disasters such as riot, strike, fire, terrorist activities etc.
  • Theft: The theft of the insured’s car is covered by the insurer under this plan.

What Is Not Covered Under Edelweiss Comprehensive car Insurance?

Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance policy does not provide coverage for the following.

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Any damage caused due to contractual liability
  • In case of willful negligence
  • Liabilities occuring when driving without a valid licence
  • Liabilities occuring when driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
  • Damage occurred during war, nuclear risk, mutiny rebellion or any such situation

Benefits of Edelweiss Comprehensive car Insurance

Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance provides the following benefits to its policyholders:

  • The insurer relieves the policyholder from third party liability and own damage expenses.
  • Availability of a variety of add-on options ensures extensive coverage.
  • Cashless repair and replacement service at the network garages all over India.
  • Availability of helpful customer assistance service.
  • Swift and easy claim settlement process.

Edelweiss Car Insurance User Reviews

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  • Smooth claim settlement process

    I contacted the team at InsuranceDekho to purchase Edelweiss car insurance policy for my Honda Amaze car. And again contacted the executive at the tim...

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    Anwesha Das
    On: July 9, 2020 | Views
  • Easy to understand policy

    My Edelweiss car insurance policy that I bought for my Volkswagen Vento car is really easy to understand. A few things that I had a doubt about, were ...

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    Manish Srivastav
    On: July 3, 2020 | Views
  • Best guidance received

    At InsuranceDekho, I received the best guidance on which car insurance policy I should buy. The customer care executives suggested to me Edelweiss pol...

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    Anuj Sharma
    On: July 2, 2020 | Views
  • Easy to find quotes at InsuranceDekho

    It was really easy to find car insurance quotes at InsuranceDekho. I purchased Edelweiss policy for my Fiat Linea car and I am satisfied with the bene...

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    Drishay Valecha
    On: June 26, 2020 | Views
  • Incredible support from experts

    InsuranceDekho offered me the best support services when I contacted them to purchase Edelweiss car insurance policy for my Honda Jazz car. They guide...

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    Vicky Chhabra
    On: June 25, 2020 | Views

Edelweiss Car Insurance FAQs

  • What are the factors influencing the premium amount of Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance policy?

    The factors influencing the premium amount of Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance policy are as follows.

    • Make, Model, Variant of your car
    • RTO location
    • Car’s engine capacity
    • Your choice of add-on covers
    • The desired tenure of insurance policy, etc.
  • How can I get a duplicate copy of the policy documents if I lose the original one?

    If you lose the original policy document, you can contact Edelweiss General Insurance at their toll-free number 1800-12000 or write to them at support@edelweissinsurance.com.

  • Are passengers of the insured’s car covered under the comprehensive car insurance plan?

    Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance policy covers only insured’s car and third party liabilities in case of an accident or any other mishap. To get an insurance cover for unnamed passengers, you can buy the Edelweiss Personal Accident Cover for everybody else travelling in your car, up to Rs. 2,00,000 per person.

  • Is it mandatory to have a comprehensive car insurance policy?

    No, according to the Indian Motor Tariff, every car owner should have their car insured with at least a third party/liability only insurance policy. Thus, a comprehensive cover is not mandatory a mandatory requirement but it is a recommended plan as it insures you against the own-damages of your car in addition to third party liabilities.

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