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Reliance Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance Policy

Reliance General Insurance offers three types of insurance for cars in India including the standalone own-damage cover. This type of insurance is not compulsory, however, it can be a prudent purchase for those who prefer to err on the side of caution. The standalone own-damage cover offers insurance holders protection from a wide range of scenarios including road accidents, theft, acts of vandalism, fires and damage caused due to a natural or man made calamity. Moreover, the insurance holder can also expect to feel peace of mind knowing that in case of a mishap the insurance will provide them financial stability.

Standalone Own-Damage Insurance V/S Third Party Insurance V/S Comprehensive Insurance


Reliance Third Party Insurance

Reliance Standalone Own-Damage

Reliance Comprehensive Insurance


The Reliance third party insurance is a compulsory cover for every vehicle in India. It takes care of third party liabilities comprising bodily injuries, death and property damage.

The Reliance standalone own-damage insurance is not compulsory however, it provides compensation for own-damage costs in case of a mishap in a wide range of situations.

The Reliance comprehensive insurance plan is the best option for those looking for well-rounded protection for their car. The insurance takes care of both third party liabilities and own-damage costs in case of a mishap.


Reliance third party car insurance does not offer add-on covers with it.

Reliance standalone own-damage covers offer a wide range of add-on covers that customers and pick and choose from according to their requirements.

Reliance comprehensive plans also offer their customers several add-on covers to choose from.


Third-party insurance is the least costly car insurance that can be purchased as it offers the most basic coverage.

Standalone own-damage covers are more expensive than third party insurance. This is because the insurance provides wider coverage than third party insurance.

Comprehensive insurance plans offer the widest coverage and hence are also the most expensive of the three options.

What is Covered Under Reliance Standalone Own-Damage Policy?

Following are the aspects covered by Reliance standalone own-damage car insurance policies:

  • Damage to the car or total loss as a result of road accidents.
  • Damage caused due to a fire or explosion.
  • Theft of the car or damage caused due to vandalism.
  • Damage caused due to natural or manmade calamities. Eg: Cyclones.

What is Not Covered Under Reliance Standalone Own-Damage Policy?

Following are the aspects that are not covered under Reliance standalone own-damage covers:

  • Breakdowns that occur as a result of mechanical or electrical failures.
  • Mishaps that involve some form of illegal driving.
  • Depreciation of the car.
  • Mishaps that occur outside the predetermined geographical boundaries. In this case anything outside India.

Benefits of Reliance Standalone Own-Damage Policy

Following are some of the benefits of purchasing a Reliance standalone own-damage car insurance policy:

  • The cover offers compensation for own-damage costs in several situations including theft, vandalism, fires, explosions, natural disasters etc.
  • Reliance offers its customers a No Claim Bonus for their good driving habits for every claim-free year. Moreover, the reward is cumulative going up to 50% in the fifth consecutive year.
  • Reliance offers a wide range of add-on covers to their customers. You can then pick and choose from these to mould your policy to fit your individual needs.

How To Purchase Reliance Standalone Own-Damage Policy?

Below-mentioned is the procedure you need to follow to purchase a Reliance standalone own-damage cover:

Step 1: Visit the website InsuranceDekho. On the homepage of the website select the ‘car insurance tab’ it will be visible on the top left corner of your screen. A drop-down menu will appear, choose the ‘Standalone Own Damage’ option from it.

Step 2: In the given section provide your car’s registration number. In case you do not have this information with you, you can also enter your car’s make, model and year of registration.

Step 3: Enter your personal details and any other required information. Once you have entered these select the ‘Submit and Get Quotes’ button.

Step 4: The standalone own-damage covers in your category will be visible on the screen. Simply select the policy offered by Reliance General Insurance and any add-on covers you would like to purchase with it.

Step 5: Make the payment for your selected Reliance standalone own-damage policy and we will send the policy document to your registered email ID.

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Reliance Car Insurance Own Damage FAQs

  • What does Reliance's own damage car insurance plan cover?

    The own damage plan covers expenses incurred against your own car because of the following:

    • Man made disasters such as terror attacks, vandalism, riots, etc.
    • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire, flood, tsunami, etc.
    • Damage or loss to a car or its belongings because of an accident.
    • Theft or other malicious activities.
  • What all add on covers are offered along with Reliance own damage car insurance plan?

    A variety of add-on covers are offered by Reliance along with OD insurance including motor secure premium cover, motor secure plus cover, NCB retention cover, consumable cover, engine protection cover, daily allowance benefit, EMI protection and many more.

  • What is voluntary deductible?

    The minimum amount that the policyholder opts to pay from their claim amount is known as voluntary deductible. The higher is the amount for deductible, the lower will be the premium for the insurance.

  • What does Reliance's own damage car insurance plan not cover?

    The policy does not cover following:

    • Damage caused to third party property or person.
    • Injuries sustained by other people in an accident or mishap
    • Loss/ damage because of war or nuclear risks
    • Normal wear and tear of vehicle
    • Electrical and mechanical breakdown
    • Damage to an individual driving without driver license
    • Other listed exclusions under policy document
  • What are the benefits of Reliance's own damage car insurance plan?

    Some of the benefits are as follows:

    • No paperwork involved; online process
    • Availability of add on covers
    • The whole claim process can be done online via a smartphone
    • NCB discount up to 50%
    • Availability of cashless repairs
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