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  • Why should I purchase my car insurance from Reliance General?

    Car insurance is a must buy. Purchasing the same from Reliance General has too many perks. The company offer a diverse range of motor insurance plans, exclusively designed to offer maximum protection to customers. Therefore, with Reliance insurance, no dents in your vehicle will burn holes in your wallet. Here’s what you can reap by opting for Reliance as your chosen motor insurance partner:

    • Services in more than 6,200 cashless garages
    • Prompt roadside assistance
    • The ease of applying or renewing a policy without engaging in tons of paperwork
    • Carefully structured comprehensive insurance plan
    • Guarantee enhanced protection for your car by choosing from an expansive list of add-ons.

  • How easy is it to purchase or renew a policy in Reliance?

    Buying Reliance car insurance is plain-sailing. Visit, Fill in your vehicle details, view your quotes, pick a plan, make the payment online via debit/credit cards and net-banking and that’s all! Call 7551196989 for an even laid back and seamless service

  • I have a certain percentage of NCB accumulated. Is it transferable?

    Yes, it is! However, when renewing your policy, transfer of NCB must be done within 90 days of your renewal due date.

  • How is the premium for private cars fixed by the company?

    Premium to be paid depends on some crucial factors. For instance, the IDV (Insured Declared Value) of the vehicle, date and place of registration, cubic capacity of the vehicle, type of registration and so on so forth.

  • I already have an existing policy with Reliance. How can I check my policy status?

    Just visit Reliance General Insurance website. Keeping tabs on your policy status online is easier than you think

  • How to pay premium for my Reliance car insurance policy?

    There are two modes of payment in general. One is offline where you can visit the branch and pay in cash or cheque. The next is online. Check our or Call us on 7551196989 and we will guide you through the payment process. A payment link is shared, and you can pay using a credit card, debit card or net-banking.

  • What are the different kinds of add-ons offered by Reliance?

    Reliance rewards its customers with an impressive choice of add-ons. These include:

    • Nil Dep Cover (Zero Depreciation Cover)
    • NCB Retention Cover
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Cover for electronic accessories
    • Personal Accident Cover and lots more.

  • Which documents must I provide to buy car insurance policy from Reliance?

    Purchasing car insurance policy online require zero documentation. However, you must furnish the following details and gain quick access to the best quotes

    • Car Registration Number
    • Chassis Number
    • Engine Number
    • Details of your previous policy if any
    • Date of car manufacturing
    • City or place where the car is bought
    • Contact details of the policy holder (Communication address, phone number and email ID for instance). It is rather best to keep a copy of your vehicle’s RC in hand

  • Can I avail discounts on choosing Reliance as my motor insurance partner?

    Not only can you avail attractive quotes but also enjoy additional discounts. Wondering how?

    • If you are a member of a registered Automobile Association
    • You have chosen to cover your car for a location usage
    • If anti-theft device is installed in your car.

  • What is process of policy cancellation in Reliance?

    Wish to cancel a policy? No problem! Drop-in at your nearest Reliance General Insurance branch and fill in a surrender form. The refund is soon deposited in your bank account after the proceeding is complete. The policy status then changes to cancel.


  • How do I register a claim after an accident?

    Registering a car insurance claim with Reliance General is a simple and tension-free process. Inform the company about the accident by calling at 1800 3009. You can also directly register online by downloading the claim form from the following: link:

  • Do I need to report to the police?

    Yes, you should immediately report to the police in case of injury/death of a third-party, bodily injury of self or any third-party property damage. Lodge an FIR about the accident and keep a copy of the same.

  • Is it compulsory to file a claim even for minimal damage?

    No, it isn’t necessary. Also, you must refrain from filing claims for minimal damage. This will save your No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount.

  • What is Constructive Total Loss?

    If the repair cost of the damaged car is more than its current market value, then the loss is known as Constructive Total Loss.

  • I am having a problem with claim settlement, what should I do?

    There is no need to worry in any case. Always feel free to reach Insurancedekho by calling at 7551196989 in case of any query related to claim settlement process.


  • Why should I purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy from Reliance General?

    There are a few things that can compel anyone to choose Reliance General to insure your car, over any other company.

    • 24x7 instant roadside assistance
    • 24x7 AnywhereAssist Service
    • Robust customer service
    • Network of more than 6,200 cashless garages

  • How much premium do I need to pay for a comprehensive policy?

    The amount of premium depends on a number of factors. To calculate the premium for the Reliance comprehensive car insurance policy, visit our website and get quotes post entering basic details.

  • What is No Claim Bonus?

    No Claim Bonus or NCB is a type of discount offered by all other general insurance companies (including Reliance General) if no claim is filed during the insurance period. You can retain this benefit even after filing a claim if you have purchased NCB protection add-on cover.

  • Does Reliance General Insurance have a cashless garage network?

    Yes. Reliance General Insurance has a vast network of more than 6,200 garages that offers hassle-free cashless claim settlement to the policyholders.

  • Is there any concession offered on the personal-damage premium?

    Yes, if you are a member of the Automobile Association of India you can secure a discount on the personal-damage premium.

Third Party

  • What does Reliance General third-party policy cover?

    A third-party liability cover purchased by the Reliance General covers the expenses incurred on the following things:

    • Damages to a third-party vehicle
    • Injury/Death of a third-party
    • Damage caused to a third-party property

  • What is loading?

    Loading is an additional cost that is added to the premium when a policy is renewed. The additional cost is only charged when the risk to the policyholder is assessed ‘higher than normal’


  • What if I don’t renew my third-party insurance policy?

    At first, this will wipe out the cover of third-party liabilities and the insurance company will not be entitled to sanction any claim. Thereafter, your vehicle will also be considered illegal without this mandatory cover.

  • I have lost my policy documents, what should I do?

    There is no need to worry if you have lost your policy documents. You can avail a duplicate copy of your policy against a minimal fee from the nearest branch.

  • How to cancel a claim, which is already filed?

    You can cancel the filed claim before a stipulated time period by calling at the toll-free number: 1800-3009.

Zero Depreciation

  • I have purchased Nil Depreciation add-on cover, do I still need to pay something after repairs?

    Yes, Nil Dep add-on cover only exempts you from paying the depreciation amount. There are still other liabilities that you need to pay, which are not covered under the standard comprehensive policy.

  • How many times can I file a claim with Nil Dep add-on cover?

    A maximum of two claims is allowed for your vehicle in one insurance policy period. Keeping this mind, you should cautiously think before filing a claim for minor accidents.

  • Can I purchase other add-on covers apart from Nil Dep?

    Yes, you can purchase as many add-ons as required. However, you can purchase them only over comprehensive car insurance policy and not with third-party liability cover.

  • Is there anything not covered under Nil Dep add-on?

    Nil Dep add-on cover reimburses for depreciation of every part of your car except tyres and tubes.

  • Can I pay my Nil Dep premium online?

    You don’t need to pay the premium for Nil Dep cover separately. The extra premium to avail this add-on cover is added along with the standard premium of your policy. You can pay premium online via the Reliance General official website. For more details call Insurancedekho at 755 1196 989.


  • What details do I need to provide for online renewal?

    You just need to provide the policy number, followed by confirmation of premium amount and payment. You can also request updates for the same on Whatsapp.

  • Can I renew my policy even after missing the stipulated time period?

    Do not worry if you have missed the deadline of renewing your policy. You can still renew it by submitting a request at the nearest branch and can continue availing the benefits after an inspection of your car from the insurer has been done.

  • Is there any other portal for paying a premium?

    No, you can pay your premiums, renew your existing policy or can even buy a new one from Reliance General official website.

  • Am I entitled for discount for my insurance policy?

    Yes, as long as you pay premiums and renew your policy within time, you will be entitled to get No Claim Bonus (NCB) and discounts as specified in the policy.

  • I want to modify my policy, what should I do?

    Modifying your policy isn’t complicated and can be accomplished with ease. Just enter your policy number under ‘Modify my Policy’ segment on the company’s official website and pay the required extra sum post entering basic details.


  • What do you mean by Reliance Cashless Garages?

    Cashless garages are those repair shops or garages that have a tie-up with Reliance insurance company. Therefore, when you take your car for repair at any of these listed garages, the expenses for repair are incurred by the insurance company.

  • How beneficial is Reliance Cashless Garage facility?

    Cashless garage facility is extremely beneficial for all the policyholders of a car insurance plan. The benefits offered by cashless garages include:

    • No need to go for hefty paperwork in order to file a claim.
    • Easy, convenient and hassle-free option.
    • Guarantees a quality repair service
    • Reduces the need to collect cash, thus lessening the stress for finances for the policyholder.

  • How does Reliance Cashless Garage Facility work?

    If your insured car undergoes any damages or losses due to any external factors such as accident or any other mishap, then immediately contact Reliance insurance company and inform them regarding the same. The insurance company will then send a surveyor to gauge the extent of damages caused to the vehicle. Once, the insurance company sends the approval you can get your car repaired at the workshop without paying anything. The company will settle the bill directly with the garage owner.

  • How many network garages are there under Reliance General Insurance company?

    Reliance general insurance company has more than 5000 cashless garages network across the whole country.

  • Should I make small claims for my car?

    It is recommended to not make any small claims as at a later stage, it would greatly affect the chances of claiming for No Claim Bonus(NCB) during the insurance plan renewal.

Premium Calculator

  • What factors determine the premium of a car insurance policy?

    There are various factors that affect the premium of a car insurance cover such as Insured Declared Value (IDV), Age of the Owner, No Claim Bonus (NCB), Engine’s Cubic Capacity, Anti-Theft Devices, etc.

  • Why should I use the car insurance premium calculator?

    The car insurance premium calculator will provide you assistance in getting the right premium amount for your policy, get the IDV of your car, selecting an economical plan and make wiser decisions related to the car insurance policy.

  • What details are needed to be entered in the premium calculator?

    You need to enter details such as make and model of your car, RTO location of your car, registration year of your car, etc., to get the right premium offered by the insurers for a car insurance plan.

  • Does the premium calculator calculate the premium for an old car?

    Yes, the premium calculator helps you find the premium for new and old or used cars.

  • Where can I use the best premium calculator?

    You can use the best premium calculator to compute the premium and IDV for your insurance plan at the website of InsuranceDekho, i.e.,

Add On

  • How many add-on covers for car insurance are offered by Reliance?

    Reliance General Insurance provides a range of add-on covers which comprise Nil Depreciation, No Claim Bonus Retention, Consumables, Engine Cover, Key Protect Cover, Daily Allowance Benefit, EMI Protection, Total Cover, and Electrical or Electronic Accessories.

  • Will I have to pay more to opt for add-on covers?

    Yes, you will have to pay an additional premium for the add-on covers in addition to the premium of your base insurance cover.

  • Is it compulsory to add an add-on cover in the car insurance policy?

    No, owning an add-on cover in your car insurance policy is not compulsory. It is an optional benefit that you can use to enhance the coverage of your car insurance cover.

  • When can I purchase the Reliance car insurance add-on covers?

    You can buy the car insurance add-on covers either at the time of policy purchase or during the policy renewal process.

  • How many add-on covers can I buy at a time?

    There is no limit to opt for add-on covers. It means you can add as many add-on covers as you wish at a time in your car insurance policy.

Policy Download

  • How can I download my Reliance car insurance plan online with my policy number?

    To download the policy document, you simply need to visit the official website of Reliance General insurance, there select car insurance and on the displayed page enter your policy number and click on ‘Download my policy’. Thereon, you can easily view your policy information and download it.

  • How can I make changes in my Reliance General Car Insurance Policy document?

    In case you have mistakenly given the wrong information, then it is advisable to immediately contact your insurance company and request them to make necessary changes. You can contact the reliance customer care executive at 1800 3009.

  • What is a car insurance policy document?

    In a car insurance policy document, all the agreement clauses of the car insurance plan are mentioned in detail. It is a legal contract between the car insurance company and the policyholder. This document is available to the insured in both soft copy as well as hard copy consisting of all the crucial information including inclusions, coverage, discounts, other important terms and conditions and much more.

  • How can I get the copy of my Reliance car insurance policy online?

    You just need to go to the official website of the reliance general insurance company and click on your profile from there. There, you will find a copy of your car insurance policy document and from there you can easily download the policy.

  • How can I download my reliance car insurance policy document through the official app?

    You need to first install the Reliance self-I app in your smartphone. Then login using your phone number, thereafter click on attach policy option. Then, you need to enter your policy number and registration number of the insured car, afterwards click on ‘Go’ From the displayed screen, you can easily choose the ‘download’ option to download your policy document.

Own Damage

  • What does Reliance's own damage car insurance plan cover?

    The own damage plan covers expenses incurred against your own car because of the following:

    • Man made disasters such as terror attacks, vandalism, riots, etc.
    • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire, flood, tsunami, etc.
    • Damage or loss to a car or its belongings because of an accident.
    • Theft or other malicious activities.

  • What all add on covers are offered along with Reliance own damage car insurance plan?

    A variety of add-on covers are offered by Reliance along with OD insurance including motor secure premium cover, motor secure plus cover, NCB retention cover, consumable cover, engine protection cover, daily allowance benefit, EMI protection and many more.

  • What is voluntary deductible?

    The minimum amount that the policyholder opts to pay from their claim amount is known as voluntary deductible. The higher is the amount for deductible, the lower will be the premium for the insurance.

  • What does Reliance's own damage car insurance plan not cover?

    The policy does not cover following:

    • Damage caused to third party property or person.
    • Injuries sustained by other people in an accident or mishap
    • Loss/ damage because of war or nuclear risks
    • Normal wear and tear of vehicle
    • Electrical and mechanical breakdown
    • Damage to an individual driving without driver license
    • Other listed exclusions under policy document

  • What are the benefits of Reliance's own damage car insurance plan?

    Some of the benefits are as follows:

    • No paperwork involved; online process
    • Availability of add on covers
    • The whole claim process can be done online via a smartphone
    • NCB discount up to 50%
    • Availability of cashless repairs

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    What sets InsuranceDekho apart is its ability to tailor renewal solutions. They took the time to understand my evolving needs and recommended the changes in the renewal of the Reliance Car Insurance Policy that aligned perfectly with my Nissan car.

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