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Reliance Zero Depreciation Add-on

Reliance Car Insurance

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Reliance Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Your car, just like any other commodity loses value over time, which is known as depreciation. This even applies during claim settlement, where the insurance company factors the depreciation amount while settling the claim. This results in a low claim amount even if your policy is active and you have paid premiums on time.

However, opting for Nil Depreciation cover along with your Reliance General comprehensive car insurance policy shifts the liability of bearing depreciation from you to your insurer. This means that you will get a higher claim amount, which would not have been possible otherwise. Nil Dep add-on covers, depreciation of all parts of your car except the tyres and tubes.

Benefits of Reliance Zero Depreciation

An extra premium won’t hit hard on your pockets than substantial deduction of depreciation from the claim amount. Nil Depreciation add-on cover from Reliance General saves you from this deduction in the following ways:

  • Nil Depreciation add-on cover over the standard comprehensive car insurance policy offers you a higher claim amount. This entitles the company to sanction the claim without deducting depreciation from it.
  • This add-on covers, depreciation of all parts of your vehicle from fibreglass to the bonnet, seats and carpet. However, the add-on cover does not include tyres and tubes, which, anyhow is not enough to raise any complaint.

Reliance Zero Depreciation Claim Process

1) Intimate the insurer

Reliance General Insurance offers a very convenient way to initiate claim process. One can inform the company about the accident by calling the toll-free number 1800 3009 or via the Reliance Self-i App. You can also have live video calls with claim experts and track claim status in real time.

2) Repair of the car

Drive/tow your vehicle to the nearest authorized (by Reliance General Insurance) network garage for repairs. Alternatively, you can also request for a pick-up service from the company. A surveyor arranged by the company will collect the necessary documents after inspecting the damaged vehicle.

3) Submission of report

The surveyor will inspect your vehicle and submit the report to the insurance company. Reliance General will then confirm its liability and will inform the policyholder about the deductibles.

4) Settlement of claim

After completion of all formalities and documentation, the company will initiate the claim immediately. The policyholder only needs to pay his/her part of liability, while the rest (including the depreciation) will be paid by the insurer.

Premium Calculator

Nil Depreciation add-on cover is truly beneficial and practical when it comes to the claim amount. However, you must keep in mind that it also increases the premium. Hence, it is necessary to get a quote before purchasing this cover.

To calculate the premium for the Reliance Nil Depreciation car insurance policy, visit our website and get quotes post entering basic details.

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Reliance Zero Depreciation Cover FAQs

  • I have purchased Nil Depreciation add-on cover, do I still need to pay something after repairs?

    Yes, Nil Dep add-on cover only exempts you from paying the depreciation amount. There are still other liabilities that you need to pay, which are not covered under the standard comprehensive policy.

  • How many times can I file a claim with Nil Dep add-on cover?

    A maximum of two claims is allowed for your vehicle in one insurance policy period. Keeping this mind, you should cautiously think before filing a claim for minor accidents.

  • Can I purchase other add-on covers apart from Nil Dep?

    Yes, you can purchase as many add-ons as required. However, you can purchase them only over comprehensive car insurance policy and not with third-party liability cover.

  • Is there anything not covered under Nil Dep add-on?

    Nil Dep add-on cover reimburses for depreciation of every part of your car except tyres and tubes.

  • Can I pay my Nil Dep premium online?

    You don’t need to pay the premium for Nil Dep cover separately. The extra premium to avail this add-on cover is added along with the standard premium of your policy. You can pay premium online via the Reliance General official website. For more details call Insurancedekho at 755 1196 989.

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#Applicable on non-inspection cases i.e. existing policy has not expired or when buying a policy for a new vehicle.