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  • I am a careful driver. Should I still buy the IFFCO-TOKIO car insurance policy?

    car insurance policy, regardless of how skilful a driver you are. It is a smart way to safeguard your finances. Cherry on the cake - buying motor insurance policy is mandatory.">Uncertainty is definite. Can you predict an accident? No! You must buy a car insurance policy, regardless of how skilful a driver you are. It is a smart way to safeguard your finances. Cherry on the cake - buying motor insurance policy is mandatory.

  • Signing up for IFFCO-TOKIO motor insurance policy is a time-consuming process. Is it true?

    Absolutely not! Buying a policy takes a couple of minutes. IFFCO-TOKIO guarantees that your experience is seamless and hassle-free. Forget paperwork and long hours of wait. Sign up for a new policy quicker than ever imagined.

  • Why should I buy my car insurance policy from IFFCO-TOKIO? What advantages am I entitled to get?

    IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance has long been in the business and is a trustworthy name. Buying a motor insurance policy from the company guarantees a quick, smooth, and problem-free experience. You can get a new policy in hand quicker than thought. Reaching out to the company for immediate assistance is simple. Requesting for a claim and getting the same settled takes lesser time than anticipated. Affordable insurance plans are offered to customers.

  • I have the IFFCO-TOKIO car insurance. Under what circumstances is a pre- acceptance inspection required?

    pre-acceptance inspection is an absolute must in circumstances like break-in insurance, insurance for an imported vehicle, alteration of a theft protection rider and scenario wherein a new cheque is received after a cheque bounce.

  • What is the best way of communicating with IFFCO-TOKIO?

    You can always reach out to IFFCO-TOKIO by dialling 1800 103 5499. Little were you aware that the company offers round the clock assistance.

  • I am an IFFCO-TOKIO motor insurance policyholder – what are the discounts I can avail?

    If you have secured your private vehicle with an IFFCO-TOKIO insurance coverage, you are entitled to a couple of discounts. No claim bonus is handed out if you have been a responsible driver, requesting no claims in the previous year. There are discounts available exclusively for those who are members of the Automobile Association. Voluntary deductible discounts are offered by the company.

  • I have very little knowledge about proposal forms. When should I submit a proposal form?

    A proposal form must be handed in only in situations like:

    • Upgrading a liability only cover to a comprehensive or package policy
    • When a policy is renewed by some other company
    • If alterations are made to an existing policy during the policy period or while renewing a car insurance cover
    • When there’s a shift of interest

  • What is included in the IFFCO-TOKIO package policy?

    A package policy is no different from a comprehensive policy. It covers for:

    • Damages caused due to natural consequences like flood, fire, earthquake, lightning and others
    • Loss that adds-up as an aftermath of man-made actions like theft, riot, terrorist acts or strike
    • Personal accident cover that include compensation of Rs. 15,00,000 to the owner in case of a collision or accident. Please note: the amount is payable only in circumstances of disability or death
    • Legal liability to third party property damages, death, and injury. The amount paid out in case of property damage is subjected to a maximum of Rs. 7,50,000 and pretty much unlimited in case of death
    • Cars that are insured by the company. In case the vehicle bumps into an accident, expenses for towing and redeliver are fairly compensated by the company. Reimbursements of up to Rs.1500 are provided for towing
    • There’s always room to maximize value of a package cover by pairing it with other add-ons

  • My car is lost, and I wish to register a claim. Can you help me with the list of documents I must provide for quick claim settlement?

    To get done with the claim process quick, you must submit documents like:

    • Copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate
    • Copy of the driver’s license
    • Original car keys
    • A claim intimation form that has been filled and signed
    • Copy of your car insurance policy. At-least the first two pages are essential
    • Police FIR copy
    • Transfer papers from the RTO (Form Number 28, 29, 30 & 35)
    • A report from the police station clearly stating that the vehicle cannot be traced

  • How to cancel my car insurance policy with IFFCO Tokio?

    Don’t worry, canceling a policy is a no-brainer. Drop by at the nearest IFFCO-TOKIO branch with your policy documents. Request for a surrender. It will be done quickly and you will be intimated via SMS. The refunded amount will be credited to your bank soon.


  • What all documents need to be submitted to register a cashless claim under your car insurance plan?

    The following documents need to be submitted:

    • Insurance Plan Photocopy
    • Valid RC
    • Claim Form
    • Repair Bill
    • Valid Driver’s License

  • Can I file a claim for the car If I wasn’t driving it?

    Yes, the claim can be filled by you but under the following conditions:

    • Car should be insured
    • Driver should have a valid driver’s license
    • You have extra premium for your paid driver( who was driving the vehicle with your permission)
    • Other conditions laid by the company

  • Will the insurance provider offer complete coverage if the windscreen gets damaged?

    No, there is a depreciation of 50% on the rubber lining and sealant of the windscreen. You are required to bear the expenses of any plan excesses to pay for damage caused to the windscreen.

  • What is No Claim Bonus or NCB?

    NCB is a discount offered by the insurance provider in case no claim has been filed by you during the policy tenure.

  • Will I get a discount on premium if I have installed an anti-theft alarm in my car?

    Yes, you will get a discount for premium if you have installed an anti-theft alarm which is approved by the Automobile Research Institute of India.


  • How much premium do I need to pay for my IFFCO Tokio comprehensive car insurance policy?

    The premium of a car insurance policy depends on a number of factors such as Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car, its age, model, premiums purchased, etc. To know more about this, visit insurancedekho

  • What add-on covers are available with the package policy of IFFCO Tokio?

    There are several add-on covers that can be affixed with the standard package policy. The available add-ons include zero depreciation Cover, Consumable Cover, Roadside Assistance, Garage Cash Cover and many more.

  • What documents do I need to submit for purchasing a IFFCO Tokio comprehensive car insurance policy?

    The documents required during the claim settlement are:

    • Copy of vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC)
    • Previous Auto Insurance Policy Number (if any)
    • Your contact details (phone no., email id and residential address)
    • Nominee details
    • Copy of vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC)

  • What is No Claim Bonus?

    No Claim Bonus or NCB is a discount offered on premiums when no claim is filed during the policy tenure. The discount increases with every claim-free year up to 5 years.

  • Will I get compensation for my car if an accident occurs with someone else driving my car?

    The liability follows the car and not the driver. This means that you would be eligible to get the compensation for your vehicle from your insurer even if someone else was driving (with a valid driving license) your car during the accident.

Third Party

  • What should I do after an accident?

    If the accident results in a serious injury of any person, it is advisable to first rush to the nearest hospital to seek medical attention. Thereafter, contact IFFCO Tokio at 1800-103-5499 as soon as possible to initiate the Claim Settlement process.

  • What is the minimum coverage tenure for IFFCO Tokio third party policy?

    For new cars, the minimum coverage period is 3 years, after which, the policy needs to be renewed annually. On the other hand, for old cars, the policy cover needs to be renewed annually.

  • How much compensation can be offered in case of death of a third party?

    The amount of compensation in case of death of a third party in an accident caused by the insured car is decided by a court of law.

  • Is there any way to get a duplicate copy of my car insurance plan?

    Yes, in case you have misplaced your insurance cover, then you can request for a duplicate copy of the same by submitting a written application to your respective insurance provider.

  • What is not covered under a third party car insurance plan?

    Generally, a third party car insurance plan does not offer coverage for their own vehicle against any kind of damage or loss incurred.

Zero Depreciation

  • My car is 7 years old. Am I eligible for Zero Depreciation cover of IFFCO Tokio?

    Yes, your car is eligible for zero depreciation add-on cover. IFFCO Tokio offers its zero depreciation cover for all cars not older than 10 years.

  • Do I need to renew the zero depreciation cover separately?

    Zero depreciation add-on cover requires payment of an additional premium along with the standard premium. However, the payment is not made separately. The total premium amount for the auto insurance policy includes all the costs.

  • How much do I need to pay during the claim settlement if I have zero dep add-on cover?

    By opting for the zero depreciation add-on, you just need to pay your part of liabilities excluding the applicable depreciation. The liability for the depreciation amount is borne by the insurer.

  • What all factors are responsible for determining the premium of the zero depreciation cover?

    Factors that are responsible for determining the premium of the zero depreciation add-on are as follows:

    • Age of the Car
    • Model of the Car
    • Registered location of the Car, etc.

  • At what time can I include Zero depreciation cover to my car insurance plan?

    You can add zero depreciation cover to your basic car insurance plan either at the time of purchase of the policy or renewal of the existing plan.


  • How much amount will I get in claim settlement?

    The claim amount depends on a number of factors such as the type of policy purchased, add-on covers, deductibles, the extent of damage, etc. The insurer pays the full IDV of the vehicle as the claim amount in case of total constructive loss of your vehicle, i.e., when your vehicle gets at least 75% damaged.

  • Can I initiate a claim settlement online?

    Yes, you can easily file a claim settlement request online with IFFCO Tokio by visiting their website and providing the required details.

  • What should I do in case of theft of my car? How and when do I get a claim in such a case?

    In the case of theft of a vehicle, you need to register an FIR (First Information Report) at the nearest police station and inform your insurer. The police will try to trace your vehicle until 90 days after which the police will issue a non-traceable report for your vehicle. The matter will then proceed to a court of law which will issue a Non Objection Certificate (NOC). Post NOC issuance, the insurer undertakes an investigation from its side to trace the vehicle. In case the insurer is not able to find the vehicle, the claim settlement process gets initiated.

  • I have a zero depreciation add-on cover. Do I need to pay anything during claim settlement?

    The zero depreciation add-on cover exempts you from the liability to pay for the applicable depreciation on your car and its parts. However, you remain liable to pay for deductibles - compulsory and voluntary (if opted for).

  • Do I need to pay at the garage for the repair of my damaged car?

    Yes, you are required to make payment for your part of liability while the insurance provider covers the rest. Moreover, for reimbursement claim settlement, you are required to pay the complete amount but later the insurance company would remiumburse it.


  • Can I change my policy details like my contact number and address?

    Yes, you can change the details mentioned in your policy document. For this, you need to file for an endorsement with the insurer.

  • When do I need to renew my IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy?

    A car insurance policy generally comes with a policy period of 1 year after which it needs to be renewed annually. However, new car buyers are required to purchase a car insurance policy for a period of at least 3 years.

  • I am having problems with the renewal process. What should I do?

    In case you are facing any problem while renewing your car insurance policy, you can contact IFFCO Tokio at 1800-103-5499 and get thorough guidance about the renewal process.

  • Can I add add-on covers while renewing my IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy?

    Yes, you can opt for additional add-on covers or can even remove an existing one while renewing your IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy.

  • Can I buy new add-on covers at the time of policy renewal?

    Yes, you can buy add-on covers at the time of renewal of the insurance cover by contacting the insurance company.

Premium Calculator

  • What is the importance of a car insurance premium calculator?

    With a premium calculator, you can calculate the amount of premium and IDV value provided by different insurers easily.

  • What all factors affect the premium of a car insurance plan?

    The factors that can affect the premium of a car insurance plan are IDV, owner’s age, NCB, engine’s cubic capacity, Anti-theft devices, modifications, etc.

  • How can I avail the premium calculator in order to get the correct premium amount?

    At the InsuranceDekho website you can make use of the best premium calculator in order to compute IDV and premium amount for the car insurance cover.

  • What details do I need to fill in order to calculate premium on the premium calculator?

    You need to enter details like model, make, car variant, fuel type, RTO location etc to find the premium offered by different insurance companies.

  • Can I use a premium calculator to compute the plan premium for my old car?

    Yes, you can calculate the premium charged by different insurance companies for your old or used car.

Add On

  • Which add-on covers are provided by Iffco Tokio for its car insurance plans?

    Iffco Tokio offers several add-on covers along with their car insurance policy such as zero depreciation cover, return to invoice cover, personal belonging cover, engine protection cover, etc.

  • Is it mandatory to purchase an add-on insurance cover?

    No, purchasing an add-on insurance cover along with your standard car insurance plan is not mandatory. It is your sole decision whether you want to buy an add-on cover or not.

  • When can I purchase the Iffco Tokio car insurance add-on covers?

    You can purchase the Iffco Tokio addon covers either while buying a car insurance plan or at the time of car insurance plan renewal process.

  • How many addon covers can I purchase in one single time?

    You can buy as many add-on covers that you want to include along with your standard car insurance plan depending upon your needs and budget.

  • While buying an add-on cover, am I supposed to pay an additional premium?

    Yes, in order to include an add-on cover with your standard health insurance plan, you are required to pay an additional amount premium apart from the premium paid against base policy cover.

Policy Download

  • How do I get a duplicate copy of my IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy?

    In case you have misplaced or lost your car insurance policy document, you can contact IFFCO Tokio helpline number at 1800-103-5499 and ask them to send you a duplicate copy for the same.

  • What if I want to make corrections in my policy document?

    You can call IFFCO Tokio’s customer care number at 1800-103-5499(toll-free) and make a request for correction of an error in the policy document. Afterwards, the company would make the corrections and issue a new policy document to you.

  • Can I download my IFFCO Tokio insurance plan through their official application?

    Yes, with the help of the Customer App from IFFCO Tokio, you can easily manage all your insurance plans at one place. You can not just check the policy details but you can also download your insurance plan copy via the app.

  • How to download my IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy document?

    You can go to the official website of IFFCO Tokio, there select ‘support’ option. Thereafter, policy copy gets auto selected, then choose’ Policy Download’ option. Enter all the details as required and finally click on ‘Download Policy’ to download it.

Own Damage

  • What is Own Damage cover in IFFCO Tokio Car insurance plan?

    Own damage policy helps the policyholder stay protected against the damages caused to their own car because of theft, accident, etc.

  • What is the difference between third party and own damage cover?

    The own damage cover offers protection to the policyholder against damages caused to their own vehicle, whereas in third party cover, the protection is provided to policyholders against any third party legal liabilities.

  • Is purchasing an own damage cover for a car mandatory?

    No, purchasing an own damage cover for your car insurance is not mandated by the law, it is up to the policyholder whether they want it or not.

  • Who is eligible to purchase a standalone own damage cover?

    A policyholder, who has an active third party insurance cover is eligible to purchase an own-damage car insurance plan to cover their own vehicle.

  • How is the premium for own damage IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan calculated?

    The premium calculation takes place based on factors like car make, car age, vehicle type, engine cc, geographical zone etc.

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