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  • Why should you purchase Bajaj Allianz car insurance online?

    Car insurance is a need of the hour. Purchasing it online from Bajaj Allianz cuts-down your work.

    • You could pick after reviewing the options at the convenience of your home.

    • The process of buying is quick and easy.

  • Third party liability and comprehensive car insurance – what’s the difference? Which Bajaj Allianz policy should I buy?

    A third party insurance cover third party liabilities only. Comprehensive car insurance on the other hand include own damage to vehicles and third party liabilities. For optimized protection, you must buy a comprehensive insurance plan from Bajaj Allianz.

  • Is your NCB transferable in Bajaj Allianz?

    Ofcourse, NCB is definitely transferable when you are changing your car insurance company to Bajaj Allianz. It solely depends on your clean claim-free driving record.

  • IDV – What does it imply in car insurance?

    IDV stands for insured declared value. It is the current market value of your vehicle. Depreciation of cars, wear and tear and other features are factored in.

  • Is NCB available for all Bajaj Allianz policyholders?

    NCB or No Claim Bonus is more of a rewarding discount. If no claims were made in the previous policy period, a good discount is offered on your car insurance from Bajaj Allianz.

  • Bajaj Allianz Policy Cover – How to know the period for which its valid?

    Every insurance company in business is required to furnish policyholders with a policy start date and end date. The same is applicable for Bajaj Allianz. This is the period upto which the policy is valid. After the date has expired, you are required to renew the policy.

  • My car insurance has lapsed – What do I do for my next Bajaj Allianz Insurance cover?

    Once your car insurance has lapsed, you will need to provide your car for inspection. If you have a good amount of NCB earned over a period, it is mandatory that you renew your Bajaj Allianz policy within 90 days of the policy being lapsed. If not, the NCB percentage will become null and void.

  • Why should I pay additional premium apart from my insurance cover for my Bajaj Allianz policy?

    Frankly, additional premium is only required for add-ons regardless of the insurer. These are additional riders that maximize value of your car insurance policy.

  • Why do I need Bajaj Allianz car insurance?

    What are you more likely to purchase – a branded something or a some random policy promising you a world of wonders? Bajaj Allianz is a brand, grasping a foothold for long in the market. It offers protection against third party liability, own damage and damage due to personal activity.

  • Bajaj Allianz car insurance policy – I need to know how much coverage does it offer?

    Bajaj Allianz car insurance lets you purchase car insurance online. Much depends on the IDV of the vehicle and its price.


  • What is Bajaj Allianz Cashless network?

    With the help of the Bajaj Allianz cashless network, you can take your car for repair at any of the network workshops to get your car repaired without having to pay anything. However, remember, you will still have to pay for the depreciated claim portion and compulsory excess, while the rest will get settled by the insurance company.

  • How many network garages do Bajaj Allianz have in India?

    There are around 4375 authorized cashless garages registered under Bajaj Allianz across the whole nation.

  • What are the benefits offered in Bajaj Allianz Cashless Garages?

    A policyholder will receive the following benefits at the time of availing Cashless garage facility by Bajaj Allianz:

    • Availability of claim support 24x7.
    • Availability of spot assistance 24x7.
    • Quick, easy, hassle free claim settlement process.

  • Should I make small claims?

    It is suggested that the policyholder should not make any small claims as it would later affect their chances of claiming for No claim bonus at the time of policy renewal.

  • Is NCB transferable from old car to new car?

    Yes, NCB can be transferred from an old car to a new car if it is for the same type and class.


  • What if my car insurance policy expires?

    It is important that you renew your policy before it expires. Also, you must consider applying for your car renewal within 90 days of your policy expiry to ensure that you continue to avail the benefits of No Claim Bonus (NCB). Apart from it, if you do not get your car insurance renewed within the stipulated period, you may have to agree to car inspection by the insurance company, which may be chargeable.

  • Do I have to pay higher premiums, if my car is older?

    The age of your car has a determining effect on your premium rates. This means that older the car, higher is the premium amount that you will be required to pay towards car insurance. This is because older cars are more prone to damages from accidents than new vehicles.

  • I am moving from Kolhapur to Mumbai. Will my car insurance premiums increase?

    Car premiums rise when you are moving to a densely populated area or a metropolitan city. This is because the chances of your car meeting with an accident are higher in such cities.

  • How long does my NCB certificate remain valid?

    Customers who have made no claims on their car insurance are entitled to No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefits, which has a decreasing effect on their premium rates in future. However, the NCB certificate is valid for a period of three years. This means that the policyholders can enjoy its benefits over the span of the next three years or till they make a claim on their insurance, whichever is earlier.

  • If I wish to save on my car insurance premiums, should I opt for monthly payment or pay premiums annually?

    Yearly premium payment ensure lesser premium charges than those paid monthly.


  • What is the compulsory deductible that I have to pay during the claim process?

    Compulsory deductible, also called the compulsory excess, is the amount of loss that you have to bear from your pocket for every claim made.

  • Will I be able to make a claim despite having lost the insurance policy documents?

    You may always apply for a duplicate policy document in case you have lost the original ones. Simply log on to our website with your ID and password and we will send you the soft copy of the document to your email id.

  • Is it necessary to inform my insurer about any modifications to my car?

    Be it any kind of modification including fitting additional devices or replacing the existing ones, it is important to keep your insurer informed about the same. Even, if you are planning to make a shift from the CNG to the PNG or vice versa, update your insurance company about the modifications to avoid claim rejections, as and when required.

  • What is the meaning of the term “Constructive Total Loss” in any car insurance policy?

    As per the guidelines in the Motor Vehicle Act, the constructive total loss is the amount of damage caused to the vehicle during an accident or loss due to theft in which the amount spent on the repairs of damaged parts is more than 75 per cent of the Insured Declared Value (IDV) mentioned in the policy.

  • Can I renew my car insurance policy online?

    Policyholders can apply for renewal of their car insurance policy online starting 60 days prior to the date on which your policy expires. If your car insurance policy has already expired, the insurance company will send an authorised surveyor to inspect the vehicle before issuing the policy. Post verification of the details submitted, the insurance company will issue a new policy to the customer.

Zero Depreciation

  • How do I know if I must opt for a regular cover or a comprehensive policy with zero depreciation cover?

    A lot depends on your willingness to take risks or preference of claim amounts on the investment made. A Zero Depreciation cover is preferred in the following cases:

    • If you have a car that is less than five years old.
    • If you drive a luxury car, the repairs of which are costly and can be done at authorised dealers only.
  • Can I get my No Claim Bonus (NCB) migrated if I am planning to change my insurer?

    Your NCB and its benefits get transferred to another insurance company sans any added costs. When you renew your policy through us, you may leave the transfer of the NCB benefits to the new insurance company to us.

  • Is service tax applicable on the premium charges that I pay on my car insurance?

    As with other purchases, service tax is applicable to insurance prices too. The insurance company charges the service tax as per the prevailing rules and regulations.

  • What is the “Certificate of Insurance” under the Motor Vehicles Act?

    The insurance company, post acceptance of the car insurance proposal submitted by its interested customers, issue a “Certificate of Insurance” to them, thereby, accepting to bear the risk associated with their cars. Policyholders must ensure that they carry this insurance document with them while driving.

  • Can one have the insurance and vehicle ownership under different names?

    One must remember that the insurance is on the car that the owner buys. This means that it is imperative that the insurance is bought in the same name as the car. This ensures hassle-free claim payment. Any discrepancy regarding the name or address of the car owner may result in the insurance company rejecting the claim out-rightly.


  • Is there any way to set a renewal reminder for my Bajaj Allianz car insurance policy?

    Yes, there is a tool available on Bajaj Allianz’s website which reminds you every time you approach the renewal deadline. Visit the Bajaj Allianz Renewal home page and choose ‘Renew now’ under the ‘Car Insurance’ tab. Click on ‘Renewal Reminder’ and enter your name, mobile number, Email Id and Renewal date. The company will remind you as the deadline approaches.

  • What is the tenure of Bajaj Allianz car insurance policies?

    Just like most of the general insurance companies, Bajaj Allianz offers a car insurance policy valid for a period of 1 year to old car owners. However, the first policy tenure for new cars should be compulsorily for at least 3 years.

  • What if I missed renewing my car insurance policy?

    It is highly recommended that you should renew your policy within the stipulated time. However, if you fail to do so, you can still proceed with the renewal of your policy after getting an inspection done for your vehicle.

  • Can I opt out for previously taken add-ons at the time of renewal?

    Yes, you can opt-out for the previously taken add-ons at the time of renewal.

  • Can I change my contact number at the time of renewal of Bajaj Allianz car insurance?

    Yes, you can change your contact number while renewing your Bajaj Allianz car insurance. It is advisable to update any change of personal details at this stage.

Third Party

  • How is Bajaj Allianz Third Party Car Insurance beneficial for the policyholder?

    Uncertainty is the ultimate truth of life. You never know when an accident can happen with your car. Therefore, Third Party Car Insurance policy helps the policyholder to be ready for the harm caused to another person through their vehicle. It compensates for the losses caused to property and life.

  • Will the damage caused to my vehicle be covered under Third Party Car Insurance policy?

    Under the policy, only damages caused to another person (third party) is covered. Any damages occurred to the insured or insured’s vehicle are not covered under the policy.

  • Why should I take a third party car insurance policy?

    Third party car insurance policy is mandatory for every vehicle owner. It protects the policyholder from the hustle of legal liabilities. Along with that, it prevents you from paying against those heavy damages by backing them up with financial expenses that are required to compensate for the third party.

  • Will I get NCB along with my third party cover?

    No, No Claim Bonus is not applicable to third party car insurance policy.

  • What is the minimum tenure period for third party cover?

    Bajaj Allianz General Insurance offers third party cover for a minimum tenure of 1 year. The policyholders need to renew their policy at the end of the period.

Premium Calculator

  • What factors affect the premium of a car insurance plan?

    Factors affecting insurance premium of a car insurance plan comprise Insured Declared Value (IDV), Year of Registration, Engine’s Cubic Capacity, Anti-theft Devices, Modification, No Claim Bonus (NCB), Anti-Theft Devices, Age of the Owner, etc.

  • Why should I avail the car insurance premium calculator?

    The car insurance premium calculator helps you get the premium amount and IDV offered by different insurance companies, which will help you select a better car insurance policy.

  • Can I find the premium for my old car with the premium calculator?

    Yes, you can utilize the premium calculator to calculate the premium amount for your old car.

  • What details should I enter to compute premium on the premium calculator?

    To calculate the premium offered by different insurance firms through the premium calculator, you will have to enter different details of your car such as make, model and variant of your car, fuel type of your car, engine capacity of your car, registration year of your car, etc.

  • Where can I find the best premium calculator to get the right premium amount?

    You can find the best premium calculator to calculate the premium amount and Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your car insurance policy at the official website of InsuranceDekho, i.e.,

Add On

  • How many add-ons are offered by the Bajaj Allianz Company for car insurance plans?

    The Bajaj Allianz General Insurance provides a wide range of add-on covers which includes Zero Depreciation Cover, No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover, Roadside Assistance (RSA), Consumable Cover, Key and Lock Replacement Cover, Engine Cover, Personal Baggage Cover, Electrical and Non-Electrical Accessories Cover, and Daily Allowance Cover.

  • How can I utilise the Bajaj Allianz car insurance add-on covers?

    You can use the car insurance add-on covers provided by the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance by paying a little extra amount of premium along with premium amount for base insurance cover.

  • Do I need to include add-on covers in my car insurance plan as a compulsion?

    No, it is not compulsory to opt for an add-on cover in your car insurance cover. It is an option to enhance your car insurance cover by paying a little extra premium charge.

  • Can I include an add-on cover anytime in my car insurance plan?

    No, you can either include an add-on cover in your car insurance policy at the time of car insurance plan purchase or at the time of car insurance policy renewal.

  • How many add-on covers can I include in my car insurance plan?

    You can add as many add-on covers as you wish in your car insurance policy based on your budget and requirement as there is no such limitation.

Policy Download

  • How do I get a duplicate copy of my Bajaj Allianz car insurance policy?

    If a policyholder has lost or misplaced their car insurance policy document, then you can talk to customer care executives at 1800 209 5858 and request them to help you in getting a duplicate car insurance policy copy.

  • How to download my Bajaj Allianz car insurance policy document online?

    Go to Bajaj Allianz customer care portal and enter details like your policy number, registered phone number, UIN and e-mail ID and click on ‘Send Mail to customer’. Afterwards, you will receive your policy document by the company at your registered email ID, from there you can easily download your policy document.

  • Can I download policy documents through the official app of Bajaj Allianz?

    Yes, to download the policy document, firstly you need to download Bajaj Allianz—Caringly Yours App from the play store. Thereafter, get registered by entering your mobile number. Later, choose the ‘Add Policy’ option, wherein you need to enter details like your policy number, phone number and email ID, click on the ‘Submit' button. From the displayed page, select ‘Manage policy’ and then scroll down and choose ‘policy Schedule’. Your policy document will get displayed, hereon you can easily download your policy document.

  • What if I wish to make corrections to my Bajaj Allianz policy document?

    You can simply call Bajaj Allianz to contact the Bajaj Allianz customer care team at 1800 209 5858, in order to make corrections to the policy document wherever necessary.

  • What is a policy document?

    Policy document refers to the insurance proposal form, that contains, policy schedule and other important information related to the car insurance plan. It acts as a legal contract between the Insurance company and the policyholder.

Own Damage

  • What is an own damage cover in Bajaj Allianz Car insurance plan?

    An own damage car insurance cover helps the policyholder in safeguarding their own car from the damages incurred due to accident, theft, etc. The insurance company pays compensation for any damages incurred to the policyholder's own vehicle during an accident or any other mishap.

  • Who is allowed to purchase Bajaj Allianz standalone own damage cover?

    A policyholder, who owns a valid third party insurance plan is allowed to purchase Bajaj Allianz standalone own damage cover.

  • How is the premium calculated for Bajaj Allianz own damage car insurance cover?

    The premium calculation for Bajaj Allianz own damage cover takes place on the basis of factors such as car age, car make, vehicle type, geographical zone, engine cc, etc.

  • Is it mandatory to buy an own damage cover for my car?

    No, as per the law it is not mandatory to purchase an own damage cover for your car. However, as per Indian Motor Tariff Act, it is compulsory to own a third party insurance plan in order to drive your car on public roads in India.

  • What all is covered in Own damage insurance?

    Bajaj Allianz own damage insurance offers coverage for theft of own vehicle, damage or loss to own vehicle in an accident or any other mishap such as due to fire, natural calamity etc.

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  • Smooth claim process

    I took Bajaj car insurance and I must say it has been a good decision. I took my first claim a month back and the process was really smooth and the customer support team was quick with their responses. Since I purchased it through InsuranceDekho, I got claim assistance from them which was really a big thing.

    By Aaftaab Chaudhary
    On: June 13, 2024
  • Smooth Portability

    I recently switched to InsuranceDekho for my car insurance and bought Bajaj Car Insurance. I am greatly satisfied with their service. From providing excellent coverage options to help claim settlements, they have performed beyond my expectations. Good work, Team InsuranceDekho.

    By Akash Singh Chauhan
    On: June 7, 2024
  • Best customer service

    I got my newly bought Maruti Baleno insured with Bajaj Allianz through InsuranceDekho in such a hassle-free and smooth process. The process was simple, and the team was helpful from start to finish.

    By Priya Gupta
    On: May 29, 2024
  • Excellent Service

    I recently bought Bajaj Allianz car insurance. The Insurancedekho team was very helpful till the end of the process. Thankyou.!!

    By Naman Arora
    On: March 2, 2024
  • Seamless Claims Processing

    I found that the claim for my Toyota car’s processing at InsuranceDekho's cashless garages is seamless. It minimizes paperwork and simplifies the process for the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy.

    By Sreelata Kashyap
    On: November 24, 2023
  • Zero-Dep, Zero Compromises

    With zero-dep insurance, there are zero compromises. InsuranceDekho's Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy doesn't cut corners; it ensures that my MG car is fully protected without any deductions.

    By Aman Kumar
    On: November 22, 2023
  • Financial Security During Clai...

    During the claim of the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy, InsuranceDekho provided financial security. It's reassuring to know that they have me and my Renault car covered.

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  • Investing in Vehicle Safety

    I know that my choice to invest in own damage car insurance with the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho is an investment in my Renault vehicle's safety. It offers complete protection, ensuring I can drive with confidence.

    By Aviraj Ghosh
    On: October 30, 2023
  • Effortless Premium Calculation...

    InsuranceDekho's Premium Calculator made the process of calculating the premium for the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy for my Kia car effortless. It's user-friendly and provides quick results, ensuring I can make informed decisions.

    By Pushpak Gowde
    On: October 26, 2023
  • Legal and Financial Safety Net...

    I see InsuranceDekho's third-party coverage as a crucial legal and financial safety net. The Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy is a responsible choice for my Mercedes-Benz.

    By Laavish Jain
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