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  • What are the advantages offered in DHFL Cashless Garages?

    As a policyholder you will receive the following benefits:

    • Simple, swift and hassle-free claim process
    • No hefty paperwork involved
    • Assistance to policyholder at the time of claim

  • What all documents do I require to submit to an insurance company to register for a cashless claim?

    You are required to submit the following documents:

    • A copy of your car insurance plan
    • Claim Form
    • Valid RC
    • A valid driving license
    • Repair bill
    • Other documents (as required)

  • How does DHFL cashless garage facility work?

    If your insured car incurs any damages or loss because of an accident or any other mishap, then you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. A surveyor appointed by the company will be sent to estimate the extent of damage caused to your car. Thereafter, based upon the reports sent, the company will approve the claim and the repair of the car will happen thereafter at any listed garage.

  • Should I make small claims for my insured car?

    Yes, you can file for small claims for your insured car, however, it is not suggested because in future it can affect your chances of claiming for no claim bonus at the time of renewal of your car insurance plan with the company.

  • How many network garages does DHFL have in India?

    The insurance company has more than 1100 cashless garages tied-up with them all over India.


  • How many kinds of car insurance plans are offered by DHFL?

    DHFL provides three kinds of car insurance plans to their customers, namely comprehensive car insurance plan, third party liability insurance plan and standalone own damage insurance plan.

  • Does DHFL offer NCB to their customers?

    Yes, the insurance provider offers NCB benefits to their customers in case no claims are raised by the policyholder during the policy duration.

  • What are the benefits of having DHFL car insurance?

    DHFL car insurance offers a variety of benefits including quick and hassle-free claim process, a high claim settlement ratio, offers multiple add-on covers, offers a wide cashless garage network etc.

  • What do you mean by endorsement?

    An endorsement consists of various details about any changes made in the car insurance policy document like policyholder’s name, contact number, email-id, address, etc.

  • What all factors are taken into account to determine the premium of a car insurance plan?

    The premium is determined on the basis of factors like car’s age, add-on cover, engine cc, installed anti-theft devices in car, car’s IDV, NCB and other discounts.


  • What additional benefits does a comprehensive policy offer over a third-party plan?

    Apart from coverage against third party liabilities, a comprehensive car insurance policy also covers repair costs of insured’s car termed as own-damages.

  • Can I extend the coverage of my CocoDrive Private Car Package Policy?

    Yes, you can extend the coverage of your CocoDrive Private Car Package Policy by opting for required add-ons such as zero depreciation cover, engine cover, lost key cover, etc.

  • What is a cashless claim?

    If your vehicle is repaired in any of the garages registered with DHFL General Insurance, then the insurer will pay the repairing cost directly to the garage. This type of claim is known as a ‘Cashless Claim’.

  • How is the premium amount decided?

    Premium of your insurance plan depends on a number of factors such as the car’s Insured Declared Value (IDV), engine capacity, RTO zone, driving location etc.

  • What all coverage is offered under DHFL comprehensive car insurance plan?

    A policyholder gets covered against loss or damages incurred by their own vehicle and other third party financial liabilities including both third party property and third party person.

Third Party

  • Does the third party car insurance policy provide coverage outside the geographical arena?

    Each policy has a pre-decided geographical limitation for the policyholders. The DHFL third party car insurance policy will not provide for any damage or injury to the third party that occurred outside the pre-decided geographical area.

  • What should I do in case of third party damage to avail the coverage?

    Inform the insurer immediately after the accident or mishap. You can call their toll-free number 1800 123 0004 and register your request. You can also visit the nearest branch and inform the insurer.

  • How much compensation is provided by DHFL General Insurance in case of loss of one limb or sight of one eye of a third party?

    The amount of compensation in such cases is decided by a court of law. The insurer is liable to provide 50% of the compensation decided by the court in case of loss of one limb or sight of one eye of a third party.

  • Does the DHFL third party car insurance policy provide coverage for any damage to the insured car?

    The CocoDrive Liability Only Policy by DHFL General Insurance provides coverage against the third party liabilities only. Any damage caused to the insured’s car is excluded from the coverage of this policy.

  • What are the advantages of purchasing DHFL third party car insurance plans?

    There are various benefits of buying DHFL third party car insurance plans:

    • No need of hefty paperwork
    • Purchasing third party plans online in a click
    • Availability of knowledgeable and helpful customer support team.
    • Hassle-free claim settlement process.

Zero Depreciation

  • What factors affect the premium of zero depreciation cover?

    Here are the factors that can affect the premium of zero depreciation cover:

    • The age of the car
    • The model of the car
    • Registered location of the car, etc.

  • Can I buy any other add-on cover with zero depreciation add-on cover?

    Yes, you can buy as many add-on covers as you want to with zero depreciation add-on cover.

  • What parts of my car are not included under the DHFL zero depreciation cover?

    This add-on coverage compensates the depreciation of every part of the car, except tyres, tubes and batteries.

  • Do I need to pay for any additional premium to get zero depreciation cover?

    You will have to pay for a bit extra premium in addition to the basic premium amount to get this zero depreciation add-on cover.

  • When can I get this add-on added in my comprehensive car insurance policy?

    You can add this zero depreciation add-on cover to your comprehensive/standalone owner at the time of purchase and renewal of your policy.


  • What documents are required to renew the DHFL car Insurance policy online?

    The online renewal process of DHFL car Insurance policy does not involve any paperwork. You only need to enter your mobile number and all the details relating to your policy will appear on the website.

  • Can I modify the car insurance policy at the time of renewal?

    Yes, you can modify the car insurance policy at the time of renewal in the following ways:

    • Extension or reduction of tenure: You can choose the policy period as per your preference.
    • Inclusion or exclusion of Add-ons: You can choose the add-ons you want for the renewed policy.

  • What if I miss the expiry date of my DHFL car insurance policy?

    In case you miss the deadline for the renewal of your policy, you can still get it renewed up till 90 days from the date of expiry. In such a case, an inspection of your car is mandatory. This facility is available but not recommended as ideally you should renew your policy within the expiry deadline.

  • If my previous policy is from some other insurance company, can I still renew it with DHFL General Insurance?

    Yes, you can renew any car insurance policy with DHFL General Insurance, be it previously issued by it or some other insurance company.

  • How much time will it take to renew my car insurance policy online?

    Once the renewal fee is paid, your car insurance policy will get renewed instantly and the documents will get sent at your registered email-Id.


  • Where can I find the claim form of DHFL General Insurance Company?

    You can download the claim form of DHFL General Insurance Company by visiting their website

  • When should I register the claim for my car insurance?

    You must file a claim right after the accident. However, it is recommended to first focus on the injured persons (if any). Whereas in the case of theft claims, you must intimate their representatives as well as the nearest police station, as soon as it happens.

  • Within how much time the spot survey is arranged?

    The spot survey is arranged by NAVI GENERAL INSURANCE LIMITED (Formerly known as DHFL General Insurance Limited) within 6 hours, but not more than 24 hours, of reporting of a claim.

  • How much time does it take in the settlement of the car insurance claim?

    The car insurance claims are settled within 7 working days of receipt of the last required claim document.

  • What if I don’t request any claim in a policy year or years?

    If you do not file any claim in a policy year or years, then you will be entitled to get the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount, which can be from 20 % to 50 % on the premium of the own damage policy premium based on the number of claim-free years.

Premium Calculator

  • What details do I need to enter to calculate premium on premium calculator?

    You are required to enter information related to your car’s make, car’s model, car’s variant, car’s fuel type, engine cc of car, car’s registration year, etc in order to calculate the premium quotes offered by the insurance companies.

  • Can I use a premium calculator in order to calculate the premium for my used or second hand car?

    Yes, premium calculators can be used by you in order to calculate premium for both old as well as new cars.

  • What all factors affect the premium of car insurance policy?

    There are various factors that affect the premium of a car insurance plan such as no claim bonus, engine’s cubic capacity, owner’s age, anti-theft devices installed in the car, car’s Insured declared value, etc.

  • From where can I find a good premium calculator to calculate premium quotes as per my requirement and budget?

    You can find a free of cost and best premium calculator at InsuranceDekho in order to calculate the premium amount of various insurance plans based on your budget and requirements.

  • What is the benefit of using a car insurance premium calculator?

    With a car insurance premium calculator, you can easily calculate the premium amount as well as IDV offered by various insurance companies. The premium calculator will assist you in choosing a better health insurance plan.

Add On

  • How much is it required to spend in order to buy add-on covers with a basic insurance plan?

    You can opt for different add-on covers with different available prices depending upon your car insurance plan, add-ons opted and your insurance provider.

  • Is it necessary to include add-on cover in my car insurance plan?

    No, buying an add-on cover along with your car insurance plan is not necessary. It depends entirely upon you, in order to enhance the coverage of the plan you can go for an add-on cover.

  • How many add-on covers can be included with my basic car insurance plan in a single time?

    This depends upon your specific requirements and budget, there is no limit attached to the number of add-on covers you can opt for with a standard insurance plan.

  • When can I buy add-on covers with my DHFL car insurance plan?

    You can buy add-on covers with your car insurance plans either during policy purchase or renewal of insurance policy.

  • How many add-on covers are offered by DHFL?

    The insurance company offers various add-on covers including zero depreciation, engine protection, NCB, consumable expenses, EMI protector, hospital cash cover, etc.

Own Damage

  • What is DHFL's own damage insurance?

    DHFL own damage insurance offers coverage to the insured car against the damages incurred due to theft, accident, any other mishap etc. The insurance company will offer compensation to the policyholder against any damages caused to the insured car.

  • Is it mandatory to buy an own damage insurance plan for my new car?

    No, as per the law buying an own damage insurance car is not mandatory. However, as per the Indian Motor Tariff Act, it is mandatory to buy at least a third party insurance plan in order to save yourself from paying hefty fines or penalty upon getting caught by traffic police at the time of checking.

  • How is premium calculation done for DHFL own damage insurance?

    The premium for DHFL own damage insurance is calculated taking into account various factors such as:

    • Car’s IDV and Age
    • Safety equipments installed
    • Add-on cover
    • Model and Make of the Car
    • Car’s registration location

  • How is Own damage insurance plan different from third party liability insurance?

    Own damage insurance plan offers cover to the policy buyer’s car against damages caused due to an accident, theft,or any other mishap. While , a third party liability insurance offers coverage to the policyholder against damages or losses caused to third party person or third party property in an accident or any other mishap with the insured car.

  • What all documents are needed in order to make a claim for Own damage

    You require the following documents in order to make own damage claim:

    • Car’s RC
    • FIR Report
    • Copy of Insurance plan
    • Copy of driver’s license
    • Repair estimate
    • No claim certificate
    • Proofs and photos of the incident
    • Other documents( as asked by the insurer)

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