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Reliance Zero Depreciation Cover

Reliance Zero Depreciation cover is a bike insurance add-on which can be opted with Reliance Lombard comprehensive and standalone own-damage bike insurance policies. This add-on helps you get complete coverage without deduction of the depreciation expense incurred by your bike.

By default, a policyholder is responsible for bearing the cost of depreciation incurred by the insured’s bike, and thus, the depreciation amount is deducted by the insurer from the claim amount at the time of claim settlement. However, Reliance Zero Depreciation add-on allows policyholders to get rid of this depreciation charge. By opting for this add-on, policyholders can enjoy the entire claim amount without facing any depreciation. Thus, by paying a little extra in the form of premium for the zero depreciation cover, the policyholders get the maximum coverage for their bikes.

Benefits of Reliance Zero Depreciation Cover

  • Higher claim: The policyholders get a higher claim amount as no depreciation expense is deducted from the claim amount.
  • Complete Coverage: With the zero depreciation add-on the insurer provides coverage for your bike and all its parts at 100% except tyres, tubes and batteries for which the cover is provided at 50%..

Zero Depreciation Insurance vs Normal Insurance

Age of bike

Rate of Depreciation Without Zero Depreciation cover

Rate of Depreciation With Zero Depreciation cover

Under 6 months



6 months to 1 year



1-2 years



2-3 years



3-4 years



4-5 years



5-10 years



Above 10 years



Part of bike

Rate of Depreciation Without Zero Depreciation

Rate of Depreciation With Zero Depreciation

Rubber/nylon/ plastic parts



Fibre glass parts



Glass parts



Reliance Bike Zero Depreciation Cover Conditions

The Reliance Bike Zero Depreciation has multiple benefits, however it comes with a few conditions, which are mentioned below:

  • Bikes with a maximum age of 2 years can avail the Zero Depreciation cover.
  • This cover is valid for only two claims during the policy tenure.
  • Select makes and models are eligible for this cover, so read the policy carefully.
  • Damaged caused due to any uninsured peril, normal wear and tear are excluded from this cover.

Reliance Bike Insurance User Reviews

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Reliance Bike Zero Depreciation Add-on FAQs

  • How can I get the Zero Depreciation Cover?

    You can visit the official website of Reliance General Insurance and apply for the Zero Depreciation Cover. Apart from that, you can contact their customer care support centre by dialling 18003009. You can also compare the zero depreciation covers offered by other insurers and get the suitable zero depreciation cover at InsuranceDekho.

  • I don’t own a luxury bike, do I still need to add the Zero Depreciation cover to my policy?

    You can add the Zero Depreciation cover to your policy even if you don’t own a luxury car for the maximum protection. It will help you to get the parts of your bike repaired or replaced without costing you any money.

  • How many times can the Zero Depreciation be claimed?

    You can claim the Zero Depreciation cover two times in the tenure of your Reliance bike insurance policy. Any subsequent claim shall be charged as per the depreciation rate of the policy.

  • When can I add the Zero Depreciation cover?

    You can add the Zero Depreciation cover while purchasing the insurance policy for your bike. The cover can be added during the policy renewal as well, provided the bike is a maximum of two years old

  • Will there be any depreciation charge for replacing tyres if I have the Zero Depreciation cover?

    Yes, there will be a depreciation charge for repairing or replacing tyres with or without Zero Depreciation cover added to your policy. The depreciation charge for tyres, for both with and without Zero Depreciation, is 50%.

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