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DHFL Zero Depreciation Cover

The depreciation in the value of a bike over time is taken into account during the calculation of the claim amount. Every insurer deducts depreciation charges from the claim amount at the time of claim settlement. Opting for a Zero Depreciation cover prevents the deduction of depreciation charges. DHFL offers the Zero Depreciation cover along with a standalone own damage and a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

DHFL Zero Depreciation cover ensures the policyholder to get the maximum claim amount. It provides the facility of free of cost repair and replacement of the depreciable parts of the insured’s bike.

Benefits of DHFL Zero Depreciation Cover

  • Higher claim: With the Zero Depreciation add-on included in the standalone own damage or comprehensive bike insurance policy, the insurer does not deduct any depreciation charges from the claim money. It ensures the policyholders to enjoy the maximum claim amount.
  • Helps save money: Opting for the Zero Depreciation cover may result in a slight increase in the premium amount but it ensures maximum coverage. Under this cover, the free repair and replacement of the depreciated bike parts can be availed.

Zero Depreciation Insurance vs Normal Insurance

Age of bike

Rate of Depreciation Without Zero Depreciation cover

Rate of Depreciation With Zero Depreciation cover

Under 6 months



6 months to 1 year



1-2 years



2-3 years



3-4 years



4-5 years



5-10 years



Above 10 years



Part of bike

Rate of Depreciation Without Zero Depreciation

Rate of Depreciation With Zero Depreciation

Rubber/nylon/ plastic parts



Fibre glass parts



Glass parts



DHFL Zero Depreciation Cover Conditions

DHFL Zero Depreciation comes with multiple benefits provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The age of the bike should not exceed 3 years.
  • This cover can be claimed only twice in the entire policy tenure.
  • Repair and replacement due to common wear and tear do not get covered.
  • Coverage is not provided in cases of total loss, mechanical and electrical breakdown of the insured’s bike.

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DHFL Zero-Depreciation Add-on Cover FAQs

  • Does the Zero Depreciation add-on provide coverage for plastic parts of bikes?

    Yes, the Zero Depreciation add-on provides coverage for the plastic parts of the insured’s bike. The rate of depreciation for plastic parts without the Zero Depreciation charge is 50%, but in presence of the Zero Depreciation cover, the depreciation charge is not taken into account.

  • Does my premium increase if I opt for Zero Depreciation cover?

    Yes, the premium increases by 15-20% for opting DHFL Zero Depreciation cover along with the standalone or comprehensive bike insurance policy.

  • Is Zero Depreciation cover beneficial for a luxury bike?

    Yes, it is beneficial to opt for Zero Depreciation cover for a luxury bike as it helps to prevent financial expenditure on expensive depreciable parts of the bike.

  • Which depreciable bike parts are covered under DHFL Zero Depreciation cover?

    DHFL Zero Depreciation cover provides coverage for the repair of the following bike parts:

    • Rubber
    • Nylon
    • Plastic
    • Fibre glass
  • Does a Zero Depreciation cover ensure full claim amount?

    No, opting for a Zero Depreciation cover does not ensure full claim amount as deductibles are factorized while calculating the claim amount. Zero Depreciation waivers only the depreciation charges ensuring maximum claim amount.

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