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Consumables are parts or factors of the bike that when used are completely consumed. These are not reusable and cannot be replenished again. In a bike, consumables can be nuts, bolts, lubricants, screws, brake oil, grease, fuel filter, and gas of the air conditioner. Consumables are small things which can add up to the overall expense. And because two-wheeler insurance companies do not usually cover the expenses related to consumables under standard two wheeler insurance policies, it becomes important to get it as an add-on. Consumables cover add-on can be purchased along with a standard standalone own-damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance policy. But for this, the insurance companies do charge an extra premium. Buying this add-on cover is not mandatory but doing so is a smart option as it covers the insured in difficult times.

What Is Consumables Cover Add-On in Bike Insurance?

Consumables cover add-on in bike insurance offers extra coverage for consumable items that a basic bike insurance policy does not cover. The add-on cover helps the insured save on all the consumable items no matter how small they are. One can purchase this add-on cover voluntarily along with the standard bike insurance policy, which can either be a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance policy. The add-on cover offers complete protection against expenses towards consumables that are unfit to be used in the future, in case the damage has been caused due to an accident. Apart from the items mentioned above, consumables cover also protects the insured against expenses related to clips, distilled water, bearing oil, gearbox oil, radiator coolant, battery, and washers. It is an essential add-on cover that gives additional coverage to the insured’s bike thereby offering him/her a stress-free ride. So, it is a smart option to select this add-on cover as it not only offers peace of mind but also makes the insured super secure.

Who Should Opt for Consumables Add-On Cover?

Consumables Cover Bike Insurance Add-On should ideally be opted by the following:

  1. A bike owner who wishes to save expenses on small items like engine oil, etc.
  2. A bike owner whose bike is not more than 5 years old.
  3. A bike owner who wishes to get complete protection in case of a misfortune event of an accident.

​Benefits of Consumable Add-On Cover in Two-Wheeler Insurance

With the help of an add-on, you can enhance your coverage that the standard comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan is not sufficient to provide alone. Although an add-on cover comes at the cost of a slightly additional premium amount, you can stay assured that your bike is covered well when talking about insurance coverage. Although, individual motor vehicle consumables do not cost that much, however, there are various consumable components that you are required to change at the time of getting your vehicle fixed, and they can be pretty costly.

Some of the benefits of Bike consumable add-on cover are as follows:

  • Lesser burden financially.
  • Coverage for gearbox and engine oil.
  • Peace of mind as you are aware that the insurance company will be paying for the consumables.
  • End-to-End Protection of your insured vehicle.
  • Wider coverage in respect to Claim settlement.

What is Included in a Two-Wheeler Consumable Cover?

The key inclusions of two-wheeler consumable cover are as follows:

  • Gearbox Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Nut and Bolt
  • Distilled Water
  • Screw
  • Grease and Lubricants
  • Oil Filter
  • Washers
  • Brake Oil
  • Clip
  • Bearing

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Consumables cover in Two Wheeler Insurance FAQ

  • What are consumable items in a bike?

    Consumables are parts or factors of the bike that when used are completely consumed. They can not be reused. Materials such as nuts, bolts, lubricants, brake oils, grease, fuel filter, screws etc. are consumables in bikes.

  • What is a consumable cover add-on in bike insurance?

    Consumables cover add-on is an additional benefit that you can purchase along with your standard bike insurance policy. It covers you against the cost of replacement or bike parts like screws, engine oils, grease, nuts and bolts, etc.

  • Is it mandatory to get consumables cover add-on along with a standard bike insurance policy?

    No. It is not mandatory to purchase consumables cover add-on. However, if you wish to, then you can purchase it voluntarily without any influence.

  • Will I be required to pay an extra premium to get consumables cover add-on?

    Yes. As the add-on cover offers you additional coverage, therefore you will be required to pay an extra premium to get it.

  • I have a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy. Can I purchase the consumables cover add-on benefit?

    Yes. You can purchase a consumables cover add-on along with a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

  • My bike is 4 years old. Can I purchase the consumables cover add-on for it?

    Yes. You can purchase the consumables cover add-on for bikes not older than 5 years.

  • In which situations can I not make a claim under this add-on?

    You can not make a claim under consumable cover add-on if you are driving maliciously, if you are intoxicated, or if the breakdown has happened due to wear and tear of the bike parts.

  • I own a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Can I get this add-on cover?

    Yes. You can purchase this add-on along with a comprehensive bike insurance policy as well as a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy.

  • When can I purchase a consumables cover add-on?

    You can purchase consumables cover add-on when purchasing a new bike insurance policy or at the time of renewal.

  • Is the consumable cover add-on expensive?

    Consumables cover add-on can be purchased at an affordable premium.

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