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ICICI Lombard's Zero depreciation coverage, sometimes referred to as nil depreciation, is an add-on for comprehensive bike insurance policies and standalone own-damage policies. It allows policyholders to claim the entire cost of replacing bike parts in case of an accident. Here we’ll see its functioning, the key aspects of ICICI Lombard's policy, steps for purchase, essential documentation, and procedures for making claims and renewals.

What is Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance?

A zero depreciation bike insurance cover provides coverage without reducing the claim amount by the depreciation value of the damaged parts. With zero depreciation coverage, if your bike gets damaged in an accident, you can get the full cost of replacing its parts without any deduction for depreciation. Choosing zero-depreciation bike insurance is always advised, as it enables policyholders to increase their coverage by providing maximum reimbursement at the time of claim.

Benefits of Purchasing ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance

Listed below are some benefits of purchasing ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance:

  • Claim Reimbursement: Without zero depreciation, your claim payout is calculated based on the depreciated value at the time of claim. However, zero depreciation cover ensures you receive the full replacement cost without any depreciation deduction, leading to higher payouts.
  • Financial Stability: By opting for zero depreciation cover, you can avoid significant expenses for repaired parts, as the higher payouts alleviate the burden on your finances.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While many assume that zero depreciation coverage is expensive, its benefits outweigh the cost, making it a budget-friendly option when considering the increased reimbursements it provides.
  • Peace of Mind: With zero depreciation add-on in your car insurance, you're covered for accidental damages without any reduction in value. This assurance allows you to drive without concerns about potential financial setbacks.

How to Buy ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance?

Nowadays it's easy to buy extra protection like bumper-to-bumper bike insurance with your basic plan. You can get this extra cover online when you first buy insurance or renew it. Just pick the zero depreciation bike insurance option when you're getting your full bike insurance plan.

Purchase ICICI Lombard Zero Dep Bike Insurance with InsuranceDekho

  • Visit InsuranceDekho’s Website: Head to the InsuranceDekho website and locate the car insurance form on the homepage.
  • Enter Your Vehicle Number: Fill in the required details, including your car's vehicle number (e.g., DLXXABXXXX), in the provided form.
  • Select the ICICI Lombard Plan: After entering your vehicle details, you'll see various insurance plans from different companies. Choose the comprehensive plan offered by ICICI Lombard.
  • Choose Desired Add-ons: While opting for the ICICI Lombard plan, select any additional features you want to include, bearing in mind that each add-on increases the premium. Click "continue" to proceed.
  • Optional: Connect with an InsuranceDekho Advisor: If you have questions or need assistance, select the "request a call back" option to speak with an InsuranceDekho advisor.
  • Complete Your KYC Process: Enter your identification details, such as Aadhar card or PAN card number, along with your mobile number, to proceed.
  • Verify Your Details: Review the pre-filled form with your vehicle details. If any information is incorrect, make necessary changes and continue.
  • Complete the Payment Process: Finally, make the payment using a credit/debit card, UPI, or net banking to finalise your insurance purchase.

From Insurer

Getting zero depreciation coverage is essential for increasing the benefits of your car insurance. You can obtain it through ICICI’s official website with just four simple steps.

  • Step 1 (Share): Firstly you have to get a quote by providing your vehicle registration details and contact information here.
  • Step 2 (Select): Now you are supposed to choose the plan that suits you best and includes zero depreciation cover.
  • Step 3 (Complete Payment): After selecting the plan, securely make your payment online through our trusted payment gateway.
  • Step 4 (Receive Policy): Finally, you will instantly receive your car insurance policy along with zero depreciation cover.


Alternatively, you can take assistance from InsuranceDekho by contacting us at You can also call us at +91-7551196989 to get an agent for a physical visit.

Documents Required to Buy ICICI Zero Dep Insurance Policy

To purchase a zero-depreciation bike insurance policy, you need the following documents:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC): This document is proof of ownership and provides details about your bike, such as the registration number, model, and engine number.
  • Identity Proof: A government-issued ID card such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or driver's license is usually required for identification purposes.
  • Address Proof: Documents like an Aadhaar card, passport, utility bills, or voter ID card that confirm your residential address may be needed.
  • Previous Policy Documents: If you're renewing your bike insurance or switching providers, having your previous policy documents handy can ease the process.
  • Vehicle Inspection Report: In some cases, insurers may require a physical inspection of your bike to assess its condition before issuing the policy.
  • Bank Account Details: You'll need to provide your bank account information if you're making the payment online or opting for auto-renewal.

ICICI Lombard Zero Dep Bike Insurance Claim Process

How to File a Claim (Step-by-Step Process)

Listed below are the steps to be followed to file a claim: (1)

  • Step 1 - You have to inform your insurer about the damage occurrence to avoid potential claim rejection. In case of an accident, ensure to file an FIR.
  • Step 2 - An inspecting officer designated by your insurer will assess the damage and loss. Subsequently, a detailed report will be prepared and forwarded to the claim department.
  • Step 3 - Following approval of the report by the claim department, arrange for your bike to be transported to the network garage for necessary repairs.

Documents Required

When making a claim under a zero depreciation bike insurance policy, you typically need the following documents:

  • Duly filled Claim Form: This form contains important details about the claim, including the circumstances of the incident and the extent of the damage.
  • Copy of Bike Insurance Policy: You need to provide a copy of your zero depreciation bike insurance policy document to verify your coverage and policy details.
  • First Information Report (FIR): If the incident includes theft, vandalism, or a third-party, you may need to file an FIR at the nearest police station and provide a copy as part of your claim documentation.
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC): This document is proof of ownership and provides details about your bike, including the registration number, model, and engine number.
  • Identity Proof: A government-issued ID card such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or driver's license is usually required for identification purposes.
  • Estimate of Repair Costs: You will be required an estimate of the repair costs from authorised repair centers detailing the damages and the associated expenses.
  • Bank Account Details: You'll need to provide your bank account information for reimbursement of the claim amount.

Claim Assistance

For assistance with any of these issues and more, you can reach out to an InsuranceDekho advisor by calling 0755-1196989 or emailing us at If your concern remains unresolved, our Grievance Redressal team is available to assist you. You can contact them by emailing

Covered Vs Not Covered Under ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Insurance

Here are the inclusions and exclusions under ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Car Insurance:


An ICICI Lombard zero depreciation bike insurance policy involves the following features:

  • Depreciable bike parts i.e. nylon, fibreglass, plastic, or rubber parts
  • Tyres and tubes partially
  • Batteries
  • All parts repair and replacement


The below-mentioned features are not included under an ICICI Lombard zero dep two-wheeler insurance policy:

  • Bike more than 5 years old
  • Bike tyres
  • Bi-fuel and gas kit
  • Bike engine
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Mechanical or electrical failures
  • More than 2 claims
  • Intentionally damaged parts
  • Total constructive loss

Depreciation Rate Applicable on Bike With and Without Zero Depreciation Add-on

Age of Bike

Rate of

Depreciation Without Zero Depreciation


Rate of

Depreciation With

Zero Depreciation


Under 6 months



6 months to 1 year



1-2 years



2-3 years



3-4 years



4-5 years



5-10 years



Above 10 years



Applicable Rate of Depreciation on Two Wheeler Parts (2)

Part of Bike

Rate of

Depreciation Without Zero Depreciation

Rate of

Depreciation With

Zero Depreciation

Rubber/nylon/ plastic parts



Fibre glass parts



Glass parts



ICICI Lombard Zero Dep Bike Insurance Support

For assistance with purchasing, renewing, processing claims, or porting your ICICI Lombard zero dep bike insurance, reach out to an InsuranceDekho customer service representative by:

Factors Affecting ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Cover

The ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Cover provides many benefits to the policyholders, however, it is available with the following terms and conditions:

  • This add-on can be availed by insured bikes with a maximum age of 2 years
  • This add-on shall not be applicable in the event of a total loss of the insured’s bike
  • The policyholder shall be liable for a voluntary deductible amount as opted for this add-on, for each payable claim under this add-on
  • The Zero Depreciation cover is only applicable on the first two claims during the policy tenure. Any subsequent claims shall be subject to deduction for depreciation as per the rates stated in the policy terms and conditions.

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    I’ve been paying my ICICI bike insurance’s premium on time. Although, I used to think that policy renewal is not that important, I now see the bigger picture. Just last week, I got a discount due to my claims-free policy and had to pay a lesser amount. I’d recommend everyone to renew their policies and take advantage of this no-claim bonus benefit.

    By Gagan Dahiya
    On: June 18, 2024
  • Best Customer Service

    Last week, I noticed that my bike’s brake lever is damaged. I quickly called an InsuranceDekho agent to get some help. He then asked me about my ICICI bike insurance policy and contacted my insurer. Because of this guidance, I was able to get 100% claim on the damages.

    By Ritika Gulati
    On: June 13, 2024
  • 24*7 Customer Support Availabi...

    Since the last couple of weeks, my bike’s exhaust was not working properly. I decided to get it repaired at a cashless garage. For this I contacted an InsuranceDekho agent, to help me out with claim settlement of my ICICI Lombard’s bike insurance.. They coordinated with my insurer and I was able to get the exhaust repaired.

    By Suresh Kohli
    On: June 11, 2024
  • Highly Satisfied with the Serv...

    I recently purchased a Yamaha R15S. After a few months, its fenders were damaged. That’s when I raised a claim from my ICICI comprehensive bike insurance policy. As it was my first claim, I needed help, so I contacted InsuranceDekho. They helped me with the claim settlement process.

    By Ravi Shankar
    On: June 10, 2024
  • Helpful Assistance

    The people at InsuranceDekho were really helpful. They answered all my questions and made sure I got the perfect bike insurance for me.

    By Vishnu Sharma
    On: March 2, 2024
  • Quick and Reliable Repairs

    InsuranceDekho's comprehensive coverage ensures that repairs are quick and reliable. I am glad that I decided to buy the ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance Policy for my Royal EnfieldThey have a network of trusted repair centers.

    By Sudhanshu Kumar
    On: November 29, 2023
  • Great for Comparing Quotes

    I used InsuranceDekho's premium calculator to compare quotes from different insurers. It is an excellent tool for making an informed choice of purchasing the ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance Policy for my Bajaj bike.

    By Namita Kamra
    On: November 24, 2023
  • The Perfect Choice for Car Ent...

    If you're a bike enthusiast who truly values your vehicle, zero-dep ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance Policy is the perfect choice. Since I have taken this policy, it keeps my Kawasaki bike in its prime condition, no matter what life throws at it.

    By Ravi Rathod
    On: November 21, 2023
  • Efficient Claims Process

    I had to make a claim for third-party damage for my ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance Policy, and the process with InsuranceDekho was efficient and straightforward. They ensured the claim for my Jawa bike was handled professionally and quickly.

    By Ashish Batla
    On: November 15, 2023
  • Effortless Claims Process

    InsuranceDekho's claims process for my Mahindra bike under the ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance Policy is effortless. They handle everything efficiently, making it stress-free.

    By JAspreet Rawat
    On: November 9, 2023

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ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover FAQS

  • Do I need to add the Zero Depreciation cover to my policy if I don’t live in an accident-prone zone?

    Ideally, you should opt for the zero depreciation cover irrespective of the area in which you live. By opting for the ICICI Lombard Zero Depreciation cover you get the maximum coverage for any damage incurred by your bike even if you do not live in an accident-prone zone.

  • How can I add the Zero Depreciation cover to my insurance policy?

    Zero Depreciation Cover can be purchased along with the ICICI Lombard comprehensive bike insurance policy as well as with the ICICI Lombard standalone own-damage bike insurance plan. You can visit the official website of ICICI Lombard General Insurance or you can call their customer care number 1800-209-8888.

  • How many times can I claim for Zero Depreciation Cover?

    A policyholder can claim the Zero Depreciation cover twice during the tenure of the ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy. Any further claims made in the policy tenure will be subject to deduction as the terms and conditions.

  • Will there be any depreciation for paintwork if the policyholder has the Zero Depreciation Cover?

    The paintwork of the insured’s bike is always subject to depreciation. The depreciation rate for paintwork is the same for policies with Zero Depreciation and policies without Zero Depreciation. The depreciation rate applicable at the paint work of the insured’s bike is 50%.

  • Does the Zero Depreciation provide coverage for a total loss?

    The ICICI Lombard bike Zero Depreciation does not provide coverage in case of total loss for insured’s bikes.

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