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Engine Protect Cover Add-on in Two Wheeler Insurance

Engine Protect add-on cover offers the policyholder coverage against loss or damages incurred by your bike’s engine because of lubricating oil leakage, water ingression, physical damages to gearbox or differential parts and engine failure because of an attempt to start a wet engine. This add-on cover can be bought along with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan and standalone own damage two-wheeler insurance plan.

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The engine is the heart of a bike. It provides the necessary power for its movement. Like other bike parts, the bike’s engine is also vulnerable to damages. Engine damage may occur due to oil leakage or ingression of water.

By default, the standard two-wheeler insurance policies, be it comprehensive or standalone own-damage cover, do not provide coverage for your bike’s engine against damages. Thus, in order to insure the engine of your bike, you need to purchase a bike insurance add-on known as Engine Protect cover. This add-on helps you claim compensation for damages sustained by the engine of your bike and the internal parts of the engine.

What is Engine Protect Cover?

Engine Protect cover is a bike insurance add-on which is available for purchase with comprehensive and standalone own-damage insurance plans. This cover helps you get compensation for the damages incurred by your bike’s engine.

Coverage Available Under Engine Protect Cover

The Engine Protect cover allows you to get insurance coverage in the following cases:

  1. Damages sustained by the engine parts due to water ingression.
  2. Damages incurred to the engine and its parts due to leakage of lubricating oils.
  3. Physical damages incurred to the differential parts or gearbox.
  4. Engine failure due to an attempt to start a wet engine.

What is Not Covered Under Engine Protect Add-on Cover?

The engine protection add-on cover can be purchased along with a comprehensive insurance plan or with a standalone own damage insurance plan. The following are not covered under engine protect add-on cover for two-wheeler insurance:

  1. Loss or damage including corrosion of the engine or/and the gearbox because of delay in informing the bike insurance provider.
  2. Replacement or repair of internal components of the engine caused because of the delay in retrieving the two-wheeler from the water-logged region.
  3. Damage or loss to the two-wheeler because of the individual riding the insured bike in an intoxicating condition.
  4. Replacement or repair of the engine.
  5. Loss or Damage caused to the insured bike riding the vehicle in an illegal race.
  6. Loss or Damage caused to a bike in case riding it without a valid driving license.
  7. Lubricants cost in the event of loss because of leakage.
  8. Any claim being raised after a specific time duration is set by the insurance company.
  9. Any claim, wherein the repair process takes place before intimating the insurance provider.
  10. Any claims being raised because of damage or loss caused owing to regular wear and tear.

Who Should Purchase Engine Protect Cover?

The Engine Protect bike insurance add-on is recommended for all bike owners. However, it is highly recommended for people living in flood-prone areas or in or near streets which get water-logged easily during rains. Engine Protect is also highly recommended for owners of premium bikes which come with expensive engine parts.

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Bike Engine Protection Cover FAQ

  • Is the Engine Protect add-on available with a third party bike insurance plan?

    No. Like all other bike insurance add-ons, the Engine Protect Cover is also available with only comprehensive and standalone own-damage bike insurance plans.

  • When can I opt for the Engine Protect Cover?

    The Engine Protect cover can opt for either at the time of policy purchase or policy renewal. However, some but not all two wheeler insurance companies do allow the addition of the add-on covers even in between the policy period.

  • Is damage caused due to oil leakage covered under Engine Protect?

    Yes, engine damage caused by leakage of lubricating oils is covered under the Engine Protect add-on cover.

  • Does my standard comprehensive bike insurance plan cover damages incurred by my bike’s engine?

    No, by default, a standard comprehensive bike insurance plan does not provide coverage for damages incurred by your bike’s engine.

  • Can I add other add-ons also along with the Engine Protect Cover to my bike insurance plan?

    Yes, you can add as many add-ons as you wish with the Engine Protect Cover to your standard comprehensive/standalone own-damage bike insurance policy.

  • Is it ideal for me to purchase an engine protect add on cover?

    Engine protect add on cover is ideal for you in the following situations:
    1. Individuals living or working in flood-prone areas.
    2. Individuals who wish to safeguard themselves against all types of financial risks.
    3. Individuals, who own expensive bikes, repair or replacement costs for which would be too expensive.

  • Is engine protect add on cover necessary?

    Engine protect cover would safeguard the policyholder against financial crisis that could arise possibly due to replacement or repair expenses, in case the bike’s engine or parts get damaged.
  • Is my bike’s engine covered under the regular bike insurance policy?

    No, own damage bike insurance plan or comprehensive bike insurance plan does not provide protection to the bike's engine components in case of any losses or damages.
  • Why is safeguarding your bike’s engine important?

    Protecting your bike’s engine is important because of the following reasons:
    1. Engine is the most expensive component in the bike.
    2. Expenses related to repair or replacement of your bike can be very expensive.
    3. Significant labor and material expenses.

  • How can I buy engine protect add on cover?

    Engine protect add-on cover is an optional coverage along with your basic insurance policy. The policyholder needs to pay an additional premium amount in order to protect their bike’s engine. The insurance company is then made to pay for any kind of damages or losses to the bike’s engine such as lubricating oil, coolants, water ingression in the bike's engine. This additional coverage helps in protecting the internal components of the bike’s engine.

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