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Reliance Bike Insurance FAQs

Reliance Bike Insurance

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  • Why is it necessary to buy two wheeler insurance?

    It is mandatory for every bike owner to have at least a third party two wheeler insurance plan. Moreover, it helps you to overcome financial obligations which might occur in an unfortunate event.

  • Why should I go for Reliance Bike Policy?

    There are many features that attract the customers towards Reliance Bike Insurance Policy such as:

    • Customized add-ons with minimum premium, but maximum coverage.
    • Excellent customer service team that provides on-road assistance.
    • Quick availability of service in more than 3800 networking garage.
    • Excellent claim settlement history.

  • Can I opt for add-on covers with Reliance bike insurance cover?

    Yes, there are an ample number of add-on covers that the customers can opt for after purchasing the Reliance Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy or Reliance Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy. Some of the popular add-ons include - Nil Depreciation, Daily Allowance benefit, EMI Protection, and Helmet cover.

  • How can I track the status of my two wheeler insurance policy?

    The customers can check the status of their policy by visiting the official website. All you need to do is add your login ID and password on the tab appearing on the home page and the list will appear.

  • Can I buy my policy online?

    Definitely, you can always buy your policy online with minimal documents via the official website of Reliance bike insurance or InsuranceDekho. All you need to do is fill in the necessary details of you and your vehicle, select the plan of your choice, calculate the premium and make the payment.

User Reviews

    Third Party

    • Is third party bike insurance mandatory?

      Yes, having at least a third party insurance for a bike is mandatory as per Indian Motor Tariff in the country. Also, every new bike must have a third party insurance for at least 5 years.

    • What is the coverage amount for third party property damage and bodily injury/disability/loss of life?

      Reliance third party bike insurance covers property damage of the third party to an extent of Rs. 1 lakh. However, in the following cases, the amount of compensation is decided by a court of law:

      • Death or bodily injury to a third party
      • Permanent Total Disability of the insured bike owner/driver.

    • What are the advantages of Reliance third party bike insurance?

      Reliance third party bike insurance offers the following advantages:

      • The insurer deals with all the legal liabilities to the third party on behalf of the policyholder.
      • One can afford it at a very low cost compared to the coverage it provides.
      • It requires minimal documentation while purchasing.
      • It provides financial security and peace of mind.

    • Can I extend the coverage of the third party bike insurance?

      No, you cannot extend the coverage of the third party bike insurance as this insurance provides the basic coverage without any options of add-ons. One can avail extensive coverage by purchasing comprehensive bike insurance.

    • How can I purchase Reliance third party bike insurance?

      You can purchase Reliance third party bike insurance in the following ways.

      • By dialling their toll-free number 1800 3009
      • Through their official website
      • By visiting their nearest branch.

    Zero Depreciation

    • How can I get the Zero Depreciation Cover?

      You can visit the official website of Reliance General Insurance and apply for the Zero Depreciation Cover. Apart from that, you can contact their customer care support centre by dialling 18003009. You can also compare the zero depreciation covers offered by other insurers and get the suitable zero depreciation cover at InsuranceDekho.

    • I don’t own a luxury bike, do I still need to add the Zero Depreciation cover to my policy?

      You can add the Zero Depreciation cover to your policy even if you don’t own a luxury car for the maximum protection. It will help you to get the parts of your bike repaired or replaced without costing you any money.

    • How many times can the Zero Depreciation be claimed?

      You can claim the Zero Depreciation cover two times in the tenure of your Reliance bike insurance policy. Any subsequent claim shall be charged as per the depreciation rate of the policy.

    • When can I add the Zero Depreciation cover?

      You can add the Zero Depreciation cover while purchasing the insurance policy for your bike. The cover can be added during the policy renewal as well, provided the bike is a maximum of two years old

    • Will there be any depreciation charge for replacing tyres if I have the Zero Depreciation cover?

      Yes, there will be a depreciation charge for repairing or replacing tyres with or without Zero Depreciation cover added to your policy. The depreciation charge for tyres, for both with and without Zero Depreciation, is 50%.


    • How can I get coverage under Reliance bike Insurance if I get my bike repaired at a garage other than the network garages?

      You should intimate the insurer after the accident as soon as possible. After the survey by the insurance company, you can move the bike to your desired garage. Later, you can register a reimbursement claim, proving all the documents, bills and receipts of repair to the company. The company verifies the information provided and disburse the permitted claim amount to you directly.

    • When should I file an F.I.R?

      You should lodge an F.I.R at the nearest police station immediately after the accident or theft of your bike. A copy of F.I.R is a must while making a claim to your insurer.

    • What does the term “non-cashless claim” mean?

      A non-cashless claim is popularly known as a reimbursement claim. In this type of claim, the settlement/payment is made directly to the policyholder. A policyholder can register a non-cashless claim if he had repaired the registered bike in a garage which is not a part of the network of the insurer. The insurance company verifies the original bills and receipts of repair and disburses the claim amount factorising the deductibles and depreciation.

    • Is the bike insurance claim process time-bound?

      Yes, the claim process is time-bound. It is advisable to inform the insurer as soon as possible. The time boundation varies from one policy provider to another. The first thing a policyholder should do after an accident is to intimate the insurer about the accident and register a claim.

    • How can I get in touch with Reliance General Insurance after an accident?

      You can get in touch with Reliance General Insurance by calling on their toll-free number which is 1800 3009.


    • What documents are required to renew the Reliance bike Insurance policy online?

      The online renewal process of Reliance bike Insurance policy does not involve any paperwork. You do not need to provide any documentation. You can renew the policy by using your registered mobile number, policy number and registration number of the bike.

    • Can I modify the bike insurance policy at the time of renewal?

      Yes, you can modify the bike insurance policy at the time of renewal in the following ways.

      • Extension or reduction of tenure: You can choose the policy period as per your preference.
      • Inclusion or exclusion of Add-ons: You can choose the add-ons you want for the renewed policy.

    • How can I renew my insurance policy offline?

      You can renew your Reliance bike policy in the following ways.

      • By calling their toll free number i.e. 18003009
      • By visiting the nearest branch

    • How do I know the expiry date of my policy? Do I need to renew the policy before the expiry date?

      At the time of purchase, the policy documents have the mention of the expiry date. You can get the expiry date just by reviewing the policy document. It is recommended that you renew the policy before its expiry. However, you can renew it after the expiry date till 90 days of its lapse.

    • How do I receive the documents of the renewed policy if I opt for the online process?

      You will receive the documents of the renewed policy in your inbox within a few hours after you make the final payment.


    • Why should I purchase the Reliance Comprehensive bike insurance policy?

      You can be highly benefited by the Reliance Comprehensive bike insurance policy. This policy comes with the following advantages:

      • Coverage for both third party liabilities as well as own-damages
      • Availability of various add-ons for additional protection
      • More than 750 network garages providing cashless services.

    • Does the Reliance Comprehensive bike insurance provide Daily Allowance add-on?

      Yes, the Reliance Comprehensive bike insurance policy provides Daily Allowance add-on, if the insured’s bike has been kept in the network garage for more than 3 days and the policyholder has to travel on their own. The allowance limit, in this case, is Rs.5000 per day and only applicable for 2 claims.

    • Can I upgrade my existing policy to Comprehensive bike insurance policy during renewal?

      You can upgrade from your existing third party insurance policy to the Comprehensive bike insurance policy. You have to visit the official website of Reliance Comprehensive bike insurance and provide your current policy details.

    • Does the Reliance comprehensive bike policy cover any consequential damage?

      Any consequential damage caused by the primary damage is not provided with coverage under the Reliance Comprehensive bike insurance policy. The insurer will cover the primary damage and the policyholder will have to bear the cost of consequential damage.

    • How can I get the quote of premium for my Comprehensive bike insurance policy?

      The process of getting the premium quote for Reliance Comprehensive bike policy is easy and can be done by following three easy steps.

      • Go to the official page of Reliance Comprehensive bike insurance
      • Provide a few personal details and registration number of the bike
      • Click on ‘check our Prices’

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