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Simple Ways To Spend Your Free Time During Corona Virus (COVID-19) Lockdown

Published On Mar 26, 2020 5:30 AM By Yamini Sharma

“Prevention is better than cure” The significance of this quote cannot be questioned. Especially, at a time when the whole world is fighting against the deadly coronavirus.

Today, coronavirus has become a serious cause of global fear and concern. Due to the pandemic, the entire globe has come to a standstill, confining all of us to our homes. Thus, in addition to taking precautions to keep us safe from viruses, we also need to focus on our mental health to keep our sanity intact.

This is a time that can challenge us in different ways which may come to us in terms of job loss, social disconnect, limited entertainment, and domestic problems. These problems may lead to depression or loneliness or even mental disorders after a certain period of time, depending on the experiences.

Hence, you should try to focus on keeping yourself away from any sort of stress in this lockdown period. If nothing comes to your mind as to how to do this, then go through this article to find the best techniques to follow in this lockdown period.

But first, take some time to ponder on how this lockdown has benefited you.

How Lockdown Is A Blessing In Disguise?

During the coronavirus lockdown, the lives of most of the people turned upside down. A lot changed in their surroundings and within them. The lockdown actually proved to be a gift because it has granted everyone with ‘realization’. How? It is because during the lockdown:

  • People got time to spend with their families and strengthen the old ties while realizing how distant they have become from their loved ones.
  • People realized what they had and learned to appreciate it because while many struggled with lack of shelter, food, and comfort, most individuals enjoyed daily meals, sleep, comfort, and other pleasures.
  • People realized the significance of nature and how powerful nature can be. While nature healed itself, people gained an insight into their contribution towards making nature suffer from pollution, waste disposal, global warming, and other issues.
  • People finally realized that health comes above all. They understood that no matter how much money or the time they have if they lack good health, it is all a waste. Lockdown is the time a huge section of people realized the importance of health insurance policies, especially Covid-19 insurance, and focused on buying an ideal plan from one of the best health insurance companies to secure themselves and their families.

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How To Spend Time at Home During Lockdown?

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining”. Yes, that is true even in the case of the ongoing coronavirus induced lockdown. As social beings, it is difficult for all of us to stay at home all the time, however, we can still make the best of this time by indulging ourselves in some essential and fun activities.

Although not everyone can perform everything recommended as a lot of activities depend on various factors such as age, health, and so on. Therefore, we have come up with different ideas that you can easily pick amid this lockdown period due to Coronavirus. All these activities require no financial investment or need to step outside, hence, anyone and everyone can opt for these without any hassle.

You can do these alone, with your family at home, or even with your friends on call. Apart from keeping you mentally fit, the activities could bring the best out of you or can make something evolve that you can not think of as of now.

Let’s Explore Simple Ways To Spend Your Free Time During Corona Virus (COVID-19) Lockdown

1. Work on Your Fitness Regime

There is nothing more precious and rewarding than a healthy and fit body. You can use this extra time given to us by the lockdown to work on your fitness regime. Being fit does not only mean exercising, but it also includes maintaining peace of mind via meditation and yoga.

It is probably the best time you can indulge in doing exercise and ensuring that you remain healthy and fit. You can either start a new form of exercise or continue with your old workout routine. All that matters is that you exercise daily or at least 4 times a week.

2. Meditate at Home During Lockdown

If you want to experience mental peace, put on some music, and give meditation a try. Meditation will also help you reduce stress, increase energy, enhance the immune system, and benefit in a lot more ways.

3. Cook and Eat Healthy Food at Home During Lockdown

You can also utilize this extra time to hone your cooking skills. If you do not know how to cook, begin with the easiest of recipes. If you already know how to cook, try dishes of other cuisines or try baking. The world of cooking is really huge. You can use this lockdown time to the best by exploring new dishes and new cooking styles.

4. Dance Your Heart Out

Whether or not you are a fan of dancing, give it a try. You can also learn a new form of dance. It will not only enhance your mood, health, and fitness but also help you increase your confidence.

5. Spend Some “Me Time”

Spend time with yourself. Yes, you read it right. In our busy lives, we often take out time for almost all important things and people except for ourselves. So, give yourself the much required ‘me time’. It could be anything, listening to good music, painting, or gardening.

6. Play Games at Home During Lockdown

You can dedicate a specific time slot each day to play games such as hide and seek, charades, board games, Jenga, and numerous others with your entire family. Go and live your old childhood days.

7. Watch Movies at Home During Lockdown

This is the idle time you can indulge in binge-watching old or new movies that you have never seen before. Pick a few good Hollywood or Bollywood movies, grab some popcorn, and call your family members to engage in this fun activity.

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8. Create Music

Adults, as well as kids, love to try their hand at music. If you or your family have an interest in music, gather all your musical equipment in one place and start your musical experiments.

9. Clean And Organize

If for the past few months you have been waiting for a weekend to clean and organize your kids’ room, living room or any other area of your house, now is that time. Choose a specific day when you along with your family members can work on the cleanliness and organization of your home.

10. Rearrange Your Household Items

Once you have cleaned your home sweet home thoroughly, think of rearranging your household items such as television, sofas, chairs, dining table, decorative pieces, and others to give your humble abode a completely new look.

11. Read Books Together

What is a better way than reading books with your loved ones to make the most of your idle time? Doing so, will not only bring you all together but also introduce you to a completely new world of life experiences.

12. Share Knowledge & Experience

We all have a different perception of life as its happenings. You can utilize time during coronavirus lockdown to uncover your family member’s various points of view or knowledge or life lessons to learn more about them as well as new things.

13. Indulge in Gardening

Being among plants and trees gives us a sense of relief. You along with your dear ones can get involved in a gardening activity to give back the most to nature. Planting new seeds, controlling weeds, adding some garden art, and others are a few gardening activities you can engage in.

14. Pamper Your Pets

If you are lucky to have pets in your home, give some time of your day to interact with them. In fact, your whole family can play along with your pets or pamper them to make them feel special the same way they make you do.

15. Plan About Your Future

During the coronavirus lockdown, you will get ample time to be alone. Grant yourself some ‘Me-time’ and reflect on your future goals, physical and mental health, career aspirations, and more. Basically, utilize this time in thinking about everything you want for yourself, but usually don’t get the time to ponder over it.

16. Create New Fashion Looks

You may be bored with your wardrobe and repeating the same look every now and then, but you can change it. Sort the clothes that you possess, according to their type. Then, try to mix and match them with other clothes and accessories that are completely new to you. By doing so, you will gain a new look & style as well as utilize your wardrobe in an effective manner.

17. Reconnect with Old Friends and Colleagues

Coronavirus lockdown is the idle time you can reestablish the connection with long lost friends and old colleagues that once were a dear part of your life.

18. Explore Your Artistic Side

Try your hand at painting, sketching, photography, doodling, quilling, paper cutting, writing poems & songs, etc. Choosing any of the creative activities will grant you peace of mind as well as do complete justice to your free time.

19. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

It may be a testing time for you, both personally and professionally. But, think from a positive point of view and write a letter to your future self. Years from now when you will read the letter, you will feel happy that you survived a tough time without giving up.

20. Do Gardening

This time will never return again, so use this time wisely. You can start doing gardening, grow plants in your garden and plant as much as possible. Do not forget to add aloe vera and Tulsi in your list, as they are known to emit oxygen. In case there is sufficient space in your garden, then you can even think of planting neem saplings. In a few decades when they will turn into fully grown tree, it would be beneficial in providing clean air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is complete isolation helpful in preventing Coronavirus?

Ans: Yes, if you or any of your family members haven't been exposed to the virus yet, being home quarantined will keep you safe. However, in case you have been exposed to the virus, then maintain proper isolation from everyone around you and follow it dutily to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Q2. Can I do online shopping during the lockdown?

Ans: Yes, e-commerce of all the important items will continue to function such as medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, fruits and other food items.

Q3. Is it safe to visit a hospital in Covid times?

Ans: Owing to the current pandemic situation, it is not entirely safe to go to a hospital. Moreover, if your age is 60 years and above or you are suffering from any ailment, it is even more dangerous to step out of your home. However, in case it is extremely important for you to visit a hospital, then take the necessary precautions such as wear a mask, carry a sanitizer and maintain a distance from other people etc.

Q4. Is quarantine alone enough or should I visit a hospital?

Ans: In case you experience some flu-like symptoms, it is recommended that you should consult a doctor. However, do not straightaway head to a hospital as it can further expose you to the virus.

Q5. What is a community spread?

Ans: It means when people in a particular area has been infected with the virus, wherein some people are even not aware of where and how they got infected with the virus. Based on the local conditions, every health department determines the community spread differently.

Q6. Is my child at risk of becoming sick with coronavirus?

Ans: Yes, everyone including children can be infected with the virus causing corona and consequently get sick. Mostly, children with coronavirus show mild to no symptoms at all (asymptomatic).

Q7. How can I secure myself and my family against coronavirus?

Ans: If you have a health insurance policy, it must be covering you for coronavirus treatment expenses in general. However, if you do not have health insurance as yet or want to increase protection against Covid-19 infection, you can buy short-term coronavirus policies like Corona Kavach Policy or Corona Rakshak Policy.

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Now that you know a lot of ways to utilize your idle time during the coronavirus lockdown, go ahead and select a few activities. It’s true that these are difficult times, but at the moment all we can do is stay positive. Mental peace and wellbeing are very important to maintain and look after especially when we all are so cut off from our social networks. So, pick the activities which you like from the above list and fill this lockdown with some good and beautiful memories.

Let’s create something good during this time by working on ourselves and our hobbies. Stay happy, stay positive, and stay healthy!

For details regarding coronavirus health insurance, give us a call at 755-1196-989 right away!

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