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SBI General Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Depreciation is the decrease of the value of parts of any asset with time. Your car is also subjected to the same and all of its parts lose value with age. A standard comprehensive insurance policy only entitles you the depreciated value of parts and not their original cost. This, in turn, reduces the claim amount, which is substantial for older cars. Buying Zero Depreciation add-on cover, allows you to claim the complete cost of replacing damaged car parts with brand-new parts.

SBI General offers you the same, using which you can transfer the liability of bearing the amount of depreciation to the company. This results in the disbursement of a higher claim amount.

Benefits of SBI General Zero Depreciation

Bearing the liability of depreciation is fret of all policyholders. SBI Zero Dep policy offers you the opportunity to do away with this unavoidable lose. Just by paying an extra premium you get entitled to receive the following benefits:

  • Furnishing your standard SBI General comprehensive car insurance policy with a Nil Depreciation/Zero Depreciation entitles you to get a higher claim amount. This add-on cover makes the insurance company bear the liability of depreciation of different parts of your car.
  • SBI General offers this add-on cover to cars as old as 5 years.

SBI General Zero Depreciation Claim Process

1) Initiation of Claim

Get in touch with SBI General immediately and inform them about the accident and location. This will initiate the claim process. To reach SBI General, call the toll free number 1800 22 1111 or SMS "CLAIM" to 561612 or email your details on Alternatively, you can also initiate the claim online post filling basic details:

2) Confirmation of the process

The claims manager/executive will contact you within 24 hours of registering the claim and provide a claim number/reference number. This also means that your claim request has been accepted by the company.

3) Registration of FIR

Lodging an FIR at the nearest police station is mandatory in case of grave injury to any person or theft of the vehicle. Also, explain about the accident (if asked) and furnish the details of witnesses (if any) to the company.

4) Service at workshop

Tow/drive your damaged car to the nearest cashless garage for repairs. SBI General has a network of more 2500 garages for cashless claim settlement. Furthermore, you also need to submit the required documents to the claims manager/executive and get them verified against the originals.

5) Sit and relax

SBI General will sanction the claim amount (without subtracting depreciation) post completion of documentation and all necessary formalities. All admissible claims are settled within a maximum of 30 days of receipt of the final survey report or the last relevant and necessary document.

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SBI Zero Depreciation Cover FAQ

  • What is Depreciation?

    Depreciation is the continuous loss of value of a asset with time. Your car, just like any other asset, is also subjected to depreciation with a pre-decided rate.
  • Should I file a claim if my car got minor dents in an accident?

    It is highly recommended not to lodge claims for minor damages. You can file a maximum of two claims with Zero Dep add-on cover during the policy term.
  • I have purchased the Zero Dep add-on, will I get full claim now?

    No. This is because the Zero Dep add-on cover only exempts you from paying the depreciation amount of your car. You will still be liable to pay for the things that are not covered under your policy.
  • How can I know the quote for a comprehensive car insurance policy with Zero Dep add-on cover?

    Adding covers increases the premium amount accordingly. To know the premium of a policy with Zero Dep cover, visit and select SBI General car insurance policy along with Zero Dep add-on. Click on ‘get a quote’ to get the desired results.
  • Is there any way to calculate the depreciation of my car?

    You don’t need to worry about the calculations. Entire assessment is done by SBI General and you will be informed about all details. However, you only need to know the depreciation rate and age of your car to do the necessary calculations.

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