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Tata Aig Two Wheeler Add-Ons

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Tata AIG Bike Insurance Add-On Covers

Add-on covers in bike insurance refer to additional benefits that can be purchased by paying an extra premium amount. While a standard two-wheeler insurance policy only covers damages caused due to accidents, add-on covers offer cover for consequential damages too. Tata AIG offers a number of add-on covers that you can purchase with a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy as well as a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Tata AIG - 7 Important Add-on Covers For Your Bike Insurance Policy

It is not mandatory to purchase add-covers when buying a bike insurance policy, but if you do then you can surely enjoy wider coverage. Also note that you can only buy add-on covers with a base product and not otherwise. Read below to know more about add-on covers offered by Tata AIG:

  1. Emergency Medical Expenses: Emergency medical expenses is a very beneficial add-on cover that reimburses emergency incurred in an unfortunate event of an accident. If you buy one, then you will not have to worry about the expenses related to treatment of bodily injury/ies sustained by you in a hospital or a nursing home. It also covers you for reasonable ambulance expenses incurred for transporting the injured from the location where the accident took place to the nearest hospital or nursing home along with other requirements such as wheelchair, artificial limbs, crutches, etc.
  2. Additional Personal Accident Cover to Owner Driver: As compared to four wheelers, two-wheelers are considered to be at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident. So, two-wheeler owners can purchase this add-on cover offered by Tata AIG that provides them additional personal accident cover in case they get involved in the unfortunate event of an accident.
  3. Additional Personal Accident Cover to Unnamed Persons: This add-on cover is beneficial for those two-wheeler riders who are worried about other pillion riders, drivers, sidecar passengers who are not covered under your insurance contract. This add-on cover provides the much needed cover to them as well in case of an unfortunate event of an accident leading to an injury or death of a person.
  4. Consumable Expenses: Yourbike will be covered for the cost of consumables required to be replenished or replaced in case of an accident if you opt for consumable expenses add-on cover. The consumables include gearbox oil, engine oil, nut and bolt, screw, lubricants, grease, oil filter, clip, distilled water, washers, break oil, bearings, and similar items. Note that fuel is not included in consumables.
  5. Depreciation Allowance: If you opt for the depreciation allowance add-on cover, then you will be paid for the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of the parts that are replaced under your own damage claim. Note that only the first two claims can avail this benefit.
  6. Return to Invoice: If you opt for this add-on cover, then the insurer will pay you for the financial shortfall between the amount you receive under section 1 (own damage) and the purchase price of your bike as stated in the invoice of sale or current exchange price of the new bike if the same make and model is available, whichever is less. The benefit can be availed in case of total loss or constructive total loss of your bike that follows an accident or gets stolen during the policy term and is not recovered. The insurer also covers you for the first time registration expenses as well as the road tax that is incurred on your bike.
  7. Additional Third Party Property Damage Cover: If you buy this add-on cover, then the insurer will cover you for the damage caused to the property that does not belong to you or that is held in your custody, control, and trust for up to the limit specified in the policy schedule. The insurer covers you if the damage caused to the property is completely and only caused due to accident by your vehicle. Note that this protection is offered to you over and above what is covered in the base bike insurance policy.

There is no doubt that add-on covers offer you extended coverage, thereby protecting you in major situations. But you must keep in consideration your budget and other requirements when opting for them.

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